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Like Fitbits, Data-Collecting Baby Monitors Not Accurate And Also Emit Harmful Wi-Fi Radiation, EMF, etc.

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August 22, 2018

By B.N. Frank

There has never been a shortage of products marketed to new parents promising assistance and peace of mind. Sometimes they go too far.

Two smartphone-integrated consumer baby monitors, the Owlet Smart Sock2 and the Baby Vida, are being marketed for detecting oxygen levels and pulse rates in infants. Medical professionals have said this isn’t necessary. Adding insult to injury, researchers have determined these two monitors aren’t even accurate. In fact, they aren’t even regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA):

Last year, the researchers wrote an opinion piece in JAMA raising concerns about consumer use of physiological baby monitors being broadly marketed to parents. They argued that such products may cause undue anxiety to parents, with no evidence of medical benefits for healthy infants. “We previously discussed the consensus in the pediatric community that there is no medical reason to electronically monitor vital signs in healthy babies at home,” said Foglia. “Our new study adds serious concerns about the accuracy of these consumer monitors, when we compared them to a standardized hospital monitor in a cohort of sick infants.” (Source)

In other words, these “broadly marketed” unnecessary and inaccurate monitors are also causing new parents more anxiety. As if new parents don’t have enough to worry about.

It is noted but not addressed that these baby monitors require an electronic sensor attached to a baby’s sock that monitors vital signs and alerts parents on their smart phones. This actually exposes these infants to harmful cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation. In fact, there is actually no “safe” level of cell phone or wireless radiation that has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

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This is not breaking news. In 2008, U.S. Congress members did discuss how radiation exposure is more harmful to children. In 2009, France started raising awareness to try to protect children from unnecessary exposure. 2012 research confirmed that [youtube].” But I digress…

Of course, it is good news that some medical professionals are discouraging new parents from wasting their money on these monitors if for no other reason than they are inaccurate. It would be great if they did the same about Fitbits since there was a class action lawsuit about them also being inaccurate in 2016.

Fitbits also operate using wireless WiFi radiation, Bluetooth, and LED lights which – again – research has proven to be harmful. There was a 2014 Fitbit recall and lawsuit due to rashes. Rashes aren’t surprising because they are a symptom of radiation exposure.

Some wearers have reported other unpleasant as well as life-threatening symptoms while wearing Fitbits. Again – this is not surprising because they are wearing a device that’s emitting nasty stuff. Some are also literally being shocked by these devices. Regardless – Fitbits are still being made and marketed, even for kids.

For more information on what you can do, please contact the following organizations:

§ 5GInformation

§ Center For Safer Wireless

§ Center For Electrosmog Prevention

§ Citizens for Safe Technology

§ Clear Light Ventures

§ Dr. Sam Milham

§ Electricsense

§ EMF Safety Network

§ Environmental Health Trust

§ Generation Zapped

§ In Power Movement

§ National Association for Children and Safe Technology

§ Parents for Safe Technology

§ SaferEMR

§ SafeTechForSchools

§ Scientists for Wired Tech



§ We Are The Evidence

§ Whatis5G.Info

§ Wireless Right to Know


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