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Why does Russia choose to be expansionist? Russian gains a little territory but a lot of enmity, which has to have an economic cost.

Would Russia be willing to submit the Ukraine case to arbitration? Has anyone proposed that?

What are the rules for changing boundaries? There should be a procedure.

Changing boundaries without the agreement of all parties is a sign that invasion is coming. So why does Russia want to gain a few provinces in south east Ukraine?

Would Russia agree to the northern part of Crimea remaining as part of Ukraine?

Does it matter that the majority in northern Crimea are Muslims who would rather not be part of Russia?

Does it matter that the majority in southern Crimea are Russians and would like to be part of Russia?

In the past border disputes were settled by respected kings, e.g. the border between the US and Canada.

Again, we need a procedural rule book for accepting claims for border changes and adjudicating them peacefully.


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