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Subject: Why I Walked Away from a 118-Door Apartment, 10 Essential Real Estate Team Members & What to Do When Your Tenant Gives Notice

Plus: 13 Proactive Ways to Boost Rent for Your Rental Property

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Syndicator of multifamily investments, Ashcroft Capital. Co-founder, Joe Fairless, BiggerPockets podcast guest episode #227.

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This week’s top real estate articles sorted by popularity

7 Core Tenets of Investing Successful Wealth-Builders Know to Be True
By:Scott Trench
medium_1485527106-avatar-scotttrench.jpgKnowledge is power – ESPECIALLY when it comes to investing. If you truly want to build long-term wealth, then read, study and remember these tenets! Read more
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Screenshot-2018-09-21-12.34.17.pngHow 1 Investor Solved 2 Big Problems Facing Investors Today

"I don’t want to be a professional marketer, I want to be a professional investor." Now with the help of Gary Boomershine’s REIvault this investor found a simple solution to lead follow up, qualification and consistent deal flow.

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Why I Walked Away from This 118-Unit Apartment Complex Deal [Video!]
Sterling White

As much as we wanted to move forward with the deal, the numbers told us to pass. It was hard, but the best deals oftentimes are the ones you walk away from. Read more

10 Essential Real Estate Team Members (& How BiggerPockets Takes the Pain Out of Finding Them)
Lauren Hogan

I want to use this article as a reminder of how BiggerPockets has grown into a resource with multiple ways to help you create your successful 10-member team. Read more

What to Do as Soon as Your Tenant Gives Notice to Vacate
Brandon Turner
medium_1448398348-avatar-brandonatbp.jpgAfter you have received written notice that your tenant is vacating, you’ll need to pull out their lease and review the terms of their contract. There are a few things you’ll want to look for when your tenant gives their notice to vacate.

Read more

13 Proactive Ways to Increase Rent & Add Value to Your Rental Property
Andrew Syrios
medium_1533579917-avatar-rios9000.jpgReady to get creative? There are easy ways to substantially increase rent and the value of your properties – if you’re willing to think outside the box.

Read more

4 Home Improvement Jobs You Should ALWAYS Hire Out
Mindy Jensen

While you may be a DIY expert, some remodeling tasks should be left to the professionals. Learn 4 jobs you’ll regret trying your hand at. Read more

Interview: Todd Smith on Earning $27M Over 23 Years & His Book Little Things Matter
Chris Prefontaine

I had the fortune of interviewing a good friend recently on my podcast. Todd Smith from Sarasota, Florida has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years and has enjoyed extraordinary personal and professional success. Read more

How Much is Your Time Worth? Here’s How to Calculate it (& Up Your Value!)
Brandon Hall

More than anything else, your time is valuable. So how do you know if tasks are worthy of your most precious asset? Find out here! Read more

The Best Piece of Real Estate Advice I Can Give New Investors
Engelo Rumora

The best piece of advice that I could give you if you’re starting your journey in real estate: On absolutely every transaction, on every single property, every portfolio that you are considering buying, always underestimate your income and overestimate your expenses. Read more

Editor’s Choice

A hand-picked selection of our best in-depth content

The Ultimate Comprehensive List of Tenant Red Flags
Eric D.

I don’t earn a ridiculous salary, and I don’t have a huge amount of cash – but for the foreseeable future, I’ll have amazing access to financing. Here’s how. Read more

5 Smart Ways to Spend More NOW to Save Big LATER as a Landlord
Kevin Perk
medium_1399504456-avatar-kp1.jpgMost landlords want to skimp on any cost they can — but sometimes that’s not wise. Learn when it’s worth it to spend a little extra.

Read more

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How To Invest In Real Estate. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started

Two of the biggest names in the real estate, Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner, give you a deep-yet-wide look at the many different niches and strategies that exist so you can find what works best for you, your resources, and your goals. Starting at $14.99

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Top content written by BiggerPockets Members

How to Get Started in Owner Occupied Multifamily Investing

I enjoy teaching investor students and helping them learn about multifamily investing and syndication and all of the benefits it brings, but some ask how to get started?

Assess Any Market With These 5 Data Points

Decision making in this business is difficult. There is no standard measurement that can always be used to verify potential returns for a potential acquisition

Real Estate Investing Terms to Know

Every industry has their own jargon that’s used. If you’re involved with stock trading, you may hear words like bear market or blue chip, while in the tech industry, phrases like content curation and website optimization are common.



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