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I run first to educate. If I fail to win but if whoever is elected enacts my proposals, I still will have won.

I want to be Washington’s green idea man. I have a vision of a better future for us. We must begin working on difficult issues if we are ever going to arrive at solutions.

I will be discussing the structural changes I believe we need to make. I will be educating, but I will be listening and learning.

I aim to call out the other candidates and make them take positions on the important issues facing us.

My opponents are exceedingly conventional. They ignore the issues I raise. Maybe they lack the legal and scientific background to understand these issues. Maybe they are just conventional and non-thinkers.

Fluoridation has been around for a long time and many respected people support it, so perhaps they feel they do not need to understand what is wrong with it.

They are not keeping up with the smart meter issue. They are not even aware that smart meters are coming or that 5G cell towers are coming. So they ignore the issues. 

One of my opponents, the favorite in this race, Maria Cantwell, has written glowingly of smart meters. If you support Maria, give her a call and tell her that she should change her position on this dangerous, wasteful, expensive, intrusive, misguided technology. This is not surprising since she came out of the wireless industry. Read the following links:

My opponents apparently do not know that the World Health Organization has declared that Roundup is a class 2A carcinogen and that many countries have banned it. Meanwhile the city sprays it on cracks in the sidewalk and on the parks where our children play. When I tell them that Roundup kills salmon, they seem to look through me.

They ignore the fact that most of our buses travel about mostly empty, most of the time, wasting our sales tax money and delivering poor service. The idea of having a fleet of vans replacing underused buses, which would deliver door to door service, seems to be beyond their comprehension. They are non-observant, uncritical, unthinking, and uninformed.

They ignore the fact that our money losing golf course, which owes over a million dollars to the City, is doused with 19 toxic chemicals and that the labels on the containers say “kills fish”. The idea that we could have an organic golf course passes over their heads.

Conventional. Conventional. Conventional.  

Most politicians are very good at assembling a majority in order to get elected. That does not mean that they have any particular goals once they get elected.

Most politicians seem to believe that the way things are is the way things should be. They are good at maintaining things as they are but not at making needed changes.


I believe the people should have local control over issues closest to us such as the fouling of our environment with pesticides and polluting our salmon waters with fish-killing Roundup and fluoride. There are many things that can be done on the city and county level which cannot be accomplished on the state or federal level. Counties and cities can use their police powers and zoning powers to prohibit offensive activities.


The United States has legal problems which need to be cleaned up and legal problems which need to be avoided. We need better loss prevention awareness. The nation could benefit from having an experienced attorney on in the Senate. I have spent my adult life studying the law, examining each situation to consider the worst that can happen. I will be less dependent on others for legal knowledge about what can and cannot be done and therefore less subject to manipulation. 

My years in law practice have made me a better at detecting bullshit than my opponents. It is a lot harder to pull a fast one on me, because I either know the law on an issue or I know how to find the answer. I am also better studied in environmental and health issues than they are.


They are conventional. They apparently have not studied the legal and scientific issues I address. I am a process oriented person. I can do a better job of identifying what the nation needs to do and figuring out a way to get it done. I question whether they have the legal and scientific background to accomplish the change needed.  

We do not need adjustments around the margins, a little here and a little there. We need certain structural changes, and we need to engage in a process that will bring about those changes. My opponents do not aspire to make change, just to keep things running along as they always have.


Being a member of the US Senate would be a challenge, however, my years running a law office, running a mortgage brokerage, working as a real estate broker, leading Fluoride Class Action and the Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G ser have taught me how to deal with all kinds of challenges and complications and prepares me for what I would face.

I do not claim to be the best person for the job. However, the best people are not running. I claim that among those who are running, I would do a much better job.

If my opponents are elected, things will muddle along as they are now. Nothing will be done to make the changes I outline. So I feel an urge to do something about it. And that is to run for office.

So I have decided not to be shy about this and speak up. I am not going to go quietly. I cannot find anyone else to speak up. No one else has volunteered, and so I have to do it.

My mother taught me, “Son, you have got to toot your own horn. You can’t count on anyone to toot it for you. Being bashful never got a person anywhere in life”. When I talked about dropping out of law school, she urged me not to be a quitter. She encouraged me to stick it out. She said I should not quit because I am short, only five foot six. That hurt my feelings. She said, “If you are a lawyer, it will be like you are six feet tall. People take lawyers more seriously”.

Maria Cantwell and some of my other opponents have more elective experience. However, I have other kinds of experience which are just as relevant.

Further, I have a vision of how to make this a better country. I have specific goals. With my opponents the goal is just to continue doing what we are doing.

Moreover, I can handle the responsibility this position involves. I am very good at examining difficult topics critically and proceeding piece by piece to work out a solution. My years as an attorney have taught me how to look for comprehensive solutions.

My years as an attorney have also taught me how to detect when there is foolishness going on and stop it.


I am running an issues campaign. My opponents are running image campaigns. See Maria’s list of issues. She speaks in broad generalities. She fails to address the issues I address.   

I maintain that my broad experience as an attorney and my knowledge of the law and science and what can and cannot be done are far more important that how many times I have been elected to public office.


It had never occurred to me to run for public office until 2012. It was an issue that drove me to run. I realized that the best way to take my issue to the greatest number of people was to run for office. So I ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2012, for Lynnwood City Council in 2013, for Snohomish County Executive in 2014 and 2015, for Governor in 2016, and for Lynnwood City Council in 2017.

The vexing issue I felt so strongly about is that we should have safe drinking water. Our water should be safe for everyone to drink and safe to drink in whatever quantity one desires or needs to consume. The right to safe, clean drinking water is a right higher even that the rights in the Bill of Rights. In fact, the right to clean water is implied in the Constitution. The Fifth Amendment says:

“[N]or shall any person . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

One cannot have a healthy life if he or she is deprived of safe drinking water. The poor are forced to drink what comes out of the tap. They cannot afford expensive filtration. They may not have transportation to haul heavy jugs of water home. They may not own a vehicle. They might not be able to afford to buy water at the grocery store.

Many are unaware that fluoridated tap water is slow poison.

Water should be safe for pregnant mothers to drink, safe for infants, diabetics, arthritics to drink, safe for those with kidney and thyroid disease to drink. Unfortunately it is not safe for any of these groups. It is unsafe for them in the short run. It is unsafe for all of us in the long run.

It vexes me that Everett voted to fluoridate our water and that Lynnwood was not allowed to participate in that election.

It vexes me that throughout the country we add dilute toxic waste to our drinking water. We call it “fluoride”, but it is really toxic waste. Our cities and water districts have been defrauded by big chemical companies into adding so-called “fluoride” to our water.

It is a great disappointment to me that the City Council of Everett and the Snohomish County Board of Health are completely tone deaf to the science and law I have explained to them in great detail. They are completely duped by misinformed fluoridationists in high positions, who themselves are duped by the chemical industry which needs to offload its toxic waste and which makes a profit doing so..

It is not naturally occurring calcium fluoride we are adding to our water. Calcium fluoride is not even classified as a poison. It is not pharmaceutical grade fluoride we are adding.

It is commercial grade, and it is the unfiltered and unprocessed scrubber liquor from the wet scrubbers in the snokestacks of super phosphate fertilizer plants in Florida, Mexico, and China. It is the worst kind of fluoride. It is not even correct to call it “fluoride” because it contains so many other toxic elements and chemicals.

It is mostly fluorosilicic acid and hydrogen fluoride plus significant amounts of lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and thallium. It is mined out of filthy ore which contains every element on the periodic table. It is filth, and so the water we are forced to drink is dilute filth.

The type of fluoride used leaches lead out of pipes, a lot of lead. Agencies show endless concern about the lead in lead paint but ignore the lead in drinking water. Peer reviewed studies show that when fluoridation stops, blood lead levels drop, as happened in Tacoma when fluoridation was stopped briefly.

Since 1978 it has been illegal to let the pollution go up the smoke stacks and illegal to dump it into the sea, river, or lake. But the Everett City Council injects it into my drinking water at the rate of 250 gallons per day, at a cost of $25,000 per month.

Everett and other water districts sell their toxic water to other water districts, such as the Alderwood Water District, which in turns sells it to Lynnwood. Everett has an abundant source of the purest water in the nation. It comes from Spada lake and Lake Chaplain, near Sultan. It is snow melt water and rain water, and it is as pure as water can be – until Everett Water Districts adds toxic waste dental chemicals to it.

It contains lead and arsenic and other metals. It leaches lead from plumbing. These toxins are hard to excrete and they accumulate over the course of our lifetimes. If you drink fluoridated water you may be less healthy in your old age and your life may be shortened. These toxins are especially harmful to diabetics, and to those with arthritis and thyroid, kidney, and heart disease. Around one percent of the general population is severely allergic to this so-called fluoride. Blacks and Hispanics are impacted more than Whites. But these toxins are most harmful to fetuses and infants because their cells are still dividing. Studies show IQ reductions and brain damage.

Convincing studies show that this so-called fluoride, at the concentrations at which we dump it into rivers and Sound, narcotizes salmon and repels and kills them.


Note that most water filters do not remove this so-called fluoride nor lead nor arsenic. A distiller is the only reliable way to remove these contaminants. Reverse osmosis filtration may or may not remove them, and it is hard to known when the reverse osmosis filter has ceased to be effective. The common carbon block filter or the popular Britta filter do not remove fluoride. Fluoride is highly attracted to calcium, and so bone char filters will remove fluoride.


Employing the big lie technique, chemical companies sell this so-called fluoride to us as an elixir that allegedly protects teeth when ingested. This is all a multi-billion dollar lie. It was brought to you by the same people who brought you tetraethyl lead. It is important to understand that captains of industry will lie to buyers for profit.

I have studied the issue in great depth and looked at it from all sides. I have read hundreds of scientific journal articles. I exchange emails with science professors – in the US, Canada, Australia, the Irish Republic, and other countries.

I also read the pro-fluoridationist literature. I am always most interested in reading anything that supports so-called fluoridation and challenges my conclusions. If I am wrong, I want to know it.

I can assure you that if you will go to Fluoride Alert or and do a few hours reading on the subject, you will agree with me: This so-called fluoridation is not safe, not effective, and not legal. The politicians supporting it have believed a big lie. They are in a trance induced by lies coming from trusted professionals they know. The trusted professionals in turn are in the same trance. They are all in a maze and unable to find the exit. Chemical companies with toxic waste to sell start the lies, lobby to get their people into positions of influence in medical schools, dental schools, and agencies such as the FDA, EPA, and CDC. Most fluoridationists are sincere, however, they are sincerely wrong.

Politicians get duped as easily as the dentists and medical doctors they trust. It is amazing to me just how tone deaf politicians can be on this subject. Fellow safe water advocates and I carefully explain the science and the law to city councils and supply them with stacks of scientific documents, and it is if they were deaf. I feel like I am trying to convince the Flat Earth Society that the earth is round.


I live in Lynnwood, where I work as a lawyer and real estate broker.

I went to law school at the University of  Washington, wanting to be an environmental lawyer, but upon graduation I found that the only paying jobs for environmental lawyers was working for polluters. My law practice is mostly writing and closing complex real estate transaction and helping people modify their mortgages and hold onto their homes. I also work as a real estate broker.

On the side, however, I do environmental law. It’s my pro bono work and my primary reason for running. Read all about it as Drinking water should be as pure as possible, with as little additives as possible,and as safe as possible for people of all ages and all health conditions.


I wrote up my first fluoride broadsheet in August of 2005 and started passing it out. My broadsheets are 8.5″ x 14″ and double sided, and they pack in a lot of information. I put links in them to substantiate my arguments, and then I post the broadsheets on my website so readers can follow the links. Go to to see the latest PDF version of my broadsheet.

Most people who study the issue at all quickly conclude that even if this so-called fluoride is somehow good for teeth applied topically, it is not good when consumed orally for life, by people who drink different quantities of water, and by people which certain preconditions and illnesses.

This chemical is added to our water allegedly to prevent illness, and therefore it meets the definition of a drug. It is wrong to force a drug on people against their will. It violates our right to consent to or decline medical treatment.


Everett Utilities has four large pipes coming down from Lake Chaplain, and one of those could be reserved for Lynnwood and could carry fluoride free water. 

James Robert Deal
Call me at 425-774-6611 or 888-999-2022

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Call me at 425-774-6611 or 888-999-2022
Email me at James at JamesDeal dot com
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