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They fear those with knowledge and control those without it.

Articles  Vaccination Medical citations
Interviews Quotes Shaw Orwell Medical
Quote banners Vax Vax autism RtAVM
Vaccine disease Smallpox vax Vit C
Gas chambers  Monsanto  Psychiatry
HELL IS EMPTYCartoons Medical Dees
Books Vaccine Smallpox On line books
Video Vaccination On line films
Audio  Images BlogsThe Diseases AIDS-HIV AZT
Smallpox FB Hadwen Critics Books
Polio Genocide via OPV Jim West
Cot-death Vax Vit C SBS Chickenpox
Measles Meningitis Mumps Pertussis
Tetanus Alzheimer’s Chelation
Heart disease Statins Cayenne
Cancer Racket Summary
Banners Taxol
Mammography Tamoxifen
Ryke Geerd Hamer Banners
Budwig Kelley Gerson Laetrile
Escharotics Herbs Hoxsey
Alternative Medicine
Zapper  Oxygen Therapy
Water Water cure  Distilled Urine therapy
Naturopathic Herbalism Cannabis Banners
Nutritional Medicine Doctors
The Vitamin C Conspiracy
The Assemblage pointMedical citations
Medical tests Ultrasound
Medical Industrial Complex (Allopathy Inc)
Allopathy Inc Allopathic Genocide Church
Politics Persecuted doctors Surgery
Drugs Antibiotics Paracetamol Pediatrics
Corporatocracy Monsanto Glaxo Merck
Experts Law Vax  Police Judges
Salisbury Offit Orac Deer Gates Murdoch
HealthFraud Quackwatch
Psychiatry Racket Banners DSM
Benzos Prozac Ritalin Child abuse
Whitaker Gotzsche Rappoport
Vax Racket Summary Critics NVIC
& Viral Fear Racket Banners Lanka
Why Vax Continues Money
Vax Victims Unvaxed healthier Death
Covert agendas Sterilisation Disease
Vaccine autism Quotes Banners
Ingredients Inserts Contaminants
Mercury  Boyd Haley Aluminium
MMR  MMR Urabe HPVvax Deaths
Flu vax racket Human Experiments
Medical Control Word Antibody
Name Calling/Ad Hominem Hype
Lies Study ploys Diagnosis Herd
Vivisection Racket Animal Abuse
Medical Mafia Allopathic Rackets
Charity Disease Protection Racket
Wikipedia  Google
Facebook  MMR DPT
Holohoax Vax Smallpox Flat Earth

Upworthy Snopes Wikileaks
Amazon RationalWikiHealth Hazards
Dental  Pesticides Roundup Wifi
Aspartame Fluoride  Chlorine
Wheat Soy  MSG GM Sugar
Disease Theory Summary Statistics
Pasteur Bechamp Sanitation
Rife Tilden Stephan Lanka Jim West
Infection (poisons) Infection (nutrition)
Raw food Jury nullification Cleansing
Women’s Health  Pregnancy Vax
Animal Health  Child Health Pediatrics
Fever Breast & Bottle-feeding OB/GYN
Child abuse Birth trauma Circ Vit K
James W. Prescott Jeanice Barcelo
Sexuality Suppressing sexualityMedical Doctors
Suzanne Humphries Articles Banners
Guylain Lanctot, M.D.
Scheibner Articles Quotes banners
Mendelsohn M.D  Banners Quotes
Dr. Andy Wakefield Banners
Alan Cantwell, M.D
Virginia Livingston M.D.
Robert Willner, M.D.
Dr Jayne Donegan, MB
Buchwald MD Quotes Banners
Blaylock, M.D. Quotes Banners
Nutritional doctors Levy, MD.
Kalokerinos Quotes Banners
Klenner Quotes Hoffer
Natural Healing Natural Healers
 Naturopathic Herbalism Herbs
Richard Shulze
 Quotes Banners
Tilden Shelton Trall Lindlahr
Homeopathy ChiropracticMartin Walker MA
Hilary Butler Quotes Banners
J. B. Handley  Mark Blaxill
John Stone
Christina England Articles
Lisa Blakemore-Brown
Tim O’Shea, DC
 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,  Quotes
The Reign of Evil  Mafia (Authority) Nazi
The Pathocracy  Researchers
Symbology Eye symbol Horn Eye (people)
Psychopaths (Mafia)  Reptilians
Pedophilia PIZZAGATE Satanism
 Mafia rackets (Conspiracies)
Medical Mafia Rackets
NASA Flat Earth FB Moon hoax
Countries Africa Rwanda Syria Israel 911
 Military Industrial Complex
State Genocide
State Abuse
State Murder  Diana Kelly Kennedy
State Terror Al-Qaeda ISIS
7/7 911 USS Liberty Boston
Prison Chemtrails Towers
Gun Control Sandy Hook
Dope Inc  Gary Webb
Big Oil  Free Energy
Sex Inc Porn
Food Inc Paul A. Stitt
Music Mafia Film Mafia Films
The Banksters Media Mafia TV
Political Mafia City NDAA Royals
Israel control of UK USA Zionism
Authoritarianism  Communism
Gas Chambers Facebook Banners
 Anti-Semitism Zionism
Protocols Secret Covenant
Terror bombing  Churchill
Eisenhower’s Death Camps
Allied War CrimesTRANSLATE
News and Additions
Empire Crumbling News
Whale stats
Whale history (About)Email
Mind Control Authority
Fear Inc Subliminal  TV
Lies Medical lies
Brice Taylor Springmeier
James Bartley
Gary Allen
Greg Hallett
Eustace Mullins Quotes
Edward Hendrie
G. Edward Griffin
Christopher Bollyn
Steven J. Smith
Andrew Hennessey
Preston James, Ph.DNative American  Spiritual
Power plant medicine Memes
Religion Racket Catholicism
Judaism Darwinism Atheism
Psychology Tone scale
Petty Tyrants Narcissism
Earth Energies & Dowsing
Animal Health Vaccines
Animal Abuse Cetaceans
Dogs Cats Rabbit Deer
Horse Badgers/Cows Bees
Trees YewOrgonite
Orgonite & plants
Don & Carol Croft
The Croft Adventures
Wilhelm Reich
Don Bradley
Laozu Heaven and Earth

John spent years collecting oppressed knowledge for, please consider a donation to replace his broken laptop. Thank you.

Last update 2017. Next update when donations add-up to a good laptop.

Mapping & Killing the Matrix with Orgonite & KnowledgeAuthority isn’t Truth, Truth is Authority.
“To write is to wage war”  ~  Voltaire

”The Drug Medical System cannot bear examination. To explain it would be to destroy it, and to defend it even is to damage it.”—R.T. Trall M.D.

‘No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine!’  ~  Ralph Gleason
“A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity.”  ~ Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658), Spanish philosopher and writer
“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false.“  ~  William J. Casey, 1981
Fear always works to influence the population, when the population is uneducated.”
“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” ~  Maximilien Robespierre
“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”  ~  Frederick Douglass

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