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March 21, 2019

Washington Senators
Washington Representatives
Olympia, Washington

Re: HB 1638, SB 5841

Washington legislators are on the verge of passing new legislation mandating vaccinations, apparently without understanding the science and the law of vaccinations. The CDC vaccines are not double blind tested. The MMR kills far more people than does measles. Vaccine injuries are numerous. 

The CDC vaccines fail the risk benefit test. They are unsafe and cause serious adverse reactions. They wear off. They offer minimal benefit.

The CDC vaccines should be retired until new vaccines are developed that are double blind tested and found to be safe and effective. A new technology of vaccination should be developed which does not contain filthy media, excipients, and adjuvants, perhaps vaccines modeled after the leptospirosis vaccine developed by naturopaths and homeopaths.

Those being vaccinated or their parents should receive a copy of the package insert and should then have to sign the same knowing consent to the risk involved that they sign before they undergo surgery.

This is primarily a legal analysis. As a lawyer I am qualified to discuss the legal issues. I also cover scientific issues by citing credible sources from the medical literature and by good common sense. Example of common sense: The CDC vaccines are at least partially ineffective. They wear off. They cause serious adverse reactions and deaths. Common sense would conclude that they not be used.

The proposed Senate version removes the right to claim a philosophical or personal objection to immunization for all vaccines required by the Department of Health, which bases its guidelines on the CDC. The Senate version retains the religious exemption.

The House version allows philosophical or personal objections to vaccination but not for the MMR. The House version allows religious objections but only on subject to the conditions that the family is part of a religion which opposes vaccination or 1) if the parent visits a health care practitioner and 2) if the parent receives a statement from the practitioner that he has explained the risks of not having children vaccinated. These conditions are probably unconstitutional, at least for involving the government in evaluating church doctrines.

See for additional material. I will be revising this document daily for the next few weeks, so check in often. I will highlight changes.


The law requires that vaccines be double blind tested. The CDC vaccines are not double blind tested. Therefore, they are illegal. We are about to mandate illegal vaccines.

Vaccines should go through four stages of testing. One of those stages is double blind testing. None of the vaccines on the CDC approved list go through true double blind testing against saline. Comparison is usually against another CDC vaccine. The double blind requirement is “waived”, but the law does not provide for waivers. Therefore, the CDC vaccines are illegal. Washington is about to pass a law to mandate injection with an illegal vaccine.

The only double blind tested CDC vaccine is the HPV, the one which causes the most adverse reactions and deaths. The MMR is second in causation of adverse reactions and deaths.


Dr. Waldorf said recently in the Seattle Times: “The risks of vaccines are nowhere near the risks of the diseases they prevent.” This is untrue. The reverse is true: The potential risk exceeds the potential benefit. The CDC reports either two or no deaths from measles in the past ten years, while the VAERS database reports 108 deaths from measles vaccines in the same period.

MMR defenders will claim that the number of deaths is now low because the vaccine reduces the number of MMR cases. This is untrue as well because the rapid drop in the number of deaths from measles happened almost entirely before the measles vaccine was introduced. The number of measles cases would increase if we stopped vaccinating against measles, but the number of deaths would not. 

Defenders of the CDC vaccines ask you to ignore the many adverse reactions including death and ignore the fact that the CDC vaccines are not double blind tested against a placebo as are other drugs.


There is a current fixation on whether the MMR and other vaccines cause autism. Even if the MMR does not cause autism, it still causes numerous other adverse reactions, including deaths. And it does cause autism, as the CDC itself proved in 2004.

The CDC released a large study in 2004 which tested whether the MMR, both the version with and without thimerosal cause autism. CDC heads concluded that the MMR both with and without thimerosal caused autism in black boys receiving the MMR earlier than 24 and in black boys receiving it before 36 months.

This was not the result that the CDC wanted. Bear in mind that the CDC is an agency fully captured by Big Pharma.

Department heads convened a trash can party where they threw out hard copies of their data analysis which showed that the MMR and thimerosal cause autism in young black boys. They did not directly eliminate the by black boys. Instead they eliminated all subjects without birth certificates. It was mostly black children who did not have birth certificates. It so happened that the biggest autism cluster was found among young black boys. CDC department heads omitted enough evidence to reverse the results. Concealing vaccine records is a crime.

After having changed the result of the study, they published it, claiming they had proof that these vaccines did not cause autism. The 2004 article, often referred to as the 2004 DeStefano study, has never been withdrawn.

However, Dr. William Thompson, one of the authors of the fraudulent CDC study, had an attack of conscience. He came out and admitted that he and other authors had intentionally excluded data they had collected which would have reversed their published conclusion that there is no vaccine-autism link.

The mainstream media has covered up this story, maybe because they make so much money from Big Pharma from direct to consumer drug ads. Television, magazine, and newspaper industries are captured indirectly because the ad revenues are addictive. The media should disclose this conflict of interest but has not done so.

In 2014 Brian Hooker published a reanalysis of the DeStefano data. Hooker included all the data. The new conclusion was that the MMR and thimerosal do cause autism in black boys vaccinated before 24 and 36 months.

Why black boys? Why boys in general? For some reason baby boys are not as resilient as baby girls. And those with dark skin make less vitamin D from sunlight. Most people are vitamin D deficient, especially in the dark months. Many diseases, especially the flu and especially in the dark months, can be prevented or ameliorated with vitamin D supplementation.

Follow this link for a list of 28 studies which show that the MMR vaccine has caused adverse reactions.


There are safe and effective and double blind tested vaccines, for example, the leptospirosis vaccine. Unlike the MMR, it really works. It is used liberally during hurricane season in the Caribbean. It causes no adverse reactions at all. But it was invented by communist, homeopaths in Cuba, and maybe that’s why orthodox medicine ignores it because their minds are closed to anything that comes from communists, homeopaths, or Cuba. The leptospirosis vaccine is the kind of vaccines that Merck should be developing instead of vaccines which are not double blind tested and which are loaded with filth.


The various vaccines can and do contain the following filth:

aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, antibiotics, monkey kidney cells. Various vaccines contain the following:formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, phenol (carbolic acid), borax (ant killer), ethylene glycol (antifreeze), dye, acetone (nail polish remover), latex, MSG, glycerol, polysorbate 80/20, sorbitol, monkey, cow, chick, pig, sheep and dog tissues and cells (which may be contaminated with animal viruses), gelatin, casein, fragments of human fetus cells and umbilical tissue, human viruses, antibiotics, genetically modified yeast, animal and bacterial and viral DNA (which may affect recipient’s DNA).


Some $4 billion has been paid out for adverse reactions and deaths. The period for monitoring for adverse reactions is short. Medical professionals are not required to report adverse reactions to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and they rarely do. Most health care professionals do not even know how to report an adverse reaction or even that VAERS exists.

When children are brought to the ER with a vaccine adverse reaction, physicians usually cover up the fact that there was a recent vaccination. Most physicians are complete vaccine believers. Maybe this is so because clinics are rewarded with $400 per year for each child fully vaccinated. This is why some clinics refuse to treat unvaccinated children. They will lose their undisclosed kickback. If we attorneys took such bribes, especially without getting the clients’ consent, we would be disbarred.


To find your way out of the vaccine maze, it helps to understand how the maze is created and maintained. Mark Twain said that it was easier to defraud a man than to convince him he has been defrauded. The same seems to be true or those trapped in the vaccine maze.

The faction supporting the CDC vaccines should have to justify each vaccine on its own merits. To generalize that vaccines are safe and effective is the legal equivalent of saying that they all are safe and effective. We know this is an overstatement. Just read the package inserts under “Description”. See also the VAERS reports.


Most people are naïve and trusting, including the editors of the Seattle Times. Like many journalists, Times editors do not think for themselves on legal or scientific issues but trust those with advanced degrees, especially those who wear white coats. A close minded and unthinking support of the CDC vaccines has a long history.

Most seem unaware that corporations and their hirelings will lie for money and that Big Pharma has been sued and fined billions of dollars. Ordinary people presume that businesses will be reasonable and stop selling products that harm people. But the greed of Big Pharma knows no limits. And through slick advertising most people believe the vaccine fraud. They are trapped in a maze.

Big Pharma buys legislatures. Legislatures then appoint industry friendly agency heads. By this mechanism the CDC, FDC, EPA, and most other such agencies, federal and state, and down to the county health officer level have been captured by the unethical businesses they allegedly regulate. Many of the state and federal agencies have been taken over by the companies they regulate. For example, Bill Clinton appointed Julie Gerberding to head the CDC. She left in 2009 to join Merck as head of their vaccine division. The revolving door and anything more than small contributions must be stopped if we are ever to have a real democracy.

Television, magazines, and newspapers rake in vast sums for advertising drugs direct to consumers, and so are another captured sector. Maybe this is why the news networks have failed to cover Donald Trumps addiction to Propecia, aka Finasteride, which has serious side effects such as insomnia, drowsiness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It can also reduce sexual function. Any slandering of Propecia would reduce Merck profits. Merck might then pull ads from these media.

Big Pharma donates heavily to universities and thus is able to get its people appointed to leading positions in medical departments. Once a cash flow gets going it is hard to stop. If it is placed within a protective corporate shell, it can become a malignant version of artificial intelligence. Ruthless people can get control of a corporation such as Monsanto, which promotes a known poison, Roundup. A corporation with no limiting and guiding ethical code has no conscience. It has limited liability. All of its expenses are deductible. It will poison its own work force for profit.

The rights of corporations should be reduced. Corporations are not people and should have fewer constitutional rights than people. The ethical code to be imposed on corporations should be that “profits should be goal number two, after doing something good for the world”, as I say in one of my songs.

A wealthy individual business man might hold back from doing the worst things because his conscience might bother him. He might feel an urge to follow ethical rules he learned from his parents. He may fear going to hell if he is religious. But a corporation has no conscience. It can be set on automatic to maximize profits by any means necessary. It has no fear of hell. It potentially has eternal life, but it can also conveniently die if it has a toxic or radioactive waste site to abandon.


Dr. Waldorf mentions the tragedy of pregnant women and babies getting measles but fails to say that this problem is caused by the MMR vaccine itself. Measles during pregnancy and in babies was rare before the measles vaccine was introduced. Most kids experienced wild measles and gained life time immunity. Girls grew up retaining enough antibodies to resist measles while pregnant plus enough antibodies to pass them on to the newborn. The newborn then had years of immunity. When the child caught wild measles at age 10, the child already had partial immunity and usually had a mild case.

Dr. Waldorf says: “Unfortunately, we can’t give the measles vaccine during pregnancy, which leaves women with uncertainty as to whether they are immune.” However, if we stopped vaccinating against measles, girls would experience wild measles as children and obtain permanent immunity. They would not contract measles during pregnancy. They would not infect their fetus or newborn. Instead, they would pass on immunity to their babies.

So, one of the unintended consequences of vaccines is that they change the ages at which people are infected. The other is that vaccines have changed the places in the body where the disease or the adverse reaction is located. This is because the vaccine does not enter the body through the mouth or lungs but goes directly into the blood.


Dr, Waldorf points out that 110,000 people died of measles worldwide in 2017. She failed to point out that there are almost no deaths from measles in modern countries. She does not point out that the near wipe out of measles deaths in the United States occurred before the measles vaccine was introduced.

Dr. Waldorf says: “The risks of vaccines are nowhere near the risks of the diseases they prevent.” This is just not correct. The CDC reports either two or no deaths from measles in the past ten years, while the VAERS database reports 108 deaths from measles vaccines in the same period. It would appear that the potential risk exceeds the potential benefit.

The MMR is not a good vaccine. Why does Merck continue to sell it? Because Big Pharma’s greed knows no limits. Merck will keep poisoning us until forced to stop by legislation or lawsuit. Merck has become a malignant form of artificial intelligence.

The MMR is not a good vaccine around which to build a campaign for mandatory vaccination. Being a live vaccine, it passes along a vaccine version of measles. It does not work on everyone. The protection wears off by the time a woman is pregnant, meaning that she and her fetus will experience measles at a dangerous time.


Next, the vaccinate-them-all-for-everything zealots misapply the herd immunity theory. Most adults over 50, born before around 1970 when vaccination against measles was ramping up, experienced wild measles and have lifetime immunity. Most adults younger than 50 were vaccinated and never experienced wild measles. They lack lifetime immunity. Any immunity they got from vaccination has long worn off.

Given that there is a large number of formerly vaccinated but now non-immune adults, the percentage of the total population immune will never get to 95%. When the pro-vaccine faction mentions the 95% goal it is talking about 95% of children but ignoring the large percentage of adults who never had wild measles and whose vaccination protection has worn off.

Further, the measles vaccine often does not work, which lowers the percentage who are immune even further, and reduces even more the herd immunity percentage. In the current measles epidemic, with around 70 cases of measles (some epidemic), the reports are that some of those infected were vaccinated. In other outbreaks the majority of those infected have been vaccinated. Over 98% of those contracting measles in a college measles epidemic had been vaccinated. In a New York measles outbreak 90% were vaccinated. In an Ohio mumps outbreak: 97% were vaccinated.

Because the measles vaccine protection wears off, because adults under 50 have no titer against measles, and because it just does not work at all on some people, there is no way that we will ever get to the place where the necessary 95% are immune and the disease will disappear.

For these reasons, castigating the non-vaccinators and violating their right to an education is irrational. With no rational basis for such state action, forcing vaccination is also a violation of rights without due process. Under the Washington constitution, which guarantees an education, there is a violation of another right.


Another irony is the pro-vax faction goes after children, forcing huge numbers of vaccination on them, while mostly leaving the adults alone. Adults are left alone unless they work in medical fields, join the armed services, or want to immigrate.

There is mention of the children who have immune disorders, who for this reason cannot be vaccinated. I have to ask how they developed their immune disease? Did they have an adverse reaction to a vaccination? My child will be required to be vaccinated in order to protect those children who have an immune disorder and thus risk having his own adverse reaction and contracting his own immune disorder.

All vaccines must grow in a medium, which can be monkey, cow, chick, pig, sheep or dog tissues and cells (which may be contaminated with animal viruses), gelatin (made from cow, sheep, and pig bones), casein, fragments of human fetal cells and umbilical tissue. They contain excipients and adjuvants, some of which are genetically modified. The CDC vaccines contained GMOs. They are not kosher, not vegan, not halal, not non-GMO, and not healthy.

The healthiest children are the unvaccinated Amish children along with the unvaccinated children of chiropractors. Large numbers of mainstream children are vaccine damaged. Over $4 billion has been paid out to the victims, and the backlog of claims will bankrupt the vaccine fund.

For Merck to have immunity from liability Merck must disclose the adverse reactions that are known to happen. So, a package insert is published and put into the boxes in which vaccine are shipped. The disclosures of the potential harms are alarming. Read the package inserts by going to this link.

The US Supreme Court, in justifying Merck’s protection against liability, says that the CDC vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”. Everyone should know when he is being vaccinated that he is taking a big risk, like flying in the Space Shuttle. When you allow yourself to be vaccinated, you are acceptance the risk that you may be vaccine damaged or even killed.


The new law removing philosophical and personal objections to vaccination is being pushed based on a measles outbreak, not a mumps or rubella outbreak. So the new law and the reason for the new law do not coincide.

Monovalent, solo measles or mumps or rubella vaccines are no longer available in the United States as far as I can determine. There is only the MMR combo. The only measles vaccine is contained in the MMR. The solution does not correlate with the alleged epidemic.

At some point after the Wakefield episode the solo vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella were phased out. For many years there have been no separate vaccines against these three diseases. Pro-vaccine lobbyists are panicked over around 70 measles cases, not about mumps or rubella cases. Again, the proposed law does not correlate with the current outbreak.

There is evidence that the monovalent vaccines for measles provides far more protection for more subjects than the MMR.

The mumps component of the MMF is very ineffective. In many mumps outbreaks 90 percent of those contracting mumps were fully vaccinated for mumps. Currently Merck is being sued for faking studies showing its mumps vaccine to be 95% effective. Merck added rabbit blood to the MMR to pump up the mumps antibodies.

Given that the MMR is a bust, the MMR should be put on hold, at least until a double blind tested, safe and effective monovalent vaccines are developed. The focus instead should be on quarantine and good nutrition, particularly focusing on vitamin D supplementation in winter and especially for dark skinned people who make little vitamin D on their skin. Oral and intravenous use of vitamin C should be used as treatment. In underdeveloped countries, the focus should be on clean water, good sewers, good nutrition, and good medical care.


The CDC vaccines fail the risk benefit test. They provide only temporary protection. They cause serious adverse reactions. They should be retired until new monovalent vaccines are developed which are double blind tested and found safe and effective. A new technology of vaccination should be developed which does not contain filthy media, excipients, and adjuvants, perhaps vaccines modeled after the leptospirosis vaccine developed by naturopaths and homeopaths.

Those being vaccinated or their parents should receive a copy of the package insert and should then have to sign the same knowing consent to the risk involved that they sign before they undergo surgery.


It looks like our legislature will soon take away our right to control our bodily integrity, all for a vaccine that is illegal and has sickened and killed many, all to combat a disease that kills almost no one in western countries. Soon Washington will follow California to require that our blameless children’s bodies be violated with an illegal vaccine. I must speak out against this profitable fraud.

See for an extended discussion of this issue.


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