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People are flipping out over “Vaxxed.”

This new film reveals fraud in the vaccine industry, courtesy of a CDC whistleblower.

I haven’t seen it. But, I know the plot.

I’ve gotten a thousand emails about it.

The film was banned by the Tribeca Film Festival. Under pressure from the media (which is owned by Big Pharma), Tribeca’s co-founder, Robert De Niro, caved in and decided to pull the film from the festival.

Interestingly, Tribeca’s other co-founder is real estate investor Craig Hatkoff — the brother-in-law of billionaire equity moghul Alan Patricof. Patricof is the founder of Apax Partners, one the world’s largest private equity firms that invests heavily in pharmaceutical and biotech corporations! Patricof’s son, Jonathan, happens to be the President of Tribeca Enterprises, which owns the Tribeca Film Festival!

There’s more.


Vaccine fanatic Bill Gates is also a sponsor of the festival, too.

See what I mean when I say Big Pharma OWNS the media?

I love how these organizations are called “sponsors.” Where I grew up, this was called a fucking bribe.  In science, it’s known as a gross conflict of interest. And in real life, it’s just wrong.

Like amoebic slime making its way up the evolutionary chain, the vaccine drug companies are all over the censorship of Vaxxed.


The media is under their control, too. The preppy talk show hosts don’t know anything other than what is spoon fed to their their mushy brains…

Reporters were told to criticize “Vaxxed” EVEN BEFORE THE FILM WAS RELEASED. And they did it.

How can someone be so complacent in life to comment on a film they even haven’t watched?

It’s just like dumbasses leaving negative reviews on Amazon for a book they haven’t even read.

Meanwhile, moms suffering day and night with kids damaged by vaccines are fuming over the “outrage” of censorship.


Rightly so. They need a voice.

Ironically, the censorship is actually giving them a much bigger platform to cry out for help from!

Nobody would give two shits about the film, if it was not banned from Tribeca.  But, since Pharma and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) know they’re about to be exposed…they’re working hard to censor the film (and the science) by getting journalists to criticize it before it’s even been released.

Keep fighting moms!

The plot clearly has merit and they clearly don’t want you to see it!  The science is too sound!  Its too perfect.  It’s too damning!

In contrast, if this movie had the conspiracy nut Alex Jones and his obese-induced, raspy voice hooting and hollering about vaccine science, it would be screened coast-to-coast. The powers that be love to make anti-vaxxers look nuts by choosing nutty, whack job opinion leaders who eat too fucking much…

In sum, never fear censorship. It bolsters the truth.

And if you ever forget this, just read the interviews I’ve done with experts in the field who are very much are aware of the widespread, vaccine fraud and other prescription drugs:

“If I could do it all over again, I would have NEVER vaccinated my own children,” says a professional nurse that I interviewed.

“The court system has made it very expensive for claims to be made against pharmaceutical companies for injuries,” said an attorney I interviewed, who explained how the U.S. court system is designed to PROTECT Big Pharma from all liability. (Gee, I wonder why?)

Hell, I even interviewed Dr. Leemon McHenry, a prominent Ph.D and professor of 30 years who has closely investigated medical ethics and ghostwriting. He exposed the fraud in medical journals — and how Big Pharma manipulates scientific journals on a daily basis!

Sadly, the people who made Vaxxed are now positioning it as “pro-vaccine” just to brand their way into the mainstream… “We just want safe vaccines”…blah blah blah.


Yeah, like I just want safe poisons for morons who speak more than they think.


Where’ s the film that comes right out and says, “Yea, I’m fucking anti-vaccine and here’s why: Vaccines are killing kids.”
Stop and think.


You were given an immune system for a reason. You don’t need multiple shots full of toxic sludge to be “healthy.” You just need to ramp up your immune system’s natural ability to fight illness and disease on its own.

…The morons are spouting that, “babies under 2 have weakened immunity.” Bullshit. That’s the vaccine sales ploy.

If everyone simply gave their immune system the nutrients it needed (as provided by Mother Nature) to be STRONG and healthy, then nobody would fucking need any drugs, outside of an emergency situation.

There’s no excuse for being stupid. The truth is out there, if you search for it. And when it gets censored, it gets the spotlight.  Go watch Vaxxed.

Dare to live young,

The People’s Chemist

P.S. By banning the film “Vaxxed,” the media gave it even more publicity. Good. This just proves that real vaccine science is winning the “info war” on vaccines. It shows how THREATENED Big Pharma is by this film. Make sure you see it, and tell your friends!, 3600 Cerrillos Dr. #714C-802, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507, United States
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