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Religious Exemptions To Vaccines

Religious Exemption Letter to Employer:
All vaccines cause adverse reactions. So it is illegal and unethical
and therefore contrary to religion to mandate their use.

16 Reasons Why Inslee Should Have Vetoed Mandatory MMR

In 2019 Governor Jay Inslee pushed the law that made the MMR Mandatory for school attendance.  

Covid Vaccines Manipulates Human DNA

The mRNA Covid vaccine contains GMO proteins that manipulate DNA.
Because they are wrapped in fats and anti-freeze, they will continue
to stimulate antigen production for years.

Jacobsen vs. Massachusets 1905

Jacobsen case does not authorize today’s vaccine mandates


Ivermectin is a livestock and human anti-parasitic.
60 million Americans have parasites.
Ivermectin is very safe anti-viral. 


Big Deal NewZ 3-10-2021

Read the Big Deal Newz here, including news about vaccines. 

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