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Do anti-vaxxers have any evidence in support of their claim that vaccinations harm children?

Paul Ramirez, Research Analyst 30 years with an IQ of 160, InFj MBTI.

Of course there is evidence, loads of it. But its hidden and covered up. Big pharma has brainwashed many Americans, and medical professionals and scientists, who are bought off and even paid royalties from vaccine profits.

Big pharma makes the largest contribution to politicians then any other industry, outspending oil and other industries by a very large margin. They own mainstream media, and pay them 70 to 80% of their ad revenues. All mainstream media outlets have big pharma executives on their board of directors, save CBS. They payoff colleges and medical schools and contribute enough to sway what doctors and college students are allowed to learn or mutter. Doctors get bonuses for every child they fully vaccinate. There are profound conflicts of interest underway, which creates a huge bias in favor of the big pharma vaccine agenda.

Before I reveal a small fraction of the evidence vaccines can and do cause harm, I want to caution people to be suspicious of anyone or any group advocating a principle of shoot first ask questions later. Rather I urge a far more wise principle to embrace which big pharma paid for science and all their so called scientific studies utterly defile. THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE!

Precautionary Principle Law and Legal Definition

Now for a small sample of a very large body of evidence.

To start let’s have a look at some legal discovery. HHS has recently lost in federal court for not upholding vaccine safety laws. Because of course it’s a case of the fox guarding the henhouse. The same agencies promoting vaccines and vaccine sales can not be the ones responsible for safety. The HHS and its child agencies CDC, FDA and NIH are captured agencies, under the indirect control of big pharma. People leave one to go work for the other in major conflicts of interest all the time. People leave these government agencies meant to protect us to go directly work for big pharma, directly after enabling big pharma to profit hugely. This should tell the wise something very important and obvious about the egregious conflicts of interest underway. Not to mention the fact they walk into million dollar salaries and millions in stock options. Meanwhile big pharma sponsors and pays for the so called safety studies, a case of self determining the safety of vaccines by those who would profit. In fact even the scientists doing the safety studies that are supposed to be impartial and objective are profiting from vaccines they deemed safe and even earn royalties from vaccine profits. HHS has failed to comply with vaccine safety laws for over 30 years and just recently finally got caught, and was found guilty of not upholding vaccine safety laws in place since 1986, the year vaccine manufacturers became indemnified of all liability for any harm their dangerous products cause. Instead the American people foot the bill. Thus far 4.1 billion dollars has been paid in vaccine injury court, billed to the American people not big pharma! The 1986 law permits this.

Vaccines have never ever had the gold standard of determining safety used! That’s right real double blind inert placebo controlled safety studies have never been done on a single vaccine on the CDC schedule. Vaccines are mainly tested for efficacy and safety is side stepped to a great extent. MMR for example was tested for a mere 42 days. Near 50% of those in their MMR trial developed significant adverse reactions. Merck hid this until just months ago since 1972. Among the adverse effects is something that Andrew Wakefield inferred, a gastrointestinal issues connection to MMR! He got crucified for implying such a connection yet one of his primary claims lay hidden in Mercks own data all along. His next claim implied a connection to gastrointestinal problems and autism. Now both ASU and UC Davis show a strong and definite relationship between gastrointestinal conditions and autism. Just discovered in the last few years or so.

Mercks own employees blew the whistle and testified in federal court that Merck instructed them to lie about the efficacy of MMR. Furthermore a star player at the CDC a senior scientist of theirs blew the whistle and turned over copies of evidence the CDC took efforts to destroy, which alone is a federal crime. But what is truly criminal is what that evidence actually showed. That vaccines can and do cause harm, including autism, and a host of other harmful adverse effects.

They had a secret meeting off site to try and avoid federal law and got caught. The evidence they tried to destroy was copied before they tried to get rid of the evidence. They deleted files and shredded evidence in an attempt to hide the truth. The CDC whistleblower is now under the federal whistleblower protection program awaiting subpoena before Congress. The evidence they thought they destroyed is currently safeguarded in a safe of a Florida senator. Further the father of the phrase “Vaccines do not cause autism” Dr Andrew Zimmerman changed his mind and recanted his former statement and now maintains vaccines can and do cause autism in some of the population. This man is considered the world’s leading expert on autism by both the CDC and DOJ. The lawyers in the omnibus autism proceedings are now under investigation for knowingly misrepresenting Dr Zimmerman new understanding vaccines can cause autism. They in a lawful venue used his older positions on autism knowing he had modernized his knowledge on the matter. That folks is a violation of the law, these lawyers stand to be charged for breaking the law and committing fraud. They can serve jail sentences and be disbarred. The omnibus autism proceedings also will need to be redone in the context of current knowledge and testimony of Dr Zimmerman.

Another example of vaccines being shown to cause unexpected harms comes from Dr Peter Aaby. He has shown that when you look past mere efficacy of a vaccine and look at the whole picture you find even if vaccines have some degree they can a do cause unexpected harms like increasing mortality rates! DTP may protect against 3 diseases, but at a cost of becoming 5 times more likely to die!

Evidence of Increase in Mortality After the Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis Vaccine to Children Aged 6-35 Months in Guinea-Bissau: A T… – PubMed – NCBI

These are first of their kind level studies, mainly studies exists that aim to show efficacy of the antigen, but dont look at the overall effectiveness which includes unexpected negative effects like autism and death. Children die in the millions due to DTP alone and this is a single example. These kinds of studies need to be done for ALL vaccines not just DTP, but big pharma doesn’t want such studies to be done nor will they pay for them.

There are better and safer ways to do vaccines. But that’s not the goal of big pharma when they have no liability. Profit is the only bottom line.

This Ted talk video highlights the mortality rates of DTP compared to those not getting it.

There are multiple law suits being filed at the State, National and appellate court levels as we speak. To get an 88 page idea of charges that HHS will be sued over see this document, loaded with links and citations to sources of legal and scientific claims levied against HHS and its child agencies CDC, FDA and NIH.


To see specific claims about safety and failure to prove safety see here the link below. Keep in mind safety is lightyears more important then efficacy. Safety is actually paramount as compared to efficacy. Vaccines have no real known safety profiles as they have never been tested in a real double blind inert placebo controlled safety study. Not individually nor in combination as routinely administered. Their components such as aluminum adjuvant never tested for safety, nor synergistic effects. For example both aluminum adjuvant and mercury are neurotoxic, but when combined are many orders of magnitude more toxic. They don’t account for this in their profits based model of vaccine studies.


To see more about the unintended consequences of aluminum adjuvant see here.

Autism & Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines.pdf

Postnatal Immune Activation.pdf

Aluminum in brain tissue in autism.pdf

Aluminum in Brain Tissue_Journal_of_Biological_Inorganic_Chemistry.pdf

Reconsideration of the immunotherapeutic pediatric safe dose levels of aluminum.pdf


They told us that mercury was removed from vaccines but it’s still In various flu shots via thimerosal full dose, and still being found in vials of vaccines said to no longer contain it. They removed it only from certain parts of the manufacturing process, but component elements of vaccines can still contain it. Mercury in all its forms is neurotoxic.


The CDC does not do good science free of the influence of their big pharma masters.

Reanalysis of CDC Data on Autism.pdf

The science is not settled in fact far from it, and anyone that says it is, has not looked and has not debated. These are the kinda people advocating shoot first ask questions later. The sorts of individuals that simply declare they are right and subvert all attempts at debate. They are willing to sacrifice others first before risking profits or notions of self safety.

Pharmaceutical Fraud – The Dark Side of Vaccines

Now this is a minuscule amount of information I presented there is much much more. If you really want a more complete picture you have to take the time to look past what mainstream media would have you see and believe. To take a deep dive and hear the opinion of major credentialed experts, I mean neuroscientists, cardiologists, doctors, lawyers, research Analysts, statisticians, PhD’d scientists from multiple disciplines. See here: full length videos deep diving into just how and why vaccines are harming children and everyone who risks them.

Vaccine Issues Links.docx

Beware mandatory vaccination for adults is coming, SR58 in California is one such first attempt. Beware!


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