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Is it possible that adjuvants from a vaccine accidentally injected into the bloodstream is what can cause autism?

Daniel Garcia

If you want to learn more about aluminum adjuvants and how they could cause autism I recommend you check out: – An objective look at vaccine dangers.

Immune activation in pregnancy can cause autism and schizophrenia later in life. Adjuvants are added to vaccines to cause an immune response, they cause immune activation.

Could immune activation after birth and very early in life cause autism and could vaccines cause enough immune activation to cause developmental regression?

Highly esteemed autism experts seem to believe that this is the case[1]:

“People who work in the field of autism see, commonly see a relationship between infection,and onset of regression.”

“They’re [Vaccines] designed to lead to an immune response, and that may compound the immune response from an infection.”

“Once we have the biomarkers for the patients who have susceptibility of regression following immunizations, it will change our approach to—to treatment of the children, to identify the children who are at risk.”

“I think it will change the treatment, but more importantly I think it will prevent the development of autism in quite a few children. Currently about 30 percent of children with autism undergo regression, and we would like very much to understand the metabolic basis for that and how we can prevent it.”

To my best knowledge none of the larger vaccine safety studies that have been conducted took this possibility into account. Statistically they have shown that children with a similar number of immune activations(vaccines given) have similar autism rates.

You would expect this outcome regardless whether or not vaccine adjuvants could cause autism.

There are at least some doctors that state that their patients receiving significantly less or delayed vaccines do have a much smaller risk of developing autism.


[1] The Clear Legal Basis that Vaccines Cause Autism


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