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Why do so many people believe vaccines give people autism despite there being no evidence?

James Anthony Sassu, 10 years Teaching, New Britain Public Schools, Connecticut

Updated Jun 4

Originally Answered: Why do people think vaccines give children autism? – An objective look at vaccine dangers.

J.B. Handley: International scientists have found autism’s cause. What will Americans do?

Before you read my post I would like to plead with anyone who is refusing to entertain the idea that vaccines can cause harm to please look at the two sites above. If you don’t even read my post I don’t care but please look at these two sites for just 20 minutes and with an open mind…

I think that there is a lot more to this topic than the public truly understands and people will often allow themselves to believe that the words “science” and “scientists”, when used in a sentence, somehow serves as definitive proof concerning the issue they’re discussing.

Regardless of what we constantly hear about the safety of vaccines in general, the truth of the matter is that you’d be hard pressed to find any studies outside of the 2002 CDC MMR study which was aimed at trying to establish if the MMR multi dose vaccine which was given to children in the United States for years prior, may possibly have had a link to Autism. This has been the only government sanctioned study concerning the possibility of a connection between vaccines and Autism and it has served as the end all be all burden of proof in the medical and scientific communities for concluding that vaccines do not cause autism.

The fact of the matter is that the MMR vaccine is only 1 of the 36 total vaccines given to children in the United States, with the other 35 having never been tested, not only for a link to autism, but for any link to any kind of debilitating medical conditions that may result from their individual or a combined consumption with other vaccines.

Think about that for a moment.

It boggles my mind that people really think that the safety of children is something that’s not worth the absolute priority of the medical communites attention and scrutiny or just a closer look at the very least when something as controversial as this is up for debate! We, for some reason, have this tendency to just make up our mind on the spot with something that we have difficulties believing or feel strongly about and we fail to realize that our opinions, no matter how strong they are or how sensible they seem, are not difinitife proof of whatever they are based around.

The fact of the matter is that the number of people who have the same exact story about how their children were developing normally, making eye contact, speaking, starting to walk, and then were given some vaccine or series of vaccines and then they watched their child get sick where they had a fever and were burning up for the next 3 days and what followed was a rapid decline in all of the milestones I just mentioned and the child they had prior to the vaccination never came back!

Then a year later some doctor tells them that their child is autistic they were born like that way which the parents know in their hearts is not true and so they bring up the possibility of the vaccine being responsible for their child’s condition and they are told right then and there that it’s impossible! Not only are they told it’s impossible, but they’re laughed at. This idea that parents don’t know their children, like they don’t pay attention to their own child’s behavior close enough for the first three years of their life and completely miss all of the clearly autistic signatures starting to pop up out of nowhere is absolutely absurd.

Ninety percent of mothers watch their children in the first few years of their lives as if their own life depended on it! There is a bond there that is just unlike anything else, and to suggest that a mother wouldn’t have been able to recognize the signs that should be clear that something is not right until 3 years after they gave birth when some doctor gives her the diagnosis is an absurd and totally ridiculous assumption. Those mothers know their children and they know what behaviors are normal and which are cause for concern, and if they don’t then their friends and family would know.

Anyone who looks at the data concerning this issue with an open mind, without going into it with some sort of bias can then clearly see that while the majority of people don’t seem to suffer any readily identifiable side effects there are still indications of vaccine injury being classified as other medical conditions. Issues such as sudden infant death syndrome for instance. Take the fact that the United States of America is the only country in the world that gives the hepatitis B vaccine to children on the day that they are born, even though hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease and unless their mother has some risk of contracting it then there really is no need to give them this vaccine! Who benefits from this?? Because the United States has the most advanced Medical Care available on the planet and for some reason, more children who are born seemingly healthy and with no apparent cause for concern end up dying within 24 hours of birth her than anywhere else in the world! So much so in fact that they have literally had to create the condition called “Sudden infant death syndrome” as a result their inability to explain why these children keep dying less than 24 hours after being born healthy.

The United States also has the highest infant mortality rate of any other country, which is calculated by the number of seemingly healthy children with no identifiable ailments whom die within the first 12 months of life regardless of being born healthy and without any conditions to blame for their death. These kids are born healthy and then something happens which the doctors can’t figure out, and the only major medical treatments they recive in the first 12 months are their vaccines at 4 6 and 8 months. I don’t think it really takes a rocket scientist to put two and two together I mean if the child dies without any explanation that there are pretty good odds that you can contribute that to the vaccines if you can’t figure out some other reasonable explanation!

You can’t diagnose a child with autism until about 4 years old, in the United States children will receive all of their vaccines ( 36 diff vacs in 72 doses) by the time they are three years old if they stick to the CDCs schedule which most do and then these mothers are coming out with the same story after about how their child went in for a vaccine, got sick, and they were never the same ever again. And they’re literally treated like morons for even questioning the idea that the vaccines could be at fault despite that vaccine being the only major medical treatments they’ve given to their child.

I mean what are the odds that all of these families are just making up the same story or that it’s all just one big coincidence?? They just didn’t realize that there was something that wasn’t quite right with their child until about 4 years of age? Get the f*** out of here! Its the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of in my life and I feel insulted for these mothers when I hear that s***. Its just like all those women claiming that Bill Cosby drugged and raped them… I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that if if 50 people with no connection all come out and say the same exact thing about something then there’s a pretty good chance that they’re telling the truth! Now if 50000, or 5 million people come out and make the same claim about these vaccine injuries then how on earth are we just writing that off? Then somebody who doesn’t even know these kids comes along and decides that mom just doesn’t pay attention to things…. Everybody knows that everyone’s mom pays attention to everything!!!!

For some reason people treat the topic of vaccines like it’s a religion and not a health issue! They don’t understand the amount of really dark and Shady things that are going on in this part of the medical community. Things like vaccine makers being absolved of all liability for any scheduled vaccines which children are required to get to enter school and because of that they have no incentive to create quality products because any case that a person may have in which they believe they were injured or the child was injured by some vaccine they must go through the vaccine injury compensation Court. Which has paid out more than four billion dollars in settlements in less than 20 years of existence, despite vaccines being praised as completely safe and effective. The government’s not really in that habit of giving money to the American people for no reason, it’s usually us that gives them the money.

The problem that I have with this whole topic is how I constantly hear over and over and over again about how vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective! They have been proven not to cause autism and this is just repeated over and over and over again by people who just hear it from other people that they either trust or respect and they just go with these baseless claims as is if they know what they’re talking about! It’s because nobody really can fathom the idea that something like this could actually take place and continue to go unchecked and cause the amount of damage that it’s been causing despite the CDC knowing about what it’s doing, that seems like it’s impossible!

But the truth is the CDC is in a place that they can’t turn back because if they do now then there are a lot of people that will need to be held accountable and they will be sued by millions, their family names will be destroyed and they will be put in jail! So they have a pretty solid incentive to try and keep Autism in the hot seat as opposed to what’s really going on which is brain damage caused by the aluminum content that vaccines require in order to function.

Unfortunately those people happen to have a lot of power and sway within the government and they would give everything they have to prevent that that from happenening and so they repeat this phrase over and over and over about how safe they are and how effective they are and how many lives they’ve saved but the fact of the matter is that in order for a vaccines to be proven safe and effective, there needs to be a double blind peer reviewed study of every vaccine individually, with each of the studies results published for the public and the entire medical and scientific community having the ability to test the findings and only then can anyone make the claim that they are indeed safe beyond any doubt and that hasn’t happened! Regardless, they still continue to say vaccines are completely safe and they don’t cause any major issues.

Imagine if big tobacco ran a study gathering data on the number of smokers who have lung cancer, having only studied individuals who smoke cigars (which you don’t inhale) and then claiming that it proves there is no link between tobacco and lung cancer!! That is essentially what they have done here and it’s absurd.

I would do anything to truly believe for one moment that at the very least vaccines aren’t in some way causing some kind of damage to a good section of the population however I have looked at this topic obsessively for as much data as I possibly could find in the fact of the matter remains that there’s really nothing that exists that would allow me or anyone else to make the claim that vaccines are safe and effective because we just don’t know that and the CDC tells you this because if they told you the other option that there’s something to worry about that would create a situation in which everybody who has a child with autism with them have a grounds for suing them for telling the American people for 30 plus years now that there’s no reason to worry about that seems even though they keep upping the schedule this could easily be solved by doing a study of vaccinated population versus an unvaccinated population you could look at the Amish population see how many members of the Amish community have autism there’s plenty of ways to do this it wouldn’t take very much and yet the CDC refuses to do the studies and I’m forced to come to the conclusion that there’s only really one reason why they would do that, you don’t need to be a scientist to understand human behavior and you certainly don’t need to be a scientist to understand how to read and piece together the information that you’re presented with when it’s available to you.

Vaccines are a medication and there is no medication out there that does not cause harm to some section of the population there are people who can’t take aspirin without dying but yet vaccines are the only medication that I have ever heard my government tell me conclusively that there is a one-size-fits-all version and that there’s nothing to be worried about that’s ridiculous there’s always something to be worried about look at penicillin how many lives it’s saved the first real antibiotic that could like fight serious bacterial infections and yet it had the power to kill people as well large portions of people for no other reason than the fact that they came into contact with it.


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