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Vaccines don’t cause autism, so what does?

Paul Ramirez, Research Analyst 30 years with an IQ of 160, InFj MBTI.

Wrong! Stop saying that and get it through your head, vaccines can cause autism, PERIOD! The CDC know’s it too, the worlds leading expert on autism admitted it can cause autism in a small subset of the population. So NOT in most people but in a subset of people.

Why do anti-vaxxers still believe vaccines cause autism when the research is conclusive that it doesn’t.docx

Are vaccines the only cause of autism NO!

Other known causes of Autism are mothers immune activation that causes autism in the same way as vaccines, via the upregulation of interleukin-6. When a pregnant woman has a bad viral or bacterial infection this can upregulate interleukin-6 just as aluminum adjuvant can from vaccines.

Interleukin-6 is a known causal factor in autism. It creates massive inflammation in the brain via cytokine storms. This inflammation can swell the brain and create brain damage. Anaphylactic shock is a side effect of vaccines and inflammation in the brain and lack of oxygen can damage the brain. Brain damage\encephalopathy can be later diagnosed as autism.

Post natally a child can develop autism as was a pre-natally. In fact in some children that develop severe viral or bacterial infections have also developed autism. In effect anything that can potentially cause enough brain inflammation required to damage the brain can potentially lead to autism.

Vaccines like it or not is one of those potentials! Period! Not the only one but DEFINITELY one of them.

5 to 10% of autism is genetic according to a leading researcher at ASU. The remaining 90+% is environmental. Something in the environment that children are exposed to both pre and post natally. i.e. vaccines, etc, etc…

Vaccines are not the sole cause of autism but it certainly is among them!


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