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Open School Buildings at Night for the Homeless

Thanks to the Everett Herald  February 9, 2014

I am tired of reading why we should all support our schools again. They are public buildings are they not? It seems no matter how much they get, it is never enough, so I have a proposal. If I vote to pay for a bond, why not try to cure another public issue with the building when not in use? Of course, I am referring to the homeless. it is very cold outside, they are human beings, and need somewhere to go to the bathroom and stay warm at night. Instead of locking up the school, have the janitors open it up from say 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. Let the homeless humans stay warm in the gym, sleep on the floors and use the public bathrooms I helped pay for. Is it possible some churches might want to help too? After all, they are tax-exempt, huge, warm buildings with great kitchens and warm carpets all over. What would Jesus do if he knew several homeless like I do?

Larry East

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