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Politicians generally avoid controversial issues if they can. Why take the risk if taking the position might turn away people who otherwise would vote for you. take-courage-nc

This would apply doubly to a difficult issue, such as the following:

implementing door-to-door transit using UberX technology flex vans, which would reduce traffic congestion and save millions of dollars;

commercial air service at Paine Field, which both John and Dave support and which I oppose;

banning smart meters, which open our homes to hacking and which can harm health, when there are better alternatives;

joining the effort to regulate or ban coal and oil trains;

housing the homeless, which is the right thing to do and which will save millions of dollars;

building a fiber optic internet, which will attract high-tech businesses;

halting the spraying of Roundup (now declared to be a Type 2A carcinogen), and helping farmers convert to more profitable organic agriculture;

facilitating salmon recovery by stopping the dumping of salmon-killing fluoride and salmon-killing Roundup into the watershed;

ending the absurd vice of adding so-called fluoride to drinking water.

Also, politicians may not understand such complex issues.

My opponents are ignoring these issues. Is it because they do not agree with them? because they do not understand them? because they were not even aware that the county could do something about these issues until we raised them?

More later.

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