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March 1, 2017


Donald Trump, President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington DC 20500


Dear Mr. President,


I am writing to propose that you push for a replacement of Obamacare with Trumpcare.


Trumpcare would improve on and replace Obamacare in two important ways. First, it would lower costs by focusing on making people healthier, so that fewer will need expensive procedures and drugs. Second, Trumpcare would federalize the healthcare and health financing system. It would allow each state to set up the health system it wants.




Trumpcare would lower costs by focusing on making people healthier so they will not need expensive procedures and drugs. There would be fewer million dollar cancer treatments. Fewer people would take diabetes drugs or blood pressure drugs. You are what you eat, and eating a healthy diet, including large quantities of vegetables, will prevent many maladies. Our current medical model is one of treating symptoms with a host of pharmaceuticals. It is a policy of vaccinating everyone against every disease for which a vaccine has been patented. It is reckless. It is expensive. It is relatively ineffectual.


Under Trumpcare, vaccination with unsafe and ineffective vaccines – all of the vaccines on the CDC approved list – would stop. See


Under Trumpcare, we would finance the study and development of the homeopathic vaccines, whose safety and effectiveness exceeds that of the CDC approved vaccines.


Under Trumpcare, fluoridation of drinking water will end. Fluoride leaches lead from plumbing. Termination of fluoridation will immediately lower lead levels in drinking water. Fluoridation is a complete fraud. See:


Under Trumpcare spraying of crops with Roundup and Atrazine (Agent Orange) would end. The World Health Organization says Roundup is a Type 2A carcinogen, which means Roundup has been proven to be carcinogenic in laboratory animals and therefore is considered to be a probable carcinogen in humans. Other countries, including Russia, are banning Roundup and similar pesticides. The Japanese are developing robots which remove weeds, so weed killing pesticides can be phased out as poisonous relics of a more primitive time. Roundup is bad for our economy. The rest of the world is banning Roundup, and fewer countries are willing to buy our Roundup contaminated grains and meats.


Trumpcare would prohibit dentists from placing mercury amalgam fillings in teeth. Trumpcare would pay dentists to replace amalgam fillings. Half of mercury pollution in sewers comes from dental clinics. All clinics should have mercury sewer filters.


The focus should be on building health through good nutrition, clean water, and necessary supplements such as vitamin D and iodine. This includes eating a lot more vegetables and a lot less meat. (I have been a vegan for 35 years, and I love my food. I wrote a cookbook, which I would like to send you.)


Our current allopathic model drives out all other models. The power to prevent disease can also be found in Indian Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and massage therapy.


With Trumpcare people will be healthier, and the cost of keeping them healthy will be less.




Turning the new Trumpcare over to the states would deal with a contentious issue in a way which will be acceptable to both parties. With Trumpcare each state would decide whether it wants a wide open free market system, an Obamacare system, or a single-payer system. The federal government would continue to subsidize the states through Medicaid and Medicare and help the states succeed.


There is much debate over whether it is the place of the federal government to regulate the health industry. But there is no debate over whether individual states have the power to regulate the health industry. They do. For example, the Supreme Court Sibelius case in 2012 held that “Obamacare” was not justified under the general welfare clause nor under the commerce clause, but under the power of the federal government to tax. There is no outright federal power to regulate health and health financing. The federal government can only offer incentives to the states. Similarly the insurance industry has always been regulated mostly by each state.


Federalizing health care and health insurance and turning them over to the states would resolve a time consuming, highly charged impasse.


Health care and health insurance is a states rights issue. The states would do a much better job of managing and paying for health care and health financing than the federal government. Trumpcare would help the states take over.


Finally, Trumpcare should provide incentives for the states to see to it that the plans provide coverage for the poor.




James Robert Deal, Attorney

WSBA Number 8103



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