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From Attorney Deal:

The side effects of the CDC vaccines are worse than experiencing the disease. The vaccines are not double blind tested and therefore are illegal. Don’t tell me you can require that we submit the privacy of our bodies and our childrens’ bodies to illegal vaccines.

Read the package inserts and you will read of the many serious side effects – sometimes including death.

Also the CDC vaccines do not work very well. The effects wear off. When there are measles and pertussis outbreaks, almost all those affected have been vaccinated.

And the CDC vaccines contain filthy adjuvants and excipients such as mercury and aluminum.

There are safe and effective vaccines but they are not on the CDC list. We should support for example the leptospirosis vaccine, which is double blind tested, which is effective, and which does no harm.

The problem is that Big Pharma has taken over the CDC, the FDA, the congress, the legislatures, and the media, through the power of the dollar and the revolving door.

The problem is that so many people are trapped in a well designed maze and have not been able to find their way out. Most people believe unquestioningly anything that someone in a white coat says.

Most doctors have not studied vaccines, so don’t rely on what your MD says. He is being bribed $400 for every kid who is completely vaccinated. A clinic with 1,000 children will pull in $400,000 and that’s in addition to the profit on the sale of the vaccines. Doctors do not disclose this to patients. Doctors who support the CDC vaccines are bought and paid for. So too are legislators and agencies.

Vaccinating children with the CDC vaccines is malpractice and child abuse.

Vaccines – An Attorney Viewpoint – Washington Politics


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