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What don’t they tell you about polio?

John Scudamore

Jim West: “The vaccination programs are irrelevant to the decline of polio, while pesticides correlate perfectly with polio. The unfunded, ostracized theory of poison causality far exceeds all other theories in simplicity, exactitude, and directness regarding correlations within all data areas: dosage, physiology, etiology, epidemiology, economics, and politics."

‘’Morris Bealle who for years edited his informative publication, Capsule News Digest, from Capitol Hill, offered a standing reward during the years from 1954 to 1960 of $30,000, which he would pay to anyone who could prove that the polio vaccine was not a killer and a fraud. There were no takers’’.

“During a widespread epidemic of 1949, the New York State Health Department tried to establish the theory of Poliomyelitis spreading person-to-person and failed. In their studies, the United States Public Health Services also failed to prove the theory. Tests were also conducted on animals and humans (prisoners and orphans). They were exposed by having their throat and nasal passages swabbed with “matter” from the supposedly infected. No polio was reported to have been produced by this method. The only reported effects were loss of taste and smell do to the effects of poisons in the serum used on the swabs. Thus learning that POLIO IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.”

“Go to your medical library, and ask to see the United States Polio Surveillance Unit’s bulletins, from 1955 to 1970.

They will be listed as "missing".

Every single medical library in USA, that someone checked out for me, and New Zealand (and possible other countries) has them listed as "missing".

There is only one place you can see them, as far as I know, and that is in the AMA library, and they are listed as having top security clearance requirements to see, according to someone who tried to access them.

Why might this be? When he was alive, Dr Ratner had copies of them at his home. He gave me many of the years’ data I wanted. They clearly showed that from the inception of the SALK vaccine, to it’s discontinuation, the vaccine had MINUS efficacy and was actually causing more polio in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated.

Any studious person looking at Government stats in retrospect, would be able to easily see that the polical and media canonization of SALK and his vaccine was a mirage of duplicity upon duplicity.—-Hilary Butler

“At the main hospital in Mbarara during that month of 1977 more than 600 children had died following polio vaccination. 600 children!"

"Today, various other forms of the the word "polio" are still used to describe the effects of poisoning, though usually with regard to paralysis in animals. A search of Medline ("polio" and "poison") finds about 45 contemporary articles where poisoning causality is attributed to polio. The terminology found was: "polioencephalomalacia", "poliomyelomalacia", "polyradiculoneuritis", "neurological picture similar to that of poliomyelitis", "polioencephalomyelomalacia", "lumbal poliomyelomalacia", "cerebrocortical necrosis (polioencephalomalacia)", "Lead poisoning in grey-headed fruit bats (Pteropus poliocephalus)", "multifocal-poliomyelomalacia", "spinal poliomalacia", "Polio and high-sulfate diets", "Atypical porcine enterovirus encephalomyelitis: possible interraction between enteroviruses and arsenicals", "Polioencephalomalacia and photosensitization associated with Kochia scoparia consumption in range cattle", "bovine polioencephalomalacia". —

The five stages of vaccine awareness

  1. Vaccines are safe and effective
  2. Vaccines are unsafe but effective

  3. Vaccines do more harm than good

  4. Vaccines are ineffective and dangerous

  5. Vaccines are silent weapons for human farming: killing, sterilising, mind control, and disease creation for fear and income. Vaccine advocates are psychopaths or useful idiots

“Vaccination is child abuse and a crime against humanity.” – Dr Buchwald MD

”Vaccination is not disease prevention – it’s a particularly nasty form of organised crime in that it manipulates parents’ protective instincts to get them to submit their child into getting poisoned for profit under the guise of disease prevention.” ~ Erwin Alber.

David Barker, Highschool Teacher, Preacher

There are philosophical exemptions and religious exemptions.

This a sample letter written by a nurse that she used to deny being vaccinated against her will.

Sample Letter for Religious Vaccine Exemption

Do not listen to these big pharma saps. Vaccines will damage your child. The extent of the damage is the only thing in question. Vaccines do not grant immunity, if they did, booster shots would not exist.

They grant a short lasting protection, at the same time, suppressing the immune system as a whole, stunting it’s development, and causing lifelong chronic autoimmune diseases. In some cases, death from brain damage.


Have you ever changed the mind of an anti-vaxxer? If so, how?

John Scudamore

That’s never going to happen with a genuine one

Oh we all believed in the satanic rite at one time but 20 years studying the subject and thinking about it I proved it’s only done for the money and I saw that after reading my first book on the subject

"Did ever you hear, in all the experience of the whole medical profession since the days of Hippocrates, such a marvellous combination of exceptions and rarities gathered together in one little body, all so carefully arranged by Providence for the special purpose of convicting a heterodox medical practitioner of manslaughter? (Laughter.)……I once believed in Jenner; I once believed in Pasteur. I believed in vaccination. I believed in vivisection. But I changed my views as the result of hard thinking………….Why is it that medical men for the most part follow the fashion of the day? Is it that they dare not think?……..Are they like Sidney Smith ‘s old lady who said she never read the other side of a subject in case she might be prejudiced? A man is eminent as long as he is orthodox. When he begins to think for himself he becomes a crank. It is the great commercial manufacturing firms who are providing the brains for the medical man of to-day."-Dr Hadwen MD 1925

You should try it, thinking

John Scudamore replied to your comment on an answer to: "Have you ever asked an antivaxxer if he/she is vaccinated? How did they respond?"

Vaccinators run in packs and the medical industry is huge with millions living off the lies

The sociopaths know if vaccination goes down they will be exposed as murdering babies purely for profit and for 200 years with the whole drug industry falling and many of them banged up for life

While vaccine


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