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Should all vaccines be required to pass the same tests as pharmaceutical drugs?

Daniel Garcia

I think vaccines should be tested properly.

That would mean using inert placebos not other vaccines or toxic metals that can mask harms[1]

Long-term randomized trials where all adverse events are registered.[2][3]

Not studies that last a few days or weeks .

No studies where they register only a small number of insignificant adverse reactions while ignoring everything else that happens during the trial.

No studies where they allow the physicians to decide whether or not health problems are due to the vaccine or not.[4]

Independent testing not done by companies with a long history of crimes and fraud.[5][6]

Making full study data available to third parties.[7]

Studying the long-term effects of multiple vaccines.[8]

Studying non-specific effects of vaccines[9]

Safety testing of vaccine ingredients.

Examples: One of the key studies for safety of mercury in vaccines was over 80 years old and everyone who had received the mercury preservative was dead shortly after having received it.[10] That’s not a safety study.

There are no good studies for aluminum adjuvant safety. The reason why it’s believed to be safe is because it was used in vaccines for a long time not because they have good studies available. [11]


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