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January 2, 2013   As published in the Stranger

To the Stranger, from James Robert Deal:

Thank you for endorsing me as candidate for Lieutenant Governor. I stress progressive values. See

On the other hand, your dismissal of fluoridation as a “batshit” issue shows you did not read the detailed information I provided you. See: This elixer added to our water is not naturally occurring calcium fluoride. It is industrial grade fluorosilicic acid, straight out of the wet scrubbers in the smokestacks of the phosphate fertilizer industry. It contains hydrogen fluoride, lead, and arsenic and leaches lead out of pipes. It is filth masquerading as medicine for our teeth. It is medication forced on everyone without our informed consent.

Fetuses and infants are most sensitive because their cells are still dividing. See the recent Harvard study which shows that fluoridation lowers the IQ of children. Others who are highly sensitive are diabetics, arthritics, and those with kidney and thyroid disease and chemical sensitivities. So-called fluoridation makes a lot of people a little sick and a few people very sick.

Fluoride, lead, and arsenic accumulate lifetime, and the body has a hard time excreting them. These toxins can shorten lives and make old age a demented experience. Everett wastes $300,000 per year on this vice. See

Sometimes the Stranger seems to prefer to be clever even though its cleverness makes no sense.

The Stranger shows great sensitivity to other minorities. It should show sensitivity to those who are harmed – some of us right away, all of us eventually – by this fraud.

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