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PUD Commissioners Logan and Olson
Oppose Public Hearings on Smart Meters

August 2, 2020


Fifteen PUD staff members put on a workshop on June 23 in which they spoke of smart meters and a $100 million bond issue to finance them as a “done deal.”


Commissioner Rebecca Wolfe charged the Staff with moving too fast. She asked for open public hearings on smart meters from a wide range of viewpoints.


In response, PUD Staff brought in industry consultant Richard Tell on July 21. Tell droned on for hours about smart meters safety. “Done deal” smart meter sales talk then appeared on the website.


Wolfe called again for open public hearings on health and other issues. However, both Commissioner Sid Logan and Toni Olson said that they were opposed to public hearings and would vote on smart meters on August 4.


Commissioner Olson commented that she had been unable to find anything on the Internet regarding smart meters specifically being harmful. However, the issue is total radiation from all sources that is relevant, including cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, and 50,000 5G satellites now being launched. Smart meters add to total cumulative exposure to carcinogenic radiation.


Both Logan and Olson say they oppose rate increases. However, the fact that smart meters operate constantly and therefore use more power means that rates will have to go up. Bond payments could exceed $1 million per month.


Write to to demand that full hearings be held before a vote is taken.


Call in at 1:30 PM on Tuesday to comment. Dial 253-215-8782. Meeting ID: 975-0758-0706

Password: 613714. To join via Zoom and read all docs go to:



James Robert Deal, Attorney

WSBA Number 8103

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