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Smart Meters Are Illegal

Smart meters exceed the scope of the easement granted and so are a trespass. They violate privacy rights and are unconstitutional.

Ban Smart Meters

Smart meters connect to utilities by cell phone technology. They blast out powerful microwave pulses every five seconds. For some the effect is debilitating, depending on proximity. Smart meters are insecure and open your home to hackers. They raise electric bills. They catch fire.


Read some of the numerous letters I have written to SnoPUD 

Demand That Seattle Ban Smart Meters and 5G

Smart meters exceed the scope of the easement granted and so are a trespass. They violate privacy rights and are unconstitutional.

Evidence Filed in Environmental Health Trust v. the FCC

Download Massive Evidence Filed in
Environmental Health Trust v. the FCC

Smart Meter Press Release 5-4-2018

Smart Meters Press Release May 4, 2018
Ban Smart Meters and 5G
Turn off Wi-Fi in Schools

File Request For Production Of Easement Authorizing Smart Meters

File your own Request For Production Of Documents. Ask for the easement which authorizes the information gathering and broadcasting functions of smart meters.

File Your Own Small Claims Case

Whether your have been smart metered or whether smart meters are coming, file your own small claims case and sue for $5,000. No lawyers are allowed in small claims court.

Seattle Now Installing Smart Meters

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to force smart meters on all homes and businesses in the city, probably because the US Department of Energy is paying cities to make the change and because data accumulated by smart meters can be sold to marketers.

Non-Communicating Meters Bad Too

Non-communicating electronic meters do not spy, but they are not grounded, have puny surge protection, consume more electricity, cost more, wear out sooner, are less accurate.

Stop 5G From Coming To Your Town

4G operates at 900 Megahurtz to 2.3 gigahertz. 5G operates at 6 gigahertz to 27 gigahertz, at tiny wavelengths, and at higher energy levels. Call elected officials and say: This is madness.

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Smart meters blast out powerful microwave pulses every five seconds, reporting via poorly secured, hackable, cell signal to the PUD, which will collect data on your every electrical usage and sell it to marketers. They raise utility bills, catch fire, repel birds and insects. Seattle is installing them now to great opposition.

For some the effect is debilitating. An estimated 3 percent of the population is hyper-sensitive. The rest of us will suffer vague symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, and insomnia. WHO says microwaves are Type 2B carcinogens.

Total microwave exposure is the issue. Add up microwaves from all sources. Eliminate as many sources of microwaves as possible. Homes, schools, and businesses should hard wire. Wifi routers should be turned off whenever possible.

Why has Seattle chosen to install smart meters? Why is Snohomish PUD planning to do the same? Smart meters use more electricity because of their pulsing every five seconds and because they allow pricing electrical consumption by time of day.

Also because the US Department of Energy is encouraging and subsidizing the change, and local officials unquestioningly trust what government agencies say.

And because utilities are able to sell data on our every electrical behavior. Marketers will know what time you turn off the TV, turn off your bedroom lights, and when your vibrator turns on.

So, more electrical usage, hence more income. And more income from the sale of data on your private lives.

And 5G is coming too, fifth generation cell phone broadcasting technology, running in the megahertz range, orders higher than 4G. 5G can deliver much more data and much higher speeds, but it is limited in range. So tiny broadcasters will be posted in every neighborhood, almost on every light pole. 5G will deliver a super dose of microwaves.

High frequency G5 on every block will fry us all.


Smart meters have their own set problems. They are insecure and they catch fire. They also belch out a big blast of microwaves every five seconds. However, smart meters are not the only source of microwaves.

We can reduce our overall exposure to microwave radiation by broadcasting through electric wires, not through the air. Cell signals can be broadband over power lines (BPL). There will be fewer cell towers. In the home or office, signals can be broadcast through through wiring. If we did deploy smart meters, they could broadcast – reporting on our activity – through the electrical system, not through cell phone technology. All of this would reduce total exposure to microwaves. See:

Smart meters are shoddily built. They catch fire.

A smart meter is a security hole into your home. They can be hacked. Your utility company will be able to monitor all your electricity related behavior in your home.

The utility company has an easement to attach a digital meter to your home, not a radiation emitting surveillance device, which is what a smart meter is. This is how you can replace your digital meter with an analog meter.

A smart meter is a device for intruding into your privacy and monitoring all your activities which involve electricity usage. Your utility company will sell data on your electricity related behavior to marketing companies.

The federal government is paying utility companies the cost of smart meters.

I am 100% opposed to smart meters.

Smart meters report usage via microwaves, using cell phone frequencies. They produce blasts of microwaves. Woe to you if your bed is on the other side of the wall from one of them. Woe to you if you live in an apartment and your bed is on the other side of the wall from a bank of 20 of them.

Smart meters are security holes into our homes. These wireless connections can be hacked.

When the grid goes down and comes back up, some smart meters catch fire.

To save the cost of having meter readers read meters, the utility company could arrange for people to read their own meters and report their readings online.

The same savings by hard wiring meters more secure phone and cable lines.

Turn off your home Wi-Fi at night.

Read more:

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See this Citizens For Safe Technology web site.

Germany is rejecting smart meters.

The financial benefits of smart meters is questionable.

There are privacy issues with smart meters.


Snohomish County PUD says smart meters are coming.

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