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October 29, 2018

Rebecca Em Campbell

No. 266-Casa Madrona

3948 Martin Way North

Olympia, WA 98506-5202

King County Housing Authority

Board of Directors/Executive Director

600 Andover Park West

Tukwila, WA 98188

Re: Digital Wifi “Smart” Utility Meters/AMI-Possible Violations

Dear Members of the King County Housing Authority Board of Directors:

I am aware that Seattle City Light/Puget Sound Energy (SCL/PSE) hazardous digital wifi "smart" utility/surveillance meters – also euphemistically known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) — are now being imposed on Seattle area-residents – including King County Housing Authority (KCHA) residents and employees — without their consent, and that these dangerous digital devices are now eventually on their way south via PSE to Thurston County’s Casa Madrona, where I live as a KCHA tenant as well. So I wish to ask several clarifying questions of the KCHA Board of Directors:

1. Did any members of KCHA Southern Regional Management team perform due diligence in the form of research on any of the information they have been steadily given since mid-January 2016 about hazardous digital wifi "smart" utility/surveillance meters that they knew were possibly in the near future going to be imposed on KCHA residents/employees/properties without their consent? Was any of this information passed on to the King County Housing Authority Board of Directors/Executive Director during this time?

  1. Is the KCHA Board of Directors aware that digital wifi "smart" utility/surveillance meters (AMI) have many very serious associated problems, and that by not simply contacting and negotiating with SCL/PSE to opt out of this hazardous trespassing technology being quietly but forcibly imposed by these utilities on their properties, their tenants and their employees, they may be in violation of their own KCHA landlord-tenant rental contract, specifically Section 7-HOUSING AUTHORITY’S RESPONSIBILITIES:

“…The Housing Authority shall maintain the buildings and common areas and grounds of the project in a decent, safe and sanitary condition in conformity with the requirements of local housing codes, and applicable regulations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Housing Authority shall maintain in good and safe working order and condition of electrical,plumbing,sanitary,heating, ventilating and other facilities and appliances, including elevators, supplied or required to be supplied by the Housing Authority…(All or most of which are related to the electrical system. – REC)

Some of the most salient aforementioned problems associated with hazardous digital wifi “smart” utility/surveillance meters (AMI) are these:

o They are digitally insecure, easily hacked, and the surveillance-derived information they can provide third parties — including criminal hackers, burglars, commercial advertisers being sold our information by the utilities, and government intelligence/law enforcement agencies — violates our constitutional Fourth Amendment rights to privacy, safety and security in our homes/workplaces/public spaces;

o The stealthily authoritarian manner in which they are being installed in our living/work/public spaces without our informed consent also violates these aforementioned constitutional Fourth Amendment rights. This includes the almost total corporate-controlled mainstream media blackout concerning their deploymentand dangers, with a resulting lack of public disclosure/discussion; no official WUTC public hearings being held before this deployment for anything else but energy utility corporation propaganda and the WUTC’s approval of it to be placed on the public record; probable deliberate failure by the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission, Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy to provide timely, substantive information to consumers concerning these trespassing digital devices and their deployment, as well as how to opt out of having them imposed via implied contractual consent. Indeed, the WUTC has irresponsibly allowed PSE to proceed with their “smart” utility meter deployment without even having such an opt-out option for consumers in place, before they even started this stealthy, authoritarian deployment on consumers’ properties without their informed consent.

Specifically, PSE – contrary to a recent WUTC “guidance” — has not been providing any information at all on their so-called “Meter Upgrade” in their monthly newsletters enclosed in their monthly bills, and has buried what little information about electronic utility meters they provide under the deliberately obscure heading of “Account/Billing” on their website. This would appear to be done so that PSE can nominally adhere to this recent WUTC “guidance”, while continuing to provide as little public information as possible concerning this hazardous digital utility meter technology:

o They are — unlike mechanical analog meters that last an average of 40 years — poorly made and barely lasting 7; they are not properly grounded, have caused many fires worldwide, as well as extensive, expensive problems with buildings’ incompatible electrical systems — especially older buildings — yet are neither properly tested or fully insured, causing major risks and costs to property owners, including profit and non-profit landlords, who legally incur the burden of these same risks and costs caused by these devices, as well as bearing the overall inflated costs of so often having to replace them;

o They can be fraudulently manipulated by energy utilities to raise monthly billing fees by false electronic meter readings and inflated installation and replacementcosts; this has happened everywhere in the world that they have been deployed, including with SCL in Seattle, where this is already happening in private homes and in KCHA properties, causing undue, unnecessary financial hardship, especially to low-income younger residents/families, the medically disabled and seniors;

o Their constant, intense pulsed electromagnetic radiation eventually destabilizes the molecular structure of buildings in which they have been deployed, causing accelerated property depreciation;

o This same constant, intense pulsed electromagnetic radiation causes severe disruption to the biosystems of humans, animals and plants, including heart/blood irregularities, cataracts, severe nosebleeds, high blood pressure, headaches, body aches, mood swings, brain fog, sleep loss, dementia and cancer. This biosystemic disruption is particularly severe to the three most vulnerable populations in our society: children, the medically disabled and seniors– also three of the main populations living in KCHA housing.

o Further, if KCHA allows banks of multiple electronic “smart” utility/surveillance meters (AMI) to be installed on their properties, it – as well as PSE, SCL and the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) that allegedly regulates investor-owned utilities like PSE – is/are in violation of the FCC Grants of Equipment Authorization for electronic utility meter (AMI) technology.These government permits expressly and specifically forbid “co-location” of these electronicutility meters within a single given space. This means that if KCHA — as well as PSE as the utility in question — and the WUTC that allegedly regulates such investor-owned utilities — does not perform/order that they perform extensive, expensive renovations to site each of these electronic utility meters separately within/on/near each and every KCHA apartment/office of every KCHA property in accordance with the specifics of these FCC permits, then they and their officials will be in violation of federal FCC regulations, and therefore legally, financially, and administratively liable for such violations.

  1. If any members of KCHA management did due diligence in the form of shared research concerning this meter technology, is the KCHA Board of Directorsaware that, as previously indicated, almost all utilities – including SCL and PSE – have been required by state utility commissions to provide opt-outs to home/business owners and to landlords, so that they and their residents/employees/properties need not be directly subjected to the above-listed hazards of electronic "smart" utility/surveillancemeters (AMI)?
  2. If so, why has KCHA – with all of the clout that it could wield as a major regional government housing agency — not acted to protect their residents/employees/properties in the Seattle/far southern Seattle/Olympia areas by contacting SCL/PSE to opt out of these hazardous digital wifi “smart” utility/surveillance meters being placed on/inside their properties?

  3. If not, why not — since this directly deals with the security, safety and well-being of KCHA tenants, employees and properties?

If you have not yet watched — although its weblink has been sent to some of your management at least twice and mentioned to them many times — this outstanding, award-winning documentary that can now be viewed free online, I strongly suggest that you watch it ASAP and forward it to other relevant parties. It powerfully summarizes at least some of the plethora of evidence that some of your management team has been offered for nearly three years now, concerning hazardous electronic “smart” meters/AMI, while providing comprehensive general information useful for further, more focused research:

Take Back Your Power: An Investigation of the Global "Smart" Grid-Josh Del Sol-2017

I for one do not see what good it does to have 100% or nearly 100% ratings in HUD and other building inspections, and truly beautiful buildings with otherwise excellent management, if you and your tenants, employees and properties are now/soon will be endangered by a soon-to-be-fully exposed/indicted greenwashed “smart” grid agenda that also includes the even more dangerous imminent 5G wifi networks and AI-controlled internet of things, that — to say the least — does not have the best interests of the American people or the people of the world at heart — if it indeed even has a heart.

I also do not see why this corporate government/energy utility-engineered catastrophe has to happen, if due diligence followed by appropriate action to obtain “smart” electronic utility meter opt-outs from Puget Sound Energy and Seattle City Light is pursued in a prioritized manner by the Board of Directors and Management of King County Housing Authority to provide proper protection for their tenants, their employees and their properties. Therefore thank you in advance for your timely response – both in general and to myself — concerning these now-urgent clarifying questions.

Yours all too truly,

Rebecca Em Campbell-Concerned KCHA Tenant-Casa Madrona-Olympia, Washington State

CC: Kimberly J. Harris-President/CEO-Puget Sound Energy;

Commissioners/Staff-Washington State Utilities & Transportation Commission;

Debra Smith-General Manager/CEO-Seattle City Light;

Office of the Washington State Attorney General;


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