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May 4, 2018 – Seattle WA The Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G has sent a demand to Seattle that it quit installing smart meters, remove those installed, and ban 5G technology. The Coalition is also demanding that Seattle remove Wi-Fi from schools.


Read the full demand at this link:


The Coalition blogs at


James Robert Deal, attorney, says:


Smart meters are not grounded and therefore violate the National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Safety Code, both of which are incorporated as part of Washington law. Smart meters are illegal.


Smart meters violate privacy by collecting in detail our every electrical behavior. Utility companies elsewhere are selling private information collected.”


Bill Bathgate, electrical engineer, says:


“Smart meters are not grounded and lack sufficient surge protection. When trees fall and two 240 volt lines get crossed, 480 volts enters smart meters. They explode and catch fire. Around 2,000 amps flows into the building and burns out wiring, equipment, and appliances.


“The analog meters being replaced are well grounded and have robust spark gap surge protection, which easily shunts a 480 volt surge to ground.


“Most people think that their 200 amp panel protects against surges SENT into their home from outside. This is not true. The panel only protects against current DRAWN into the home by an excessive load or a short.


“Smart meters are much more expensive than analog meters and wear out in five to seven years, whereas analog meters last 40 years.


“Smart meters can be easily hacked.


“5G is even worse than smart meters. It radiates at very high frequencies from towers on every street corner. 5G towers must be connected to fiber. It makes more sense to extend fiber a few more feet to each home.”


Contact Bill Bathgate at 256-570-5434.


Sam Milham, MD and author of Dirty Electricity, says:


Smart meters include broadcasting and relaying radios that emit microwave radiation up to 190,000 times per day. Electronic meters, whether broadcasting or non-broadcasting, produce lower frequency, dirty electricity, which propagates over every wire in the home, and which is just as bad as higher frequency microwaves.


The effect of electromagnetic radiation is cumulative. Children’s skulls are thinner and more vulnerable. All school computers should be hardwired. Wi-Fi should be turned off.


Smart meters include broadcasting and relaying radios that emit microwave radiation up to 190,000 times per day. They also produce dirty electricity, which propagates over every wire in the home.


Contact Sam Milham at 360-866-0256.


Attorney Deal says:


Home insurance policies may or may not cover damage from electrical surges. The standard commercial policy specifically excludes loss from surges.


Some customers can opt out, but those in apartments with five or more units cannot opt out. Schools, businesses, and churches cannot opt out. Those with solar roofs cannot opt out.


In New Hampshire customers do not have to have to opt out. The law there requires utility companies to get customers to opt in.


The New Mexico Public Service Commission effectively banned smart meters by ruling that installation of smart meters “does not provide a net public benefit and it does not promote the public interest.


Washington courts say that easements cannot impose a “greater burden” than “originally contemplated”. Utility easements granted to utility companies contemplated a grounded, surge protected, and fireproof meter. Therefore, smart meters exceed the scope of the easements granted, and imposing them on unwilling customers is a trespass and an assault.


Seattle cannot, by threatening to cut off electricity, force customers to accept a smart meter which is illegal and which exceeds the scope of the easement granted.


The Coalition is demanding that all candidates for office state their position on smart meters, 5G, and Wi-Fi in schools. Candidates will ignore this issue unless the media demand that they state their positions.


I cover these issues on my radio program every Sunday at 7 PM. Visit


Contact: James Robert Deal by calling 425-771-1110 or by emailing