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In the US, is imposing penalties, fines, and even jail time to parents who don’t vaccinate their kids unconstitutional? Do you think all parents should be forced to vaccinate their kids?

Mor Sagmon, Chair, The Israel Vaccines Information Center (Non-Profit, Volunteer)

I’ve written a reply to a similar question here.

How about jailing parents who send candy to school, or sweetened juice, or, God forbid, offer a cake with icing on top at a birthday party to all other innocent children?

You know, before the Measles vaccine was invented, your risk of dying from Diabetes was 78 times MORE than your risk of dying from Measles. Without vaccines, in the 1960’s.

In the U.S. Today, There was a single death of an immune-suppressed woman in 2015, the first death since 2003. For all purposes, I’d call it a zero chance of dying from the Measles. There are about 80,000 annual Diabetes deaths, and additional 250,000 annual deaths where Diabetes is a contributing factor. See data here.

So, what do you say, shall we ban sugar and jail those irresponsible parents poisoning all children to death with sugar at birthday parties?

From James:

Funny and right on!

If parents refuse to vaccinate their children, should treatment be refused when the child contracts a vaccine preventable disease?

Mor Sagmon, Chair, The Israel Vaccines Information Center (Non-Profit, Volunteer)

Answered Jun 11

Of course not!

For more than one good reason:

  1. The slogan “vaccine preventable disease” is misleading. In practice, one can be vaccinated and get the disease. For most vaccines, getting the vaccine does not prevent transmission of the disease – even if the vaccine will protect you from illness.
  2. In some diseases, the genetic adaptation of the virus/bacteria is so advanced, that vaccinated are at risk just as the unvaccinated (if not more – see Pertussis, as an example).
  3. Even if statistically a certain vaccine contributes to lowering morbidity, on an individual level, you can never know if his illness could have been prevented had he received the vaccine.
  4. While new strains are evolving as a result of evolution pressure following the artificial intervention with vaccines, it is not unlikely that the child is sick from a virus strain for which the vaccine was not designed to target in the first place! Inadvertently he could be sick BECAUSE vaccines were used! This can only be verified in blood test to isolate the specific strain.
  5. Some vaccines may themselves cause illness, in the vaccinated individual or others. These include the live-attenuated vaccines: Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Oral Polio, Rota.
  6. There might be a good reason for not having vaccinated this child. If he had bad reaction to previous vaccine, his parents are taking extra caution not to make things worse. The fact that most doctors IGNORE and turn a cold shoulder to parents of vaccines-harmed children, does not mean the parent should ignore their child as well.
  7. Doctors must follow their oath. The only reason you hear of doctors refusing unvaccinated in their practice is because they would loose insurance incentives (money) if they’re not compliant.
  8. How can you prevent a treatment from a child, based on his parents decisions?


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