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We pay lip service to salmon recovery. But what are we doing about the problem that is working? Not much.

Yes, we do a lot to improve salmon habitat. But we do even more to repel and kill salmon.

We are fouling salmon habitat with toxins dumped into the Snohomish River watershed.

Roundup kills salmon. I do not know how to calculate how many tens of thousands of gallons of Roundup we spray on corn, wheat, alfalfa, and other crops within the watershed. It is not a small amount.

I do not know how to calculate how many tens of thousands of gallons of Roundup we spread on our lawns. Sales records by county might be available to a Monsanto shareholder. It is an enormous amount. Roundup does not break down easily, and much of what we spray and spread makes its way into streams, sewers, and Puget Sound.

And fluoride kills salmon. I know how much fluoride we dump into the watershed. It is one 5,000 gallon tanker truck load of fluorosilicic acid every 20 days on average, around 18 loads per year, around 90,000 gallons. This fluoridated water flows into our homes and businesses. We drink and cook with around one percent of the water flow. The other 99 percent flows through the treatment plants – which cannot remove fluoride because the fluoride ion is too small to be filtered out – and from there into the Snohomish River and other outfalls.

The cities of Monroe, Snohomish, Everett, and Marysville all dump their treated sewer water into the Snohomish River. During low water times, the dilution will be insufficient to neutralized the fluoride, and salmon are repelled, or swim in circles until they die.


To Salmon Fluoride Stinks

When there is fluoride in river water at low levels, salmon swim the other way.japanese_fish

See these journal articles:

Salmon – repelled by fluoridation at only .25 ppm, Columbia River, Washington, Frasier River, Kamloops, British Columbia, summary of peer reviewed journal articles.

Salmon – Foulkes & Anderson, Impact of Artificial Fluoridation on Salmon Species in the Northwest USA and British Columbia, Canada, Fluoride, Vol 27, No 4, 220-226 (1994.)

So it should be clear that one cannot say he wants to restore salmon runs and at the same time add chemicals which kill salmon. This is a great video:

Former Flying Karamazov Brother Opposes Fluoridation



Fluoride Vol.27 No.4 220-226 1994
(reprinted with permission)

Presented at the XXth Conference of the International Society for Fluoride
Research, Beijing, China, September 1994.
by Richard G Foulkes and Anne C Anderson
Abbotsford BC, Canada, and Bellingham WA, USA

SUMMARY: A review of 1iterature and documentation suggests that concentrations of fluoride above 0.2 mg/L have lethal (LC50) effects on and inhibit migration of “endangered” salmon species whose stocks are now in serious decline in the US Northwest and British Columbia. Fluoride added to drinking water,”to improve dental health”, enters the fresh water eco-system, in various ways, at levels above 0.2 mg/L. This factor, if considered in “critical habitat” decisions, should lead to the development of a strategy calling for a ban on fluoridation and rapid sunsetting of the practice of disposal of industrial fluoride waste into fresh water.

Click here to read more.


Snohomish River Salmon Run Fails – Fluoride Connection

From: Dr. Richard Sauerheber (B.A. Biology, Ph.D. Chemistry, University of CA, San Diego) Palomar College

Last year was the worst year ever for Snohomish River salmon returns according to the Herald. See “Salmon Level Plummets”, Herald July 14, 2012.

Last year was the worst year ever for Snohomish River salmon returns according to the Herald. See “Salmon Level Plummets”, Herald July 14, 2012. flail about, looking for explanations. However, we ignore the lesson learned on the Columbia River in the 1980s.

Alcoa was dumping water into the Columbia at Vancouver, which contained fluoride, and the salmon were turned back or killed.

Read more here.

Columbia River Salmon Crash



Dear Mayor Adams,

To salmon, fluoride stinks.

In 1982 a salmon collapse occurred on the Columbia, because fluoride at only 0.5 ppm from discharges by an aluminum smelter caused salmon brain to be narcotized. This is why the Oregon Legislature rejected a bill requiring that cities in Oregon infuse industrial fluorides into water supplies. Discharges from treated city water from Portland would cause the same outcome, where the River contains very little protective antidote calcium ion. Brent Foster explains it on YouTube. The University of Oregon uncovered the problem.

In Sacramento after part of the city became fluoridated the following year there was a total salmon collapse, then the rest of the city was treated and the salmon have never returned here.

Portland is about to make a huge mistake in accepting the opinions of dental officials on what constitutes normal drinking water in Oregon with rivers that are so low in calcium. Fluoride in the ocean at 1 ppm doesn’t harm fish because calcium is extremely concentrated there that prevents assimilation.

No fluoride compound has been approved for human ingestion by the FDA in the U.S. Sorry Portland that you are the next city that will have to fight for a very long time to block what has already been pre-approved. One day the FDA will ban this because of the effects on human bone weakening and brain gradual deterioration from its accumulation during lifetime consumption where it does not belong–but when I do not know.

The Snohomish River in Washington has just had a Salmon crash. Several cities dump treated municipal sewage water into the delta of the Snohomish.
Dr. Richard Sauerheber

Click here to read more about the Columbia River Salmon crash.

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