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From the New York Times

Martin Weiss:

Let’s say it, plain and simple: Moneyed interests have no use for government of, by and for the people; rights are a stumbling block to those who profit by exploiting wage-earners; education is a thorn in the side of demagogues desiring to enslave the ignorant; education ruins the slaves. The Romneys and Ryans, the Kochs and Roves, Insurance companies and fossil fuel extractors want to dismantle government and enslave a free country for profit. Little Orphan Annie’s “Tomorrow” doesn’t matter. Her lunch is her problem and their profit center. That’s why Reagan made ketchup a vegetable and the GOP House made pizza a vegetable. Conservatives who conserve nothing, but plunder and deceive through their captive media just want to take the money and run today. That a robber baron like Romney, who has deftly moved thousands of stolen pensions to offshore tax shelters and Swiss banks, has the gall to run for President reveals the malignant narcissism and psychotic avarice of their self-serving plans.


On August 23, Timothy Egan wrote a common in the NYT which included this information. Representative John Shimkus of Illinoise thinks we don’t have to worry about the wildflires, droughts, and global warming because God will end the earth when he wants to. Shimkus is the the chairman of the subcommittee that oversees climate change. Rep. Joe Barton of Texas believes wind turbines will slow the wind down and make the earth hotter. According to the Gallup poll, 58% of Republicans think God created humans in their present form less than 10,000 years ago. Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia doesn’t believe in evolution because he hasn’t see the missing link. He is on the committee that oversees education. And Todd Akin thinks sperm is killed automatically if a woman is “legitmately raped.”

How will the US get ahead in education if the law makers believe education that doesn’t come from the Bible or from old wives’ tales is false? How do we have better education when a majority of the population doesn’t believe science? How do we change things when the ignorant are in power?

Kevin Rothstein:

56% of Republicans and 46% of all Americans believe that God created man in the past 10,000 years. How can we compete with the rest of the world if we continue to fail to educate our people? The corporations won’t care as more good jobs will be outsourced to China and India. The educated citizens of both countries will make less money than their American counterparts, however, at least those workers will be gainfully employed. We have allowed the far right in America to bankrupt the nation with wars, low taxes, unequal wealth distribution, and economic bubbles caused by the deregulation of business. All of the hard fought gains made by the progressive movement over the past 100 years are being rolled back by the forces of reaction. Yet, politicians like Paul Ryan consider progressives to be a cancer on the nation. If we are a cancer, we certainly are not a very virulent strain, at least in the past thirty years. We do, however, still get blamed for everything. If ignorance is bliss, then Americans are the happiest people on the planet. Just don’t take away their guns or their superstitions and all will be well.

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