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Some dentists are in favor of fluoridating the drinking water. Some are opposed.

Some dentists are in favor of applying fluoride topically in the clinic. Some are opposed.

Some dentists support brushing with fluoridated toothpaste. Some are opposed.

Some dentists support the use of mercury amalgam to fill dental cavities. Others oppose it.

Dr. David Kennedy, dentist and former president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (www.IAOMT,org), opposes all four.david-kennedy-dds

Fluoride and mercury are neurotoxins. They have no place in or on the human body. Our bodies have no nutritional need whatsoever for fluorine or fluoride, just as our bodies have no need for lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, or uranium. The body does best with no amount whatsoever of these non-nutrients in the body..

Dr. Kennedy points out that fluoride does little to prevent tooth decay or kill the bacteria which cause tooth decay, There are better ways to kill the strep and other bacteria and amoeba which infect teeth and gums. The key ingredients are iodine, baking soda, common table salt, and ozone. Iodine is the most potent, and it is a nutrient which the thyroid is hungry for. Iodine kills streptococcus mutans dead immediately. Fluoride does not do that. Fluoride merely sickens bacteria, the same way it sickens us.

The pro-fluoride dentists appear to be completely immune to science and logic. They are like the suckers who join exploitative cult religions and believe the dogma unquestioningly. They are trapped in a maze and have not found a way out. The fluoride supporters preach it like a gospel, neglecting all other methods of dealing with tooth decay.

Dr. Kennedy is an independent thinker. He does not take the word of men in white coats without critical evaluation of what they are saying. Dr. Kennedy may once have believed the fluoride and amalgam gospel, but if he was he found his way out of the maze. I formerly believed it. I found my way out.

On the other hand, the pro-fluoride dentists have not found their way out of the maze. They have been duped by their dental school professors, and their professors were duped through by payola paid by chemical corporations which profit from poisons. The chemical company cash flows to the dental school as long as the dental school supports fluoridation. The professors were duped, and their students were duped. Together they go forth and preach the pro-fluoride gospel. It is easier to believe a lie if your paycheck is dependent on it.

Dentists of the future will look back in shame that their predecessors supported such quackery.

Dr. Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D. in chemistry, says he is ashamed of his profession. The best chemist is the one who uses the fewest not the most chemicals and the fewest not the most toxic chemicals.

Dr. Kennedy is the narrator in the YouTube video above. Dr. Kennedy explain how you can kill tooth decay bacteria and prevent tooth decay without using fluoride.

See more Kennedy YouTubes by clicking here.

There is a split within the movement to end drinking water fluoridation. Dr. Kennedy and I believe that topical applications of fluoride are of no benefit in decay prevention, or if there is some benefit, it is slight and more than outweighed by the harm.

Others oppose drinking water fluoridation support topical application of fluoride.Perhaps they do this because the CDC says that fluoride works topically,not systemically. They want to quote the CDC,so they concede that fluoride is effective topically. It is ineffective both ways. Or maybe they believe that we should only fight one battle at a time. We should defeat drinking water fluoridation first and later take on fluoride toothpaste and fluoride applications in the clinic. Or maybe it is because fluoride in drinking water is hard to avoid whereas fluoride in toothpaste can be avoided by buying a non-fluoride toothpaste.This is a selfish approach, because most people will keep on using fluoride toothpaste.

Those who oppose drinking water fluoridatiion but who support or ignore topical applications of fluoride end up presenting a confusing presentation: Fluoride is bad in the water, but fluoride is good on the teeth. The power of the message is lost. All fluoride is bad. That should be the message. It would be much easier

If the movement to end drinking water fluoridation is to come to an end,those who oppose it must give a comprehensive picture of the fluoride issue. The leader of this movement is FAN. FAN is not short for Fluoridation Action Network. FAN’s web site is not Its name is Fluoride Action Network.Its web site is

Throughout the FAN website you will find the same false statement repeated over and over: Fluoride works topically, by brushing it on your teeth, not by drinking it.

Stop saying that. It is not true. Become more effective by teaching the other topical applications and methods which do work.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected governor of Washington, I will put a quick end to such quackery. Fluoridation should end. Fluoride toothpaste should be available by prescription only.

James Robert Deal, Attorney

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