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Large Blog ImageFrom time to time I send press releases to the media. See the drop-down menu under Press Releases.

Read about press coverage of this campaign.

Read my May 15, 2015, press release.

Read my June 16, 2015, press release.

Read my July 6, 2015 press release.

Read my July 8, 2015 press release.

Read my July 14, 2015, press release.

See League of Women Voters Forum July 24, 2015.

Read press releases from last year.

I run for three reasons. One, of course, is to win, which I genuinely believe is possible this time. The second is to educate the voting public about the important issues which neither my opponents nor the media address. The third is to force my opponents to address the issues they ignore.

Media coverage of our race by the Herald and the Seattle Times is shallow, fails to address the difficult issues, and is biased in favor of the two front runners. The smaller local newspapers do a better job of covering the campaign.

If you like my press releases, forward them to your contacts, like them on Facebook, and tweet and re-tweet them through Twitter.

Write to the Herald, the Seattle Times, the Seattle Weekly, the Stranger, Real Change, La Raza, Lynnwood Today, the Edmonds Beacon, the Everett Beacon, the Mukilteo Beacon, the Mill Creek View, the Lake Stevens Journal, the Monroe Monitor, the North Country Outlook, the Snohomish Tribune, Senior Focus, the Stanwood News.

Tell them that the issues I raise are important to you. Tell them what you like about the issues I raise and that they should write more about them.

This is not just my campaign. It is yours too. Work with me to get the word out.

James Robert Deal, Attorney & Broker
425-771-1110, 888-999-2022
James at James Deal dot com
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