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From: James Robert Deal

Contact: 425-771-1110,

For release:July 11, 2016


I am running for the governorship of Washington against Democrats Jay Inslee and others. I am submitting my “job application” to you, which you may read at You may quote any part of the following position statements.


Deal says:

Jay Inslee has no solution for traffic congestion. I can fix traffic congestion and fix it quickly. The cheapest, quickest, and only solution is take single occupancy vehicles off the road. We can do that with door-to-door transit, a van system, using UberX cell technology, which will pick people up where they are and take them where they want to go, whether to the grocery store or the transit center. It will not be necessary to own a car to get around. The vans will fill up and in turn fill up the buses, bringing in more revenues, and taking many solo drivers off the roads. We can complete Link Light Rail within six years.


Deal says:

We need to fund education fully, but Jay Inslee has no viable plan for raising the necessary revenues. The solution is a constitutional amendment which would ban an income tax for ever on the bottom 90% of earners and require an income tax on the top 10%.


Deal says:

As governor I will push for fast fiber-optic internet statewide. Mt. Vernon has one gig up and one gig down for $70 per month. Jay has no position on fast internet.


Deal says:

I will push for a single-payer health care, as Colorado is voting on now, with no deductibles and copays, with everyone covered, and with lower total costs to individuals and companies. Jay takes no position on single payer.


Deal says:

Jay Inslee is not a green progressive. When we voted to label GMOs, Jay took no position.


Deal says:

Jay backed efforts to make vaccination mandatory, even though many vaccines are not safe, not effective, or not necessary. There are good vaccines, but our Health Department ignores them. Jay backs mercury vaccines administered to pregnant women. The mercury passes right into the fetus. 


Deal says:

Jay Inslee is weak on the coal and oil train issue. He says he wants to make them safer. Highly explosive oil trains are inherently dangerous. Coal trains scatter mercury laden coal dust, which flow into streams and contaminate our fisheries. They cannot be made safer. The state retains Commerce Clause powers to ban dangerous and polluting cargo. Coal and oil trains should be banned.


Deal says:

Jay Inslee has no solution to problem of lead leaching into drinking water. We can greatly reduce or eliminate high lead levels in schools, homes and other buildings by not adding lead-leaching acid to drinking water. Chlorine and fluoride form acids which leach lead from pipes. We should quit chlorination and fluoridating and ozonate our water. No acid added means less lead leaching. Fluoridated water discharged into rivers kills salmon. Jay Inslee is an unquestioning supporter of fluoridation using toxic waste grade fluoride, which contains lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. We are adding lead-leaching filth to our drinking water.


Deal says:

Washington should become the first organic state. We should ban Roundup. This will revive agriculture and make farmers rich. Many countries refuse to buy our GMO crops. Organic products will sell world wide for high prices. Our farm workers, our salmon, and we will not be poisoned.


Deal says:

I predict that Bill Bryant will get the most votes in the August 2 primary, with either Jay Inslee or myself coming in second. If I become the Democratic nominee, because I am a green progressive, I will win handily in November. I will campaign in every county and help progressive Democrats win. With me as the Democratic candidate, it will be much more likely that Democrats will take or retain control of both House and Senate.


For the daily newspapers: Feel free to cut and paste any selections. I ask for your endorsement.


For the weekly newspapers: I understand you do not endorse candidates but do run letters to the editor. Let me know the word count you would publish, and I will rewrite a shorter letter to the editor appropriate to the space available.


Feel free to call me at 425-771-1110, and feel free to run your tape recorder as we talk.


James Robert Deal



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