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Press Release 6-16-15

June 16, 2015
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From:                    James Robert Deal

Contact:                425-771-1110,

To:                        All media

For release:           June 15, 2015


On June 15, 2015, the Herald asked whether Snohomish County is fated always to have a Democrat in the County Executive seat.

I would propose that partisan politics are not relevant on the local level and that a non-partisan county government would be much more effective. The issues which divide Democrats and Republicans on the national and state levels do not apply on the local level. County government has no input, for example, into foreign policy, interstate commerce, Obamacare, a state capital gains tax, or abortion policy.

Democrats and Republicans focus on keeping each other out of power instead of focusing on a set of goals they could accomplish together.

The Herald reports that John Lovick has endorsements from all Democratic organizations locked up. Nevertheless, Dave Somers is challenging John Lovick based on his competence, without alleging any difference between them on any other issues. On the other side, the Herald reports that Republican Party leaders are not happy with either of the two Republicans running.

In focusing on party infighting, the Herald neglects other more important issues:

implementing door-to-door transit using UberX technology flex vans, which would reduce traffic congestion and save millions of dollars;

commercial air service at Paine Field, which both John and Dave support and which I oppose;

banning smart meters, which open our homes to hacking and which can harm health, when there are better alternatives;

joining the effort to regulate or ban coal and oil trains;

housing the homeless, which is the right thing to do and which will save millions of dollars;

building a fiber optic internet, which will attract high-tech businesses;

halting the spraying of Roundup (now declared to be a Type 2A carcinogen), and helping farmers convert to more profitable organic agriculture;

facilitating salmon recovery by stopping the dumping of salmon-killing fluoride and salmon-killing Roundup into the watershed;

ending the absurd vice of adding so-called fluoride to drinking water.

Maybe the Herald and my opponents have not studied these issues. Maybe they do not understand what the County could do about these issues.

This what the Herald had to say of Candidate Deal:

Rounding out the five-person field is James Robert Deal, an independent candidate with a quixotic political platform. He’s probably best known in the community for opposing fluoride in drinking water. ***

Lynnwood attorney James Robert Deal, 67, has dispensed with party labels altogether. He is running for executive as an independent, with a platform that includes branding Snohomish County as “the organic county”; opposing the use of fluoride in drinking water (which is not controlled by county government); and building the new county courthouse at Everett Station. Deal ran as a Democrat against Lovick in last year’s special election but failed to make it out of the primary.

The Herald says my platform is “quixotic”. We all read Cervantes’ Don Quixote in high school. The definition of quixotic is “visionary, impractical, unpredictable.” I like the visionary part. I am unafraid to be in the minority when I know the majority is wrong. My proposals are very practical. And I will keep banging cymbals together on important issues until the sleep walkers wake up.

Describing my campaign issues as impractical shows that the Herald is as conventional in its thinking as my opponents. Does the Herald really think that it is just fine to have everyone ingesting between 1.4 and 14.0 milligrams of  fluoride through our drinking water every day of our lives from conception to birth to death? The bones can only store away so much of this toxin, and sooner or later it affects the organs. Like the candidates, the Herald does not engage in critical thinking. It reports on who is likely to win, not why they should or should not win.

The Herald engages in journalism which pretends to be balanced but avoids independent and critical coverage.

The Herald says that county government does not control fluoridation and implies that if I were elected county executive, I would not be able to do anything to stop fluoridation. This is incorrect. If I win, it will be a political indication that a majority wants fluoridation to stop. I have studied the law, and I know how to stop it.

For an evaluation of press coverage of this election see

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James Robert Deal, Attorney & Broker
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