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Interview with John B. Wells

October 5, 2015

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What is our problem and what is my proposed solution?

We are in a primitive state in terms of ethics and law.

We are too naive and trusting – both of government and matrix corporations

The movie Matrix is a true story, although set in the future, and dramatized for effect

What is a Matrix corporation?

Has no value system other than absolute profit maximization

Has no religion, does not home for heaven or fear hell

A non-personal being, a self-promoting autonomous entity that is alive in a sense   

Has eternal life

What can we do about the matrix corporations?

Run for office. Join the conversation. Challenge party hacks who are mostly interested in keeping the other party out and avoiding anything controversial.

Close the revolving door between matrix corporations and regulatory agencies

Complete financing of elections.

     TV time, Radio Time, assistance with web sites, social media

Multiple primaries – to allow more candidates to participate – computer voting except in the final election

Would require a constitutional amendment

Costly yes, but less costly than a government owned by big contributors

Demand a code of ethics from Matrix corporations

Demand that major corporations share their code of ethics. If they do not have one, they should write one. Rule #1 should be the profit maximization is Rule #2 in the code of ethics. Rule #1 is that they will invest 1% of company profits and 1% of all company workers in doing something to make things better. Pressure should be brought by private groups. Investors will threaten to disinvest.

Individuals, civic groups, churches, the Pope, states, and the federal government could demand a code of ethics

States have the power to deny charters to corporations

Vaccines – Over-vaccination, mandatory vaccination

Vaccines are in a primitive state of development,

filled with toxic chemicals,

mostly ineffective,

do great harm to some

vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability

now advertising meningococcal vaccines on TV – 54 quadrillion atoms of mercury

encouraging pregnant women to be vaccinated

What lawsuit could be bought to stop reckless over vaccination – a focus on lack of full disclosure

Eliminating traffic congestion  with door-to-door service

Smart Meters

Shoddily built with plastic instead of ceramic and metal parts

catch fire, not ready for prime time

create a security hole

belch out 19,000 microwave transmissions daily

there are better alternatives


What is in the so-called fluoride?

Fraudulent fluoride certification – not safe, not effective, not tested as represented

Most conspicuous problem – lead leaching

266 trillion atoms of lead added per liter of fluoridated water

a Matrix corporation scam – by fertilizer corporations

     What lawsuit could be bought to stop fluoridation?

Meanwhile, how to protect your self against fluoridation

fluoridated toothpaste – another fraud

fluorinated drugs – avoid them

How does James make a living? – Shameless Advertising

Foreclosure defense and mortgage modification

listing and selling broker

seller financing, wrap-around deals

lease-option deals

escrow setup, helping other real estate agents

I can work in all 50 states, but if I work outside of Washington I need a sponsoring attorney or real estate agent

Book Written:

What to Serve a Goddess When She Comes For Dinner – a Theology of Food

Live to 95 – vegetarian health, vegetarian recipes, vegetarian history, vegetarian theology

Kindel Version $12.95

Custom Autographed version $29.95

If you buy the custom autographed version, you can specify how you would like the book to be autographed. These will sell out soon. They make great gifts to anyone who wants to improve his/her health, learn how to make vegetables taste very satisfying, learn how to grow and sprout your own high nutrient, low cost vegetables, even if you live in an apartment

Why I am a vegan, why I do not impose my dietary choices on others

Gardening, winter gardening, how to do gardening in an apartment

What could be done to deal with traffic congestion?

     Connect up the uncoordinated disconnected pieces

     Make transit easier to use than driving

What should be done about oil trains?

Demand that the naphtha be removed before shipping

What should be done about coal trains?

Demand that they seal their loads and pump in nitrogen to keep the coal from spontaneously catching on fire

GMO Labeling

Not good enough. Ban Roundup. Declare Washington an organic state.

What should be done about fossil fuel sellers?

Require them to put all new capital into solar, wind, wave, tidal, and other renewable energy sources. How many megawatts could Shell have built with the $8 billion it squandered on oil exploration in the Arctic?

Music basics

Be silent if you have not figured out your part, take turns and let others solo

Learn to stay on the beat, practice with an online metronome. Drums – even a bongo drum – is the first instrument to learn

Learn to stay on pitch, practice with an online tone generator. An electronic keyboard is always in turn, mechanical pianos are heavy, expensive to buy, and expensive to tune. Get an electronic keyboard, which should be your second instrument.

Carefully tune your guitar. Buy a turner. A perfectly in-turn instrument sounds a thousand times better and almost plays itself.

Learn the do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do system. You will be on your way to learning how to read music. If you know the do-re-mi system, you can easily transpose music to different keys.

Vary volume. Dynamic range is a neglected variable.

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