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Paid for by James Robert Deal for US Senate, Box 2276, Lynnwood WA 98036

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ABOUT JAMES. I am a real estate lawyer and broker. I have been self-employed almost my entire working life. My pro bono work is pointing out the many profitable scams which other politicians either are silent about or support unquestioningly. Maybe they don’t understand science, or maybe they take donations from the scammers. I am the president of Fluoride Class Action and the Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G. I am a backyard gardener, vegan for 35 years, amateur musician and composer, and happy husband.


ELEMINATE TRAFFIC CONGESTION, REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION. Our current mass transit system does not pick us up where we are or take us all the way to where we are going. It is disconnected and difficult to use. So, most of us don’t use it. Most local buses are driven mostly empty most of the time, even in Seattle at night. This is a waste of tax money and a failure to deliver services. Too many of us drive solo, filling up the roads. Transit center parking is maxed out. Mass transit will be a limited success unless we solve the last mile problem and develop an easy way to get to and from the mass transit. The solution is vans summoned by Uber cell phone technology, delivering us from home to transit centers and local destinations. It should be possible to get around without owning a car.


SMART METERS ARE HERE, 5G IS COMING. Smart meters are being installed in Seattle to great opposition. They blast out powerful microwave pulses up to 190,000 times per day, reporting on our every electrical behavior. This data is stored forever and sold to marketers. Smart meters raise utility bills, as is happening in Seattle. They catch fire. They repel birds and insects. For some the effect is debilitating. The WHO says microwaves are Type 2B carcinogens. Schools and businesses should be hard wired. Wi-Fi should mostly be turned off. High frequency G5 “small” cell towers the size of refrigerators on every block will fry us all. Total microwave exposure is the issue. Our goal should be fiber to each home, business, school, and Starbucks, with ethernet plugins everywhere for computers and cell phones. Get Lightning to RJ45 for iPhones. Turn off Wi-Fi in schools, homes, businesses. Put cell phones in airplane when children play with them. Maria Cantwell was an early supporter of smart meters. Ask her to change her position.


STOP DRILLING NOW. All new oil company capital should go into building solar, wind, wave, and tidal. “Hey Shell Oil, how much did you spend? $8 billion in the Chukchi Sea. You left. You said there was no oil. But really there’s a lot. $8 billion would build enough solar, enough solar power to permanently power 230,000 homes.  


3 TRILLION ATOMS OF LEAD IN EVERY LITER OF SEATTLE-TACOMA-EVERETT WATER. So-called fluoride added to our water is smokestack scrubbed, toxic waste filth from fertilizer production. It contains lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and thallium. It leaches lead from plumbing. Fluoridation adds around 3 trillion atoms of lead to each quart of water. Fluoride harms the growing fetus, children, and the aged most. It lowers IQ. It is expensive. There are better ways to prevent tooth decay. Most fluoridated water is flushed right into drains and then after treatment into rivers, where it turns back and kills salmon. Fluoridation is a chemical company scam to sell filth for a profit. It is medical quackery. Those who support it are either dupes or fraudsters. I have proposed a way to deliver pristine water at lower cost. Governor Inslee supports fluoridation unquestioningly, and I would assume that Maria Cantwell does too, since this is a standard Democratic Party policy.


BAN ROUNDUP. BECOME AN ORGANIC NATION. Roundup is a type 2A carcinogen, a confirmed carcinogen in animals and therefore a probable carcinogen in humans. Roundup kills the salmon we say we are trying to save. Cities, counties, states and the residents thereof apply vast quantities of Roundup. It flows into streams and Sound, killing salmon. Other countries are banning Roundup.


ORGANIC SCHOOL GARDENS. I would push legislation aimed to encourage and assist schools to put in year-round gardens. The cost would be minimal. The educational and nutritional value would be great. Kids need to eat more vegetables. I am a gardener and a cook. I have recipes that will make kids crave vegetables.


COVERT ACTION IN PLAIN VIEW – WHITE SKIES. Airplanes from McCord and Whidbey Island fly over our state sometimes all day long, spraying a white aerosol that hangs in the sky and spreads out, turning the sky milky white. Credible scientists say this aerosol is aluminum and barium derived from toxic waste coal fly ash captured in the wet scrubbers of coal fired plants. It falls slowly to earth, and we inhale it. It makes soil more alkaline. The government acknowledges that spraying is going on and hints this is done to partially block the sun and cool the earth. But there have been no hearings held, no laws or regulations enacted authorizing this toxic spraying, and no disclosure of possible harms. TV weather broadcasters say nothing about this phenomenon. Most people do not look up. Look up. Pay attention. Demand information.



Roundup kills salmon. Fluoride, at high levels in discharge water from treatment plants, repels and kills salmon. Golf course chemicals kill salmon. We say we want to save the salmon, but we poison them. We should ban use of these chemicals.


BUILD FIBER OPTIC INTERNET. Mount Vernon set up its own internet utility and now sells one gigabyte up and one down for $70 per month. It is a high-tech business magnet. McGinn wanted it in Seattle. We should enable cities and states to install fiber nationwide.  


UNSAFE AND HARMFUL CDC VACCINES. There are safe and effective, double blind tested vaccines, but they are not on the CDC approved list. Conversely, the CDC vaccines are not double blind tested, cause many adverse reactions, are relatively ineffective, are “unavoidably unsafe” according to the Supreme Court, and contain toxic excipients such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and GMO organisms. I oppose the CDC vaccines generally, and I oppose mandatory vaccination. I support further vaccine research. One of the flaws in Obamacare is the unquestioning promotion of unsafe vaccines. Presumably, Maria Cantwell supports the CDC vaccines and mandatory vaccination, as does Jay Inslee.


LOWER THE VOTING AGE TO 17. Isle of Man, Austria, Guernsey, Jersey, Ecuador, Argentina, Nicaragua, Brazil, Estonia, and Malta all allow teens of 16 and 17 years to vote.


DECAPITALIZING OUR COUNTRY IS BAD CAPITALISM. TAX HIGH INCOMES. We are failing to invest into infrastructure and our people. The poor and the middle class cannot pay more, and more is needed to rebuild our infrastructure and educate, house, heal our people, and reduce the deficit. The United States is the best place in the world for making money, and those who make a lot of it should pay more. “Do unto others as we would have them do unto us” applies not just to individuals but also to businesses and to government. In Canada a portion of federal tax revenues goes directly to the provinces, and we should consider the same in the US so that the states will have adequate funding, especially during recessions.


CAMPAIGN THEME SONG. The Golden Rule applies to big companies, rich people, to government, and to all of us. States could and should require corporations to have a code of ethics which says that “profits must be goal number two, after doing something good for the world. States charter corporations, and states can un-charter corporations, meaning that shareholders would lose their immunity to being sued. Corporations are not people and can be discriminated against for unethical behavior, whereas natural persons cannot. Unethical corporations can become a malignant form of artificial intelligence unless reigned in. Monsanto and Merck are prime examples.


SUPPORT, PROTECT LGBTQ COMMUNITY. We should not allow discrimination and hate crimes against those of our friends, co-workers, and neighbors who happen to be different in their orientation. Hate crime laws should be strengthened. Equally important is the education of homophobes. I will speak out.

HOUSE THE HOMELESS. Housing the homeless is the right thing to do. And it costs less than detox centers, emergency rooms, shelters, and jails. Once housed, the homeless are much more likely to get jobs, earn money, and get clean. The rent would be 30% of whatever income they had. We should find funding and keep building units of various sizes and house the homeless without insisting that they get clean as a prerequisite. They are more likely to get clean and deal with mental illness if they first have a secure place to live.

PROTECT CHILDREN. Child prostitution slavery is rampant. We must do more to protect the vulnerable.


PROTECT SINGLE MOTHERS. Life is difficult for single mothers. We should support them so they can raise the next generation. I encourage those with sufficient means to adopt, and not just adopt the child, but adopt both mother and child.

PROTECT PRISONERS. ABOLISH BAIL. The mistreatment which prisoners receive must end. If the accused is dangerous or likely to flee, the accused should not be released for any amount of bail. Otherwise, the accused should be released, although with conditions such as reporting and an ankle cuff. Bail is a racket that jails the poor unfairly.

LEGALIZE MOST RECREATIONAL DRUGS. Most recreational drugs should be legalized and sold in state stores, with profits used to provide immediate addition treatment. Such a policy would raise needed revenues and diminish organized crime.

REFORM ELECTION, CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAWS.  I have proposed a comprehensive proposal for reforming the way we conduct and finance campaigns. We must bar lobbyists from contributing to politicians and connecting politicians up with donations. The revolving door must be closed. There are ways to greatly reduce the cost of running for office, making it possible for those of lesser means but great talent to run for office.

DEMAND THAT TRUMP STOP TAKING PROPECIA, which has serious has side effects including insomnia, drowsiness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It can also reduce sexual function.

DEMOCRATS AT THE TOP ARE NOT GREEN ENOUGH. While the Democratic base is progressive and green, the top Democrats who get elected are Wall Street Democrats. Maria Cantwell supports smart meters. Presumably she supports fluoridation and mandatory vaccination since this is a standard Democratic Party position.

CONTACT INFORMATION. Call me at 425-774-6611. Email me at Visit my web sites:,, and

Paid for by James Robert Deal for US Senate, Box 2276, Lynnwood WA 98036


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