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Washington voted in 2014 to require GMO labeling of foods. You would think that a liberal would support GMO labeling. But Jay is not a liberal or progressive when it comes to Big Agra. When asked his position on GMO labeling, Governor Jay Inslee said he was taking no position on the issue. Meanwhile, virtually every Democrat on the base level solidly supported GMO labeling.

Congress and President Obama federalized the GMO labeling arena. Obama was not very green.

But states could still ban the application of Roundup, 2-4-D (Agent Orange), Dicamba, and a host of other highly toxic pesticides which Monsanto and Dupont are bringing to market.

The World Health Organization has determined that Roundup is a type 2A carcinogen, meaning that it has been proven to be carcinogenic in animals and is therefore a probable carcinogen in humans. 

Relying on its powers to protect the health of its citizens and to protect our fisheries, Washington could ban the application of Roundup throughout the state and go further, to mandate only organic farming. We should do so nationwide.

It makes no sense to grow crops non-organically when they can be grown organically. Organic crops are healthier. They sell for a higher price. Demand for organically grown fruits and vegetables continues to grow. Organic farming enhances soil while Roundup makes it sterile. Once an organic farm gets into full production, it is easier to grow healthy fruits and vegetables. More labor is required, but this is offset by savings in the cost of chemicals, higher prices for organic products, and more markets overseas for organics.

When humans or animals eat crops sprayed with Roundup or 2-4-D or genetically engineered to produce bT, foods made from these crops contain Roundup, 2-4-D, or bT.

Roundup is harmful to health, particularly the health of the growing embryo and fetus.

2-4-D is the latest pesticide approved by our government, one of the chemicals contained in Agent Orange, which was sprayed over vast areas of Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, causing many birth defects.

Many countries, states, and counties have banned the growing of GMO crops, and some ban the sale of GMO foods.

Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Luxembourg ban both the growing and sale of GMO foods and crops.

Japan, South Australia, Germany, and Madeira ban the growing of GMO crops.

France bans the growing of GMO corn.

Mendocino, Trinity and Marin counties in California have banned growing of GMO crops. So too has San Juan county here in Washington.

Jackson and Josephine counties in Oregon voted to ban the growing of GMO crops.

Hawaii County – the “Big Island” – has banned the growing of all GMO crops except for Papaya and has “banned biotech companies from operating on the island”.

Malta is completely banning the application of Roundup

GMO papaya is in a class by itself. The ringspot virus, which was destroying conventional papaya, was incorporated into the genome, thus the plant resistant to the virus which was infecting it. In a sense papaya was “immunized” against the virus. The transgenic trait cannot be transmitted through pollen. It can only be passed along through taking cuttings from resistant trees or through seeds, and so pollution of organic papaya does not occur. GMO papaya was developed by the University of Hawaii on a non-profit basis. Farmers are free save and replant seeds. GMO papaya does not require spraying with Monsanto or Dupont chemicals.

As governor, one of my duties will be to promote agriculture and to help farmers make the switch to organic farming and to prosper. I would work to “brand” Washington as “the Organic State”. Our farmers would get rich.

Farm workers, the general population, and our salmon would be healthier.

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