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What are believed to be the risks to individuals who cannot be vaccinated (the very young, immunocompromised etc) of being exposed to unvaccinated people?

Paul Ramirez, Research Analyst 30 years with an IQ of 160, InFj MBTI.

Zero. It’s the vaccinated that pose the risk!

Unvaccinated Children Pose ZERO Risk to Anyone: Harvard Immunologist to Legislators

There is already a known protocol to protect the very young and immunocompromised. You are supposed to keep them away from those vaccinated with live attenuated viruses. These vaccine recipients can shed up 10 times more virus than people naturally infected.

The polio outbreak in the Philippines was caused by the vaccinated. The vaccine given strain was the cause not the wild type. In other words people that received a polio vaccine shed the virus in feces and it spread.

WHO admits polio outbreak in the Philippines caused by polio vaccines… outbreak "caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2"

Next the vaccinated pose yet another threat the unvaccinated do not. The vaccinated can be asymptomatic carriers of a virus. Like pertussis vaccine does not give you immunity it only masks the symptoms. So you can totally be infected with whooping cough and show no symptoms. You can be fully contagious and be spreading the infection to innocent people like babies and the immunocompromised and not even know it because you show no symptoms.

The unvaccinated at least give signs, and show symptoms. They both know they are sick and know to keep clear of others. As well as others can tell they are sick and know to keep their distance. Not so with those vaccinated for whooping cough.

The vaccinated pose two major threats to babies and the immunocompromised that the unvaccinated do not. Shedding and asymptomatic carriers. Both can be deadly to at risk individuals. Just as vaccines can pose grave threats to the at risk individuals.


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