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Jay Inslee is very popular with Democrats and independents. Experts consider him certain to be reelected. But Jay is not part of the FDR progressive wing of the Democratic Property. Jay is part of the corporatist wing of the party. Corporatist Democrats do not consider themselves the party of labor. Most of the base of the Democratic Party are FDR progressives, but somehow most of all elected Democrats are no progressives.

Bill Bryant runs full page ads in the Seattle Times. One implies that he is an environmentalist because he likes to hike and fish. Another says he supports education. Bill’s problem is that he is part of a party which is backward in too many ways.


Most politicians are very good at assembling a majority in order to get elected. That is often their chief talent. But that does not mean that they know what to do once they are elected.

Most politicians seem to believe that the way things are and the way things have always been done are the way things should be done. This is not always so.

My opponents are conventional. They apparently have not studied the legal and scientific issues I address. I am a process oriented person. I can do a better job of identifying what Washington needs to do and figuring out a way to get it done. I question whether they have the legal and scientific background to accomplish the change needed.

We do not need adjustments around the margins, a little here and a little there. We need significant structural change, and we need to engage in a process that will bring about that changes. My opponents do not aspire to make change, just to keep things running along as they always have.


My opponents are running image campaigns.Take a look at their web sites. They say much about how many times they have been elected but not much about what they want to accomplish.

If you elect one of my opponents, disastrous things will not happen. But things will continue as they are, and that is not good enough.

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