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If oil, gas, and coal producers would put all their new capital spending into solar, wind, wave, tidal, and geothermal construction, they would develop as much power as they do with oil, gas, and coal, and they would probably earn as much profits. With oil and gas, new capital must always be invested to discover new oil and gas. Once solar, wind, wave, tidal, and geothermal projects are built they do not have to be rebuilt. Capitalism is sometimes a great tool, but sometimes it is just uncreative, greedy, and stupid.

The governor has final authority over oil port siting in Longview. I would reject the proposal.

I would work with other elected officials on all levels to end our dependence on fossil fuel. Burning fossil fuels is part of the cause of global warming. It is also causing ocean acidity to rise, which is affecting clam and oyster fisheries here in Washington.


From Washington Environmental Council:

We need your help to protect the Northwest from a new crude oil refinery.

While the coal export fight continues in Longview, there’s a new threat to the health and safety of our communities heating up: A proposed oil refinery. Just what the Northwest doesn’t need.

Tell Governor Inslee and the Port of Longview to reject plans for new oil refinery and stand up for public health and safe communities.

Here’s what we know.  Riverside Refining would ship Bakken crude to Longview by rail, refine 30,000 barrels daily, and send tankers carrying both refined and un-refined petroleum products through the environmentally-sensitive Columbia River estuary.  This would be the first west coast refinery constructed in over 25 years, and the largest new refinery in the continental United States since 1976.  Riverside hopes that the promise of a smaller bio-fuels refinery onsite will obscure the real meat-and-potatoes of their business: refining highly explosive crude oil.

The Port of Longview has not signed a lease with Riverside, but internal documents reveal that the Port has been talking to Riverside for over a year. We need you to speak out NOW to ensure that Riverside’s plan for a dirty oil refinery ends TODAY.

Riverside would bring Bakken crude to Longview by rail and send tankers carrying crude oil and refined petroleum through the environmentally-sensitive Columbia River estuary. A major oil spill in the Columbia River would devastate important economic, cultural, and environmental resources like salmon habitat and salmon fisheries.

Right now, there’s no way to ensure that oil coming through our state by train is safe. Why would we increase the risk to Spokane, the Columbia River Gorge, and all the other communities along the rail line?

Oil refineries emit carcinogens and neurotoxins into the air we breathe. Riverside Energy’s proposed refinery would be less than a quarter mile from homes and businesses in Longview.

We don’t need new refineries here in Washington. Say no to a new oil refinery in Longview.

Thanks for all you do,


Rebecca Ponzio
Oil Campaign Director

James Robert Deal
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