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Obamacare, Medicare For All, Natural Healing, a Focus on Prevention, Don’t Eat and Drink Roundup

Obamacare is an improvement. For one, it covers pre-existing conditions. But it is a defective law. It does not cover all. It does not cover illegal immigrants. It gives Big Pharma a blank check and pays full price. I oppose direct advertisement of Big Pharma drugs. Obamacare fully funds vaccination with the many CDC vaccines which are unsafe and ineffective and not double blind tested, without funding more research on the vaccines which are double blind tested. Obamacare and the CDC promote vaccinating pregnant women with mercury and aluminum vaccines which are harmful to the fetus. See Obamacare supports fluoridation, which adds 3 trillion atoms of lead to each liter of Seattle water. Obamacare fails to focus on prevention of disease. Obamacare fails to encourage health through eating more vegetables and less animal products. Coverage should include alternative healing by naturopaths, chiropractors, and eastern medical providers. Basic dental care should be covered. I support requiring insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions. I support an enhanced version of Medicare for All, which would be affordable because there would be less sickness.


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