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I would push for a complete reexamination of the marijuana industry, especially the medical marijuana industry.

The passage of Initiative 502 has created serious problems for those who use marijuana as medicine. It has put out of business hundreds of shops which sell medical marijuana. It issued new licenses, but many of these were snapped up by investors, some of whom are completely new to the business, leaving experienced medical marijuana dealers out of business. 

Those who have a medical marijuana card can grow up to four plants for their personal consumption. Those who hold a card and are registered with the state can grow up to 6.

At some point marijuana will be decriminalized and even legalized federally, and at that point Washington farmers will get rich growing and exporting their product. An argument can be made for modifying the law to allow all to grow a few plants for their own consumption.

I will push for the continuation of separate medical marijuana licensing, separate and apart from recreational licensing with different stores selling the two different products. Medical marijuana is very different from recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is generally smoked. Medical marijuana is usually turned into oils, butters creams, and other edibles, including those which do not necessarily cause a high.

Marijuana is a proven medicine for many maladies. It causes no adverse reactions, as do pharmaceutical medicines. Sick people eat marijuana, and they need to eat a lot of it. Growing medical marijuana requires a different expertise. Selling medical marijuana requires staff who understand the appropriate types of marijuana for treating various health problems.

I was horrified to learn recently that marijuana is being grown with pesticides and that there is a lengthy list of pesticides approved for use in growing marijuana. People are smoking pesticides. Marijuana should be grown only organically. There are organic pesticides which will deal with fungal and spider mite infestations.

I will push for the growth of mass quantities of industrial hemp. It has dozens of valuable uses. This will enrich our farmers and enrich their soil.

Regarding recreational marijuana, some should not smoke pot; they react in weird ways. Some should quit. Some want to quit, and the price of the pot should include the counseling to help people quit pot and other drugs.

Others enjoy pot responsibly and have every right to do so, as people have done for thousands of years. At its worst marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol. The law should be changed to allow pot smoking in licensed venues and in designated hotel rooms, as allowed in Colorado, which will stimulate marijuana tourism.

Driving stoned is much less dangerous than driving drunk, and should be penalized less or not at all.

I will work hard to set up a Washington State Bank, which is a neglected part of the Democratic platform. Jay has not made this part of his campaign. North Dakota has a state bank. It is highly profitable, and the economic benefits will be enormous. It would be the depository for all state, county, and city money, so it will be well capitalized. It will stimulate investment, promote agriculture, provide banking services for the marijuana industry, and reduce the cost of municipal and state borrowing.

Recent Washington law allows credit unions to accept marijuana deposits, however, store owners lament the fact that the credit unions charge around $1,200 per month for services which are free to other businesses. 


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