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Why Wasn’t Measles Eradicated?

Paul Ramirez, Research Analyst 30 years with an IQ of 160, InFj MBTI.

Answered Sep 5

Because Merck lied. First they said if we get 56% coverage and we will have what’s needed to virtually eradicate measles. They were wrong, they kept upping the number until the present day. Now they talk about needing numbers in the 90th percentiles, to stop the disease. They sale the idea they can beat nature.

Fact is they cannot beat nature and now measles is starting to make a comeback because it is mutating into a form of measles that the MMR vaccination is powerless against.

They won’t tell you that in the news. Big pharma owns the news. Big pharma owns the politicians. Big pharma has captured the government agencies meant to protect us. The HHS the CDC the FDA and the NIH all subservient to big pharma. A revolving door exist between big pharma and these government agencies. People in the government agencies make choices that make big pharma rich then next you know they have multimillion dollar stock options and a multimillion dollar salary working for big pharma right after they walk out the door of the government agencies meant to protect us. Big pharma pays upwards of 70 to 80% of ad revenues to all of the major mainstream media outlets. They control what gets said in mainstream media because they are one big sales pitch for big pharma. You think big pharma is going to allow them to say things that would it impact the bottom line and their shareholders? You think mainstream media is going to bite the hand that feeds?

Merck lied about the effectiveness of their MMR vaccine. Merck’s own employees blew the whistle and testified in federal court that Merck instructed them to lie about the efficacy of MMR. Merck cheated and used rabbit serum to affect the results that implied greater efficacy of MMR. They were required by the FDA to have a certain level of efficacy. They couldn’t achieve that so they spiked the mix with rabbit serum to fake the results. The rabbit serum gave the implication that a 90% plus efficacy was achieved. In effect their efficacy claims are false and a new strain of measles is keeping the disease from being more or less eradicated. The herd immunity that was once conferred to society was based on those that developed natural immunity for actually having had the measles. This generation of baby boomers with true immunity to measles is sadly dying off. Hence the proper herd immunity once conferred to society is now actually waning because we are dependent upon a flawed MMR product. Not only did Merck not tell everybody about the massive number of adverse reactions during the MMR trials. They also tried to keep it from the public since 1972. It took the FOIA and a court order just months ago to pry this data from thier hands. Data that belonged on the vaccine inserts all along that they failed to honor and include with the sub par product.

These ideas about people not vaccinating being the cause of not eradicating measles are mere subterfuge in an attempt to avoid the facts that I have laid out above. Big pharma will stop at nothing to subvert the issue and point the blame elsewhere and anywhere they can. They will pay to defame, discredit and otherwise destroy and ridicule anyone or any source of an attempt to portray them as they actually are. They will lie and hide the truth about the efficacy of their piss poor product so that they could maintain profits. They will pretend and front that they mean to bestow upon humanity a benevolence. When in fact all it really is, is an effort to maximize profit. People that are smart enough and know better than to trust them or their products are considered their main enemy.



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