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From Attorney Deal:

This article reads like something Merck would write. You LiveScience editors should study this issue more closely before allowing Merck to ghost write your articles. There are good reasons to avoid the CDC approved vaccines. The benefit is minimal. The protection wears off, unlike experiencing the real measles, where immunity extends into adulthood.

Measles is a trifling disease to a child but a serious disease for an adult. Vaccination prevents our children from obtaining permanent immunity. So when they grow up and catch measles as a pregnant woman, there are serious problems. Vaccination turns measles from being a disease of childhood to a disease of adulthood.

Not one of the CDC vaccines has been double blind tested. They are therefore illegal. It is becoming compulsory to do something illegal compulsory. There are double blind tested vaccines, but they are not on the CDC list.

The CDC vaccines do real harm to a lot of children. The harm done exceeds the harm which would occur to children experiencing wild measles.

The harms from the CDC vaccines are admitted. Just read the package inserts, the disclosure in fine print which is never shown to parents. Find the links in my article. Don’t believe everything people in white coats say. They are being bribed, $400 for each child fully vaccinated.

The MMR is just another cash flow. Once it gets going, whether its product or service is good or bad, a product or a corporation becomes self-reinforcing, a form of artificial intelligence, a malignant form.

From Attorney Deal:

Wakefield has been completely vindicated. The CDC itself did a study and found that certain vaccines do cause autism. Then the CDC held a garbage can party and threw out enough subjects to reverse the result. Also, Wakefield is successful at treating sick guts, which greatly reduces autism like effects. Wakefield should be lauded instead of vilified.


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