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RADIO PROGRAM – Wednesday, December 27
JRDeal Real Estate Show 7 PM

JRDeal Politics Show – 8:00 PM

WE CAN ELIMINATE TRAFFIC CONGESTION AND SAVE BILLIONS. Our current mass transit system does not pick us up where we are or take us all the way to where we are going. It is disconnected and difficult to use. The solution is a door-to-door van system with rides summoned by Uber style cell phone app. It would solve the last mile problem, save billions, make it possible to get around without a car.  Read more.


IF YOU ARE BUYING OR SELLING, CHOOSE JAMES AS YOUR BROKER When buying or selling, you should have a lawyer involved throughout. If I am your broker, I will provide you with complete legal advice and drafting from beginning to end and do so for no extra charge. Read more.


CDC VACCINES ARE NOT DOUBLE BLIND TESTED.  The US Supreme Court says that the CDC vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”, and the Vaccine Court has paid out $4 billion for injuries and deaths. The CDC vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde. Vaccinating with the CDC vaccines is child abuse. Read more.


SMART METERS ARE BEING INSTALLED IN SEATTLE. Smart meters belch out harmful blasts of microwaves every five seconds, beaming back reports on your every electrical activity. Utility companies then sell data on your behavior to marketers. Smart meters catch fire. Smart meters are stupid. Read more.


BUILD A CUSTOM HOME, PRIVATE MEADOW, PRIVATE FOREST, BABBLING BROOK ON 1.75 ACRES. Listen to the brook from your bedroom window at night. $530,000 for the land. Build a $1.2 to $2.0 million home. Read more and see videos.  


DO NOT DRINK SNOHOMISH, KING, PIERCE COUNTY FLUOIDATED WATER. Our water is contaminated with commercial grade fluoride. It contains lead and leaches lead from pipes. It kills salmon. Read more.


MUSIC BY JIMMIE DEAL Practicing law and selling real estate pay the bills. But its music that keep me somewhat sane. My music addresses the craziness of this world. Click here.






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