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Radio Program – Sunday, July 1, 2018, at 8 PM 

Sorry, no live phone-in. Send emails before during or after the show to Pose your questions and comments. If you disagree say so.

Visit this link to listen live and to listen to earlier episodes.


BAN ROUNDUP. Roundup is a type 2A carcinogen, a confirmed carcinogen in animals and therefore a probable carcinogen in humans. Roundup kills the salmon we say we are trying to save.


ORGANIC NATION. Many countries, states, and counties have banned the growing of GMO crops, and some ban the sale of GMO foods. Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria and Luxembourg ban both the growing and sale of GMO foods and crops.

Japan, South Australia, Germany, and Madeira ban the growing of GMO crops. France bans the growing of GMO corn.


ORGANIC SCHOOL GARDENS, ORGANIC APARTMENT GARDENS. I would push legislation aimed to encourage and assist schools to start year-round gardens. The cost would be low. The educational value is great. Most schools have room for gardens. Kids need to eat more vegetables. I am a gardener and a cook. I have recipes that will make kids crave vegetables. 


Shameless Marketing:

I help buyers, sellers, and other brokers throughout Washington to buy, sell, and list. Call when there are legal issues.  I quote a flat fee payable at closing. 

Excellent investment property: 15605 Cascadian Way, Bothell WA 98012. Buy this on an FHA Rehab loan, live there and enjoy it, bring sewer in 150 feet from a neighboring property, make a tidy profit. $502,500. 

Build a big home on this big lot, 1.75 acres with babbling brook, private meadow, private forest. 13931 Cascadian Way, Everett WA 98208. 


James Robert Deal , Attorney & Broker
PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036
Direct Telephone Line: 425-774-6611
KW Everett


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