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Attorney Deal Writes About
Smart Meters

Informing Massachusetts Government That Smart Meters
Are A Profitable Fraud

June 10, 2018


Smart meters greatly exceed the scope of the utility easement previously given and are thus a trespass.


Smart meters are not grounded, not sufficiently surge protected, and they broadcast dirty electricity. They catch fire when wires cross and voltage is doubled.


Smart meters a backward technology, far inferior to the grounded, surge protected analog meters they replace.


Wi-Fi, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters all produce microwave radiation in the same wavelengths. It is the total from all sources which must be calculated, but the total is being ignored by the wireless industry. The wireless industry does not want to know the total and does not want us to know the total.


Smart meters violate the National Fire Code and National Fire Safety Code.


Most states have incorporated these two codes into state law. Please confirm that Massachusetts law has done so. Even if it has not, the two codes set a negligence standard, and installation of smart meters is negligence.


Smart meters cause harm to the electrosensitive immediately and to all of us in the long term and are therefore an assault and a battery.


Smart meters are a profitable fraud.


Be very careful regarding taking campaign contributions from anyone connected with the wireless industry. Money from the wireless industry is bribery.


Please enact the three, very modest proposed statutes listed below. A state-wide moratorium on installation of smart meters and 5G – until research is done – would be appropriate.




Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Statement in Support of:

S. 2431 Resolve relative to disclosure of radio frequency notifications

S.107 An Act relative to disclosure of radiofrequency notifications 

S.108 An Act relative to the safe use of handheld devices by children

Submitted By: (Name), (City, State, Country if other than U.S.) on (Date)

Submitted To: Joint Committee on Ways and Means

Committee Members, Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, MA Department of Public Health, MA Department of Public Utilities, MA Department of Telecommunications and Cable, MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, MA Attorney General, Governor Baker, Senator Warren and Senator Markey:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Angelo.D’;;;;;;; Barbara.l’;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Dear Esteemed Legislators and Public Servants,

Thank you for your careful consideration of S. 2431 Resolve relative to disclosure of radio frequency notifications. This bill was introduced in April by the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure after they examined the public health issues surrounding Senator Cyr’s two wireless radiation bills: S.107 to raise to the point of product sale the manufacturers’ legal fine print disclaimer for radiofrequency radiation exposure, and S. 108 to ensure safe use of handheld devices by children.


I am a (insert credentials: parent, EHS sufferer, professional credentials, etc.) and am submitting this statement because (insert personal story, scientific facts and links, any suggested bill language changes, and solutions. Our legislators have many emails to read and are likely to be grateful for a concise, professional submission. If you need inspiration on content, feel free to click here for information on children or here for information on manufacturers).


Massachusetts has an incredible opportunity to lead the nation in creating public health solutions and encouraging the industry to bring biologically safe mobile technology to market. Please promptly release S. 2431 Resolve relative to disclosure of radio frequency notifications, S.107 An Act relative to disclosure of radiofrequency notifications and S.108 An Act relative to the safe use of handheld devices by children.

Senator Cyr will be hosting a screening of Generation Zapped at the MA State House. I hope you can make it a priority to attend this award-winning film. You will learn public health risks directly from world leading microwave radiation scientists, doctors and public health experts as well as solutions to protect your constituents.



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