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Please post and repost this announcement hither and thither.



Radio Program – Sunday, April 8, 2018, at 8 PM


Please email me during the show with questions or comments. Sorry, no phone-in. Send emails before during or after the show to Pose your questions and comments. Visit this link to listen live and to listen to earlier episodes.



The Main Topic:


Demand that Seattle Stop Installing and Remove So-Called Advanced Meters and Ban 5G. This should be an issue during the 2018 political campaigns.



Advertisement: I Am Available to Co-Broker with Your Favorite Local Broker.

I provide legal advice from beginning to end of the selling process. This helps both sellers and your local broker. I represent sellers throughout Washington, I charge a flat fee payable at closing. Free telephone consultation. 425-774-6611. 



December Gardening in the Pacific Northwest. It is easier than summer gardening.




If you are buying or selling, get a lawyer lined up before you start. The phone call is free. 425-774-6611.



April, May, and June are my favorite gardening months. It’s time for pruning and relocating surviving plants and cloning favorite varieties. 



Pediatricians Get Undisclosed Kickbacks for Vaccinating Babies with Toxic Vaccines




Click this link and use this tool if you are buying or selling. It is a very good search and valuation tool. If you do sign up to use this tool, you can ask me questions. You do not have to disclose your telephone number. If you are asked for your phone number, you may insert random digits.



Cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi, and 5G cause cancer eventually. The dose is cumulative. John McCain had cancer where he held his cell phone against his face.





File your own Request for Public Disclosure Ask to see the easement that authorizes removing the best meter on the marketing and installing in its place a defective meter.


File your own small claims case. No attorneys are allowed in Small Claims Court. First there is mediation. Evidentiary rules are relaxed. If the jurisdictional limit is $5,000. It may take 20 years, but microwaves in the quantities coming will give us cancer. The effect is cumulative.



Flood insurance is under water because of outdated science.


People should not build homes in flood plains. Or they should elevate them, as is done in Louisiana.



Fluoride is Bad for Your Thyroid.


Do not drink fluoridated water. Do not use fluoride toothpaste. Do not allow a dentist to put fluoride on your teeth. They don’t tell you that the final polishing is heavily fluoridated. Fluoride is a profitable fraud.




We Can Eliminate Traffic Congestion, Reduce Carbon Emissions, and Be Able to Get Around Without a Car


We should give people a door-to-door alternative to driving, that is easier and faster than driving SOV. Tolling may or may not be necessary. Tolling is more palatable when there is an alternative to driving. We should make it super comfortable and fast to be picked up where ever you are and taken to wherever you need to go.



We must make smart meters part of the debate in the 2018 elections. We need to get organized and ask the candidates what their position is on smart meters and 5G.


Please post and repost this post hither and thither.  





James Robert Deal , Attorney & Broker

PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036

Direct Telephone Line: 425-774-6611

Keller Williams Everett


RADIO PROGRAM – Sunday, April 8, 8 PM



You cannot call in by phone during the show,
But you can comment or ask a question during a live show
by sending an email to

At other times dial 425-774-6611




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