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July 8, 2016


I am applying for the job of Washington governor. If you elect me I will work day and night and do everything in my power to improve your way of life.


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The question I get most is why I would run against fellow Democrat Jay Inslee. He is popular. He has done much good for the state. He put a moratorium on the death penalty. He is strongly supported by state Democratic Party. He has a million dollar war chest. And he will be very hard to defeat.


So why do I oppose Jay? And why should you endorse me and work for me instead of him? Because Jay is wrong on many issues. Because my campaign is one of substance, while his is one of image. Because my campaign will be more attractive to more voters. Because if I am the Democratic nominee in November, Democrats will be much more likely to win the governorship and both the House and Senate and win them by greater margins.


My campaign is green and progressive. Jay’s is not. The majority of the Democratic base is green and progressive. Jay is not a green, progressive, as I will discuss below. Progressives will like my green, progressive vision. My campaign will generate more support than Jay’s status quo campaign.


My vision will also be more appealing to independents. It will even appeal to Republicans who have become disgusted with what the Tea Party zealots have done to their party. Gone are the days of Republican Dwight Eisenhower, who required Republicans to support the New Deal reforms.


You should endorse me because if I am the Democrat on the ballot in November, I will not only win the governorship but will also help fellow Democrats win both the Senate and House and by bigger margins than would Jay.


Now I will discuss my differences with Jay Inslee and outline why you should endorse me instead of him.


•You should endorse me because Jay has no plan for raising the money we will need to fund education fully. I do have a plan for raising the necessary money. It is to tax the rich only and to protect the non-rich from more taxation.


In the past, opponents of an income tax have won by warning the middle class that “you will be next”. Bill Gates supported the income tax initiative in 2010 while Paul Allen opposed it.


The solution is a constitutional amendment which would ban an income tax on the bottom 90% of earners and require an income tax on the top 10%. We should also have a small tax on corporation profits over $500,000 or $1 million and a capital gain tax with the first $500,000 or $1 million exempt. We should have an inheritance tax with the first $1 million exempt. The poor and the students of our state need the money more than the dead. The constitutional amendment would protect those with capital gains and inheritance taxes below those thresholds.


We need more revenues to deal with the needs resulting from rapid growth. Growth causes an increased need for spending. If we fail to raise necessary revenues, we are de-capitalizing our state. We are letting it run down and become shabby. De-capitalizing our state is bad capitalism.


And we should prepare for the next recession. It will come, and when it does we should have enough reserves to maintain essential services such as police, fire, schools, and government services, instead of laying off needed personnel and further worsening the economy.


With taxes aimed at the rich in place, it will be easy to crank them up a notch on those who are still making a lot of money.


The poor and the middle class cannot afford to pay more. Only the rich can pay more. And the rich should pay more because they benefit most from social spending. The rich benefit from a healthy and educated work force, from good police and fire protection, from and just courts. They can hire people and multiply their efforts. And they have the privilege of living in the most beautiful and healthy state in the country. So I do not believe it is necessary to reward the “job creators” so much that we rob the state as a whole of necessary revenues.


The Tea Party Republicans and Tim Eyman believe uncritically that all taxes are bad and that government. This makes as much sense as letting moss grow on your roof to the point where it leaks and your entire home is water damaged. The mental disease of the Tea Party and Tim Eyman, which is what I would call “political fundamentalism”. It is an irrational fixation on a perverse economic doctrine, the belief that lower taxes are better even if it means de-capitalizing our state. De-capitalization is stupid capitalism. It is imperative that our Neanderthal Republicans be voted out of office so wiser Democrats can take their place.


•The Washington Constitution requires “ample provision for the education of all children”. The word “ample” is significant. It means more than adequate. Our children are our future. We should invest in our future, which means investing in the education of our children. Local levies supply up to a quarter of some districts’ budgets, and wealthier districts thus are better financed. We should be spending more not less on schools in lower economic areas. Teachers should be paid like true professionals. In 2009, ESBH 2261 defined basic education. The Seattle Times gives a good summary of what constitutes basic education at


•You should endorse me because I am a deep student of transit and transportation, Jay is not. I offer a way out of traffic congestion. Jay has no plan for ending traffic congestion. My plan could take half the single occupancy vehicles off the road. It could reduce carbon emissions.


Warning: The car tab tax is exceedingly unpopular, and if we want to pass a new Sound Transit initiative, it should not include an increase in the car tab tax. Enabling legislation should be changed if necessary to allow a tax on fuel instead of taxing sales, real estate, and vehicles. A gasoline tax designed to improve transit works to the indirect benefit of drivers because it takes cars off the roads and opens the roads so drivers who need to drive can use the roads. Drivers will get where they are going faster, and they burn less gas.


Under my plan we would raise the gasoline tax enough to Link Light Rail within six years.


I believe that the vote for a new Sound Transit initiative should be delayed until the transit proposals I make are factored into the mix.


Jay has no plan for solving our worsening traffic congestion problem. I do. Jay’s only proposal is to eliminate choke points. My plan is the only plan which will work. It will cost less than any other alternative. It can be accomplished in a short time. And it can benefit the entire state. See


Our current mass transit system does not pick us up where we are or take us all the way to where we are going. We have to take a hike to get to it. We have to stand in the rain in the dark waiting for it. It requires making transfers and calculating bus times. It is disconnected and difficult to use. So most of us don’t use it. Too many of us drive single occupancy, filling up the roads.


The only solution, the least expensive solution, and the quickest solution to implement is door-to-door transit, a system of vans summoned by cell phone, using existing UberX technology.


Example: A van will carry me from my home in Lynnwood, riding with four or six other passengers, to the Lynnwood transit center. An express bus will take me to the Bellevue Transit Center, and a final van will take me and four or six others to our ultimate destinations.


With drivers having another and better way to get to the Park and Ride, we will be able to charge drivers a fee to park there. The parking fee would be higher than the cost of the van ride, so more people will take the vans. There will then be spaces available at the Park and Ride so that those who really need to park there can do so. Instead of having a tense drive to work, riders could take a nap. If not enough people take the vans, buses, and trains, we should toll the roads on congested routes until it is cheaper to take transit. Freeway congestion will be gone.


Vans will carry us to and from local destinations, shopping, restaurants, work, ferry, church, school, day care, soccer practice, and car rental. Vans will be popular at night, because they will be safe and secure. Each 6 passenger van will take five cars off the road.


A door-to-door van will pick us up even if we are carrying suitcases and heading to the airport. They would pick us up at the grocery store and carry us home with our groceries stored in back.


Many buses run mostly empty, especially at night, wasting our tax money. Vans will take over on under-used bus routes.


The vans will fill up. The trains and buses will fill up. The system will generate more revenue. This will free up money to complete Link Light Rail. We will have fast trains and fast buses with fast vans interconnecting them on uncongested roads, delivering door-to-door service statewide. It will no longer be necessary to own a car to get around. You will save around $724 per month for each car you no longer will have to own.


The van system can take over the work of school buses and deliver secure door-to-door service for our children and do much more economically than the school bus system.


The van system can solve our ferry problems. With vans taking you to the ferry on this side and vans waiting on the other side taking you on to your final destination – or to the transit center where there are rental cars – we will have fewer vehicles on the ferries and more walk-on passengers.


We should probably pay for van, bus, and train service by the mile. We should charge a per mile rate which comes close or closer to covering operating costs. There would be discounts for the unemployed, students, and those with lower incomes.


Math example: It costs me under $10 to take Uber from my home to the Lynnwood Transit Center. If there were five passengers sharing the same van, the cost per person would be $2. Vans would mostly do short runs, connecting up the existing transit system where it is disconnected.


My transit plan would be state wide. Currently counties are responsible for transit and each has its own transit system, except for Sound Transit in the central Puget Sound area, which is an overlay of three county systems. More rural counties need door-to-door transit just as much as urban areas. Their buses especially run mostly empty most of the time. The half million dollar buses would mostly be replaced by vans of varying sizes – the size depending on demand – and would provide door-to-door service, summoned by pages or cell phones. Vans would gather riders and then deliver them to larger vans or buses no longer driven on underused routes, which would interconnect cities and towns. Vans and buses would fill up and come closer to breaking even, freeing up capital for more vans and buses. It should not be necessary for those living in rural areas and smaller towns to own cars to get around. A statewide transportation utility would interconnect or even replace the county systems. The savings would be enormous. The service would be especially helpful for those who cannot afford cars or choose not to spend $724 per month on average to own and operate one.


The only suggestion which Governor Inslee offers for eliminating traffic congestion is to “eliminate choke points”. See:


• I offer a way to stop oil trains from passing through Washington. Jay’s approach is to strengthen safety rules. Unless highly volatile naphtha is removed from Bakken crude at the source, oil trains are inherently dangerous. Naphtha has a low ignition point and vaporizes readily. There is no way to make these trains safe. The state must use the powers it retains to regulate interstate commerce when cargo is dangerous and to completely ban coal trains.


• I offer a way to stop coal trains from passing through Washington. Coal cars are open to the wind. A ton of coal dust blows from each car during transportation. Coal dust is laden with mercury, which poisons our fisheries. Unless loads are covered and cars are sealed, coal trains can and should be banned for violating littering and water pollution laws. (Coal trains cannot be sealed because they spontaneously combust unless heat is vented.) Jay has no plan for stopping coal trains. He only works to make them safer, which is not possible. The state should use the powers it retains to regulate interstate commerce to completely ban coal trains.


• I will work hard to set up a Washington State Bank, which is a neglected part of the Democratic platform. Jay has not made this part of his campaign. North Dakota has a state bank. It is highly profitable, and the economic benefits will be enormous. It would be the depository for all state, county, and city money, so it will be well capitalized. It will stimulate investment, promote agriculture, provide banking services for the marijuana industry, and reduce the cost of municipal and state borrowing. It will refinance student loans long term and at lower rates, lowering monthly payments. It will assist credit unions and local banks by underwriting and purchasing well secured business and real estate mortgages. It will manage a state retirement program open to all. It will build a sovereign wealth fund. It will help Washington to maintain essential services when the next recession comes. See:


• I will push for a complete reexamination of the marijuana industry. Some should not smoke pot; they react in weird ways. Some should quit. Some want to quit, and the price of the pot should include the counseling to help people quit pot and other drugs. Others enjoy pot responsibly and have every right to do so, as people have done for thousands of years. At its worst marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol. With a Washington State Bank, marijuana dealers will have the banking services they need. The law should be changed to allow pot smoking in licensed venues and in designated hotel rooms, as allowed in Colorado, which will stimulate marijuana tourism. Driving stoned is much less dangerous than driving drunk, and should be penalized less or not at all. I would consider modifying the law to allow all to grow a few plants for their own consumption.


• I will push for the growth of mass quantities of industrial hemp. It has dozens of valuable uses. This will enrich our farmers and enrich their soil.


• I was horrified to learn recently that marijuana is being grown with pesticides and that there is a lengthy list of pesticides approved for use in growing marijuana. People are smoking pesticides. Marijuana should be grown only organically. There are organic pesticides which will deal with fungal and spider mite infestations. At some point marijuana will be decriminalized and even legalized federally, and at that point Washington farmers will get rich growing and exporting their product.


• I will push for the continuation of separate medical marijuana licensing, separate and apart from recreational licensing with different stores selling the two different products. Medical marijuana is very different from recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is generally smoked. Medical marijuana is always turned into oils, butters creams, and other edibles, including those which do not necessarily cause a high. Marijuana is a proven medicine for many maladies. It causes no adverse reactions, as do pharmaceutical medicines. Sick people eat marijuana, and they need to eat a lot of it. Growing medical marijuana requires a different expertise. Selling medical marijuana requires staff who understand the appropriate types of marijuana for treating various health problems.


• I understand more about the science of vaccination than does Jay. Jay came out in favor of mandatory vaccination with all the vaccines on the ever-expanding CDC vaccine list. This is a bad idea because the development of vaccines is still in a primitive stage. Some vaccines on the list are ineffective, unnecessary, or cause serious adverse reactions, or all of the above. There is absolutely no truth to the herd immunity theory because the vaccines wear off and the vaccines themselves make children contagious. There are many safe vaccines, but our Department of Health does not promote them. Vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability, have become reckless, and have turned what should be a careful and cautious practice into a mass market industry. Because Jay does not understand the science relating to vaccines, because he does not understand that our federal and state agencies have been taken over by the industries they regulate, he follows the lead of his staff at the Department of Health unquestioningly. See:


Jay allows his Department of Health to authorize vaccinating pregnant women with mercury flu vaccine. Jay apparently does not now enough about science to recognize how completely absurd this is. Mercury is a confirmed neurotoxin and a confirmed carcinogen in animals. Mercury passes right through the placenta and into the fetus. This is clear malpractice. I also oppose filling cavities with mercury amalgam fillings. It is medical quackery, and should be banned. See:


Health Department leaders are probably enriched in some way through their connections to medical establishments, which in turn are enriched by connections to pharmaceutical companies, which contribute heavily to medical and dental schools. I repeat: many of our agencies, federal and state, have been taken over by the industries they regulate. This is also true of medical and dental schools. Jay apparently does not understand enough about science to recognize that his Health Department leaders have been defrauded and so is he. See:


• Jay Inslee is an unquestioning supporter of the fluoridation scam. It has been confirmed that the commercial grade of fluoride used contains lead and leaches lead from plumbing. It passes through the placenta and affects the fetus most. Those without filters or distillers are drinking two milligrams or more per day from conception to death. We do this all for an alleged 25% reduction in tooth decay. There are much better ways to prevent tooth decay than fluoridation.


I have researched what happened at Flint and talked with experts on the subject. Acidic fluoride added to Flint water and acidic chloramine added to kill the large amounts of bacteria were together responsible for the leaching of lead from plumbing. Fluoride leaches lead from pipes. See:


The same thing is going on right here in Washington, although the levels of lead leaching are lower. But no level of lead is acceptable. We could stop or greatly reduce lead leaching and do so immediately and at reasonable cost. The solution is to terminate both fluoridation and chlorination.


Both fluoride and chlorine leach lead. In Flint chloramine was used instead of chlorine because it does not evaporate out of the water. Flint River water because it contained so much vegetable and animal waste, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. The bacteria had to be killed. Excessive amounts of chloramine were added in addition to the fluoride. The fluoride and chloramine together did the lead leaching.


The fluorosilicic acid used breaks down into silicic acid. You can add enough alkalinizer to neutralize the chlorine or chloramine, but you cannot add enough alkalinizer to neutralize silicic acid because the dissociation constant of silicic acid is very low. You would have to raise the alkalinity of the water to pH 10 to neutralize silicic acid, which is just not feasible. The water would taste like Milk of Magnesia. So we have un-neutralized silicic acid in our water which is one of the most efficient of lead leaching acids. See:


The immediate solution which should be taken – in Flint and here in Washington is to quit fluoridating and quit chlorinating. To kill bacteria we would ozonate our water instead. We would ozonate at the water plants. We would re-ozonate at various points out in the neighborhoods – just as we currently re-chlorinate – because contamination leaks into pipes along the way and both ozone and chlorine dissipate. See:


To salmon, fluoride in the water stinks. The concentration of fluoride in the water emerging from water treatment plants is high enough to turn salmon back and kill them.


The trade association which approves fluoride, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), admits that the toxic waste grade fluoride we use contains lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, thallium, and other toxics.


No federal or state agency has ever approved fluoride as safe and effective. So why has our government allowed fluoridation to continue? The military started fluoridation in 1945 using its war powers on an experimental basis, and no agency has ever been powerful enough to stop it. Once a cash flow gets going, it has a life of its own and is hard to stop.


The political world is divided into naïve Democrats and naïve Republicans, with both of them trusting our compromised agencies. When fluoridation is ended, the extent of the participation in the fraud will come out. We will be ashamed of ourselves for not having recognized this fraud sooner.


Why are we not good at recognizing fraud? Mark Twain gave a good explanation: It is much easier to defraud someone than to convince him he has been defrauded. We are embarrassed to admit that we were not able to recognize that we were scammed. Long entrenched practices are considered to be correct just because we have done them for so long.


You have heard all your life that fluoride is good. You have had that drummed into you by pro-fluoridation dentists (there are many anti-fluoridation dentists) and by toothpaste companies. You have been warned that those who are opposed to fluoridation are cranks and conspiracy theorists. So you close your mind to what opponents of fluoridation are saying. It is a known technique of mass manipulation and marketing that if you can get men in white coats to say something, most people will believe it unquestioningly. Both political parties have a long history of supporting fluoridation without examining the subject, and it is one of my aims to change that. See:


At this point you might be suffering from cognitive dissonance. I am challenging you to change a long-held belief. I am saying the fluoridationists are either fraudsters or dupes, but they are people you have trusted. You are possibly wondering if my accusations are somehow false and that I am the kook. Well, you do not have to believe what I say. You can go to the website and read what the fluoridationists say:


a) that fluoridation reduces caries only 18% to 25%. Only 18-25%! Even fluoridation supporters admit it is not a complete solution. (The large Iowa study found that fluoridation did not reduce tooth decay at all. Tooth decay has fallen in mostly unfluoridated Europe than in the fluoridated United States.) 


b) that 41% of adolescents suffer from some degree of dental fluorosis, with around 12% of adolescents suffering from mild, moderate, and severe fluorosis, which is noticeable, embarrassing and ugly; and


c) that “fluoride prevents dental caries predominately after eruption of the tooth into the mouth, and its actions primarily are topical for both adults and children”, meaning that fluoride reduces tooth decay by way of toothpaste and other topical applications and not by ingesting it.


Fluoridation continues because it is profitable. Big companies will lie for profits.


Fluoridated toothpaste and other topical applications in the dental office are likewise scams. They are not good at killing bacteria. They just make the bacteria sick, the same way fluoride makes us sick. (Fluoride is an enzyme interrupter.) Topically applied fluoride is harmful because you end up swallowing the fluoride and absorbing it through the tissues of your mouth. It penetrates the gums and enters the dentin, making it weak and chalky. I would push for our Department of Health to make fluoridated toothpaste available only by prescription. It is too dangerous to have in any home where there are children. They sometimes lock themselves in the bathroom and eat it like candy.


There are much better ways to reduce tooth decay, such as not eating sugar, brushing immediately after eating, eating more vegetables (which are more tasty if they are cooked), using toothpicks and floss, dental cleaning, brushing with baking soda (which makes the mouth alkaline and a bad habitat for bacteria), brushing with a few drops of Lugol’s 2% iodine (which immediately kills the bacteria which cause decay), and supplementing vitamin D (necessary because we are all vitamin D deficient during dark months). Apparently Jay does not know enough about science to recognize how completely absurd fluoridation and topical applications of fluoride are. See:


NSF rules and Washington regulations require that toxicological studies of fluoride be done, but they are illegally waived. I appealed this issue to the Department of Health and to Governor Inslee. Jay refused to respond to the issues I raised.


•There is an important point here: Our agencies have been taken over by the industries they regulate – through the “revolving door”. This is true of federal agencies and also of state agencies. Big companies donate to politicians who then appoint corporation friendly people to head up agencies. Our Department of Health is headed by people who serve corporate interests – knowingly or unknowingly. Jay relies on these people uncritically. These industries have also taken control of our university science departments through financial support, which is paid subject to universities appointing corporation friendly professors to high positions.


•The World Health Organization has declared that glyphosate is a Type 2A carcinogen (a proven carcinogen in animals, and therefore a probable carcinogen in humans). Roundup is glyphosate plus many other harmful chemicals.) Roundup flows into rivers and streams. It kills salmon and it sickens us. Other countries are banning Roundup. Robots are being developed which will remove weeds physically, so herbicides will be unnecessary. When I am governor I will see to it that we ban the application of Roundup throughout the state.


We should not only require GMO labeling. We should declare Washington to be an organic producing state. We should phase out the use of toxic chemicals over a period of while educating farmers in organic techniques. Everything can be grown organically, so everything should be grown organically. Many countries will not buy our non-organic products because they are tainted with Roundup and other pesticides. Our organic products will sell worldwide for top dollar. Farmers will prosper. Farm workers will no longer be sprayed with poisons. There will no longer be pesticides in farm workers’ drinking water. Our salmon will no longer be poisoned. We will no longer be poisoned.


When we voted in 2014 to label GMOs, Jay took no position. He was trying to straddle the center. He was trying not to offend Democrats and not to offend Monsanto by taking a non-position. He is not green. He is apparently a Monsanto Man.


•Jay was elected as our greenest governor ever, but he again showed his middle-of-the-road approach to the environment in appealing the Climate Kids court victory, one which, if affirmed on appeal, will require that we reduce carbon emissions at a faster rate than Jay wants. Many in the environmental community are disappointed by Jay’s temerity. See


• I will do more than Jay to restore our failing salmon runs. I will do what it takes to keep feedlots and dairy farms from releasing fecal waste into rivers and streams. Animal agriculture should be more disbursed. Fecal waste should be captured and converted into fuel. We cannot expect our salmon runs to recover as long as we are dumping pesticides, fecal waste, fluoride, and mercury from coal trains into our streams and rivers.


• A new scandal has emerged. King County has found a cheaper way to dispose of the sludge left after sewage treatment. Trucks drive along forest roads and fling sewage sludge hither and thither, covering the forest floor and creating dead zones. Sewage sludge flows into streams and rivers. It is contaminated with numerous nasty chemicals. It should go into landfills instead. Better yet, we should write regulations to keep the nasty chemicals from going into the sewers in the first place.


• I oppose the new smart meters which are being installed around the state. Smart meters are another unnecessary and wasteful scam. We are already over-exposed to microwaves, from cell phones, cell towers, Wi–Fi routers, compact fluorescent bulbs, and microwave ovens. Smart meters are connected to utilities by cell phone technology and blast out a whopping dose of microwave pulses every ten seconds. Around 3% of the population is acutely sensitive to smart meter microwave bursts, and all of us may be harmed depending on proximity, wattage, and length of exposure. Insects and birds steer clear of smart meters.


Smart meters are insecure and give hackers a back door to hack into our homes and businesses. Smart meters raise utility bills. They catch fire and explode when power goes down and comes back on. They are shoddily built. They are installed by non-electricians. Jay does not have any known position on smart meters. All nine members of the Seattle City Council have voted mindlessly to plow ahead with these explosive monitoring devices. Snohomish PUD plans to start installing them in 2018. I will stop the installation of smart meters.


• I have a stronger position than does Jay on states’ rights. I believe the states retained significant powers when they agreed to form the United States and delegated certain limited powers to it. States retain the right to regulate matters pertaining to our health and our environment. We retain the right to allow and disallow the formation of corporations and to deny corporations the corporate shield that limits the liability of shareholders to the amount invested. States retain the right to cancel corporation charters when corporations misbehave. States retain the right to negotiate with corporations and give state contracts to those companies which invest the most in renewables and the least in new exploration and drilling. States retain power to regulate or prohibit interstate cargo when it is highly dangerous or when it fouls our environment. Jay’s position on rights retained by the state is not known, however, in his dealing with the oil trains and coal trains issues, it appears that he may not know that Washington could flatly ban these trains based on its power to protect our health and our environment.


• I will be a much better steward of state revenues than Jay Inslee and other elected officials. We waste enormous amounts of money on our transit systems, with most of the buses being driven around mostly empty most of the time, especially at night, and even in Seattle at night. Agriculture is neglected. Our farmers could earn far more money by producing and selling quality instead of quantity. Our fisheries can produce vastly more income if we prevent toxins and waste from flowing into them.


• I strongly support lowering the voting age to 17. If the result is favorable, I would advocate lowering the voting age later to 16. Nicaragua, Brazil, Estonia, Isle of Man, Austria, GuernseyJersey, Ecuador, Argentina, and Malta all allow those 16 and 17 years old to vote. Northern Ireland and Scotland are considering it and will probably implement it soon. Takoma Park, Maryland has just changed the law to allow those 16 years old to vote in city elections. Those who are 16 and 17 years old are often working, and there is no limit on the number of hours they can work, and they are paying taxes. They are more capable than many of their elders at using computers and internet technology and are therefore better informed in some ways. They are studying government in school. They know more about what is going on in schools, and we need their feedback.


• I will now diverge from the usual political issues. As governor I will go the extra mile and add curricula to the schools which would provide much benefit for students and entail little extra cost.


• As governor I will use TVW to teach children (and prisoners and patients in mental hospitals) how to garden and grow their own food. Every school should have a garden and should grow vegetables. In Western Washington many greens will grow year round. Schools should plant grapes, kiwi, nut trees, and fruit trees. The vegetables and fruits would be served in school cafeterias. Gardening is easy. The first step is to obtain loads of deciduous wood chips. Arborists will deliver then for free just go get rid of them. Pile the wood chips a foot deep and water them. They will rot down into good soil after one rainy winter. In the short term dig down through the wood chips and pull up some soil to plant in. Growing your own food is another doorway that opens up new paths to learning. Gardening can help children to be happier. It can be therapeutic and can help special needs children (and prisoners and patients in mental hospitals) to move forward.


• As governor I will also use TVW to teach children how to cook vegetables for themselves, including the vegetables they grown in their school gardens. We all need to eat more vegetables. Lettuce, leeks, fennel, parsley can be eaten raw. Other vegetables such as kale and collards are much tastier when cooked than when eaten raw. Children can learn to cook for themselves. Cooking is an important life skill. Cooking is empowering to children. It is another doorway that opens up new paths to learning. It is an occupation that pays well. And it can be therapeutic and help special needs children to move forward. Download some of my favorite recipes here.


• I will use TVW to teach our students the basics of music. I am an average musician. I play piano, guitar, and flute. I manage to play fairly well by playing easier, simpler songs, by playing slowly, and by not exceeding my skill level. I compose my own music. Although I am only an average musician, I am an excellent music teacher, maybe the best music teacher I know of.


This is me playing Bach’s Minuet in G. This me interpretation of Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier.


As governor I will use TVW to teach basic music lessons to our children. Music is a doorway that opens up new paths to learning. Music can help children to be happier, to be more calm and centered. Music can be therapeutic and can help special needs children to move forward. Music can help those in mental hospitals and prisons.


The core principals of music are as follows


1)                 Learn to stay on the beat. Google for “metronome” and tap on the table in time with it. It is not easy to stay on the beat, and it takes practice, but it is the necessary first step in becoming a musician. You can speed up and slow down, but only when you intend to. A musician who cannot keep the beat is not a musician. A small drum might be the first instrument a parent might buy a child.


2)Learn to sing and play on pitch and play in tune. Go to and set the pitch to 300 cycles per second. Open a new window and go to the same web site and set the pitch to 310, then 305 and then 301. Learn the sound of being out of tune so you can learn the sound of being in tune.


3)Learn dynamic range. This is varying how loudly you play, as in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, from very soft to very loud. Most rock music starts medium loud, rises to extremely loud, and remains extremely loud to the end.


4)Learn silence. When you have not learned your part or do not have anything good to play, don’t play anything. Don’t muddy the waters. Practice your part silently in your head. Come back in and start playing again when you get to a place in music where you can play well.


5)Learn to take turns. Let various players take solos.


6)Learn the Do-Re-Mi system. Once you know it you can improvise and change keys easily. Learning the Do-Re-Mi system is easier than learning to read notes.


7)Learn to read notes. Learning to read notes is far easier than learning to read words. Notes are wiziwig. They are played exactly as they are written.


8)Learn vibrato, singing and playing slightly above and then slightly below the target pitch. Use it sparingly, returning to the exact pitch frequently.


9)Buy an inexpensive electronic keyboard. The keyboard is the easiest instrument to play after the drum. There are small keyboards for small hands. Buy headphones so the child will not drive parents crazy while the child is practicing. An electronic drum set can also be played with headphones.


I realize that gardening, cooking, and music are not customary gubernatorial platform items. In part I have mentioned these to give you a little more information who I am. Moreover, these are important skills that all children can learn and need to learn, and they are skills which I can teach. If you elect me, you get a person who will teach our kids these skills for no extra charge. “A good Deal more for a good Deal less” has been the family motto for generations.


• So you should endorse me because I am a better student of constitutional law, science, fisheries, and transit than is Jay. Because I will do more to protect the health of the people of Washington than will Jay. Because I will do more to restore our fisheries than will Jay. Because I will do more to help our farmers prosper.


• Jay Inslee is an expert politician. He is an expert at getting elected. Once elected, however, he is at a disadvantage. He does not know enough about constitutional law, about science, about fisheries, about farming, or about transit to make the changes we need.


Jay is too dependent on his advisors. He is not an independent thinker. He is not a critical thinker. He lacks the ability to detect corporate fraud and manipulation.


Jay is not a green, progressive Democrat. He is a Wall Street Democrat, a Democratic Leadership Council Democrat, pharmaceutical company Democrat. See


• Most people presume there is good reason why we do things the way we do. This is not so. Our government does some really absurd and wasteful things. For example, all around the state most buses are being driven around mostly empty most of the time. Our government fails to do things which could greatly improve our lives and our economy. We get started doing something a certain way, and it becomes entrenched. We are creatures of habit. We tend to be unquestioning. We think we are doing the right thing because that’s the way we have done it as long as we can remember. As far as I can tell, this is the way Jay thinks. Jay is a conventional thinker.


Jay does not have a good bullshit detector. I have a much better bullshit detector.


• Back to my original question: Why am I running? Because there is too much unthinking, wasteful, folly going on in the name of government, and I know how to expose the folly. No one else is standing up to do this job. I know I can do a competent job as governor, even a great job. So I feel I must run.


This is my fifth time to run. I ran for lieutenant governor in 2012, for Lynnwood City Council in 2013, for Snohomish County Executive in 2014 and 2015, and now for governor. I realize I am up against tall odds. But I will continue running until I am elected or until other politicians and the members of the Democratic Party wake up and deal with the issues I raise.


It is an intimidating thing to run for the top position in the state. Doing so forces me to question myself: Who am I to think that I am capable or worth? I have pondered this, and I have concluded that although I am not as capable or worthy as many others, those others have failed to step up and run. And I know I am more capable and more worthy of the position than is Jay Inslee.


There is a closing joke here: When people ask me why I am running, I often say: Running for office greatly relieves my depression regarding the condition of the world, which is bad and getting worse. As soon as I pressed the “pay” button and parted with my $1,717 filing fee, my depression disappeared entirely. At least I am doing what I can do to confront the pervasive foolishness which our politicians inflict on us. At least I am forcing my opponents to address important but usually neglected issues.


Please ask me if I think I can win. My response is that I am absolutely certain that my ideas will win.




James Robert Deal, Attorney

WSBA Number 8103


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