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Preliminary comment:

Given a choice between Jay Inslee and his Republican opponents, I would choose Jay Inslee, whether he is running for governor again or senator or president. However, it is important that those who vote for him understand that he is not nearly as progressive as the Democratic base and is in fact a Wall Street Democrat. They should demand either that Jay change his Wall Street ways or nominate a more progressive candidate.


There are two wings of the Democratic Party.

First, there is the New Deal wing created by Franklin Roosevelt and strengthened by Lyndon Johnson. Most of the base of the Democratic Party considers itself part of the New Deal progressive wing of the party.

Bernie Sanders is only mildly socialist. He is really an FDR New Deal progressive.

Second, there is the Wall Street, corporatist wing of the party, created in the 1990s by Bill Clinton and his friends in finance, high tech, and pharmaceuticals. They called themselves the Democratic Leadership Council

The Wall Street Democrats took control of the Democratic Party starting with Bill Clinton and retained it in Barak Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton. The corporatist wing of the party declared that it was no longer exclusively the party of labor.

The Wall Street Democrats believed they needed to raise large amounts of money to complete with the Republicans. To do so they chose to cozy up to corporate players – banking and pharmaceutical corporate players – who were slightly more enlightened corporate players than the players the Republicans cozy up to. The Wall Street Democrats believed they had a formula for success: lots of campaign money, the votes of wealthy professionals, plus the votes of progressives who had nowhere else to go. It worked for Bill Clinton in Arkansas, and so it became the mold for most subsequent elected Democrats. 

Things have not gone well for the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party. Clinton lost his majorities in Congress. Gore lost to Bush. Kerry lost to Bush. Obama won the presidency pretending to be a progressive but turned out to be a Clinton clone. Obama proceeded to lose both houses of Congress. During his watch thousands of governorships and state and local Democratic positions were lost. This has probably happened because the progressives Democratic base lost faith in Democratic Party leadership. They were not enthusiastic about their lukewarm and pro-corporate leadership and have not turned out to vote for them in the numbers needed to win.

The solution is a return to the Democratic Party of the New Deal. Our economic system should work for all, including the poor. Why do we talk about the rich and the middle class? Why do we never mention the poor? 

In the years after World War II a family could live well on one income and buy a house and car. The government encouraged unionization. Eisenhower and his Republic Party affirmed that New Deal economics had to continue. Eisenhower took that position both because it was the right thing to do and also because it was the only sure way to keep the country from returning to the Great Depression. It worked. Jobs lost as war industries closed down were replaced with jobs producing consumer products. And it worked for a long time.

Although the vast majority of the Democratic Party base is of the progressive wing, most of the Democrats who are elect to higher office are Wall Street Democrats. Jay Inslee is or was a member of the New Democrat Coalition, the Congressional arm and replacement for the Democratic Leadership Council, which formally shut down in 2011.

Jay Inslee is a corporatist, Wall Street Democrat. Hillary Clinton is a corporatist, Wall Street Democrat. .

When we voted in 2014 on whether require GMO food to be labeled as such, Jay Inslee took the most corporatist position he could get away with and at the same time not offend the Democratic base. He took no position at all. He said nothing about I-522. The only way to learn that Jay Inslee’s official position was that he was “not taking any position” on I-522 was to call his office, which I did.

It is hard to imagine a progressive Democrat taking no position on an issue so important to progressive Democrats as GMO labeling.

And Jay Inslee is in favor of drinking water fluoridation, which is a profitable scam perpetrated by fertilizer companies to dispose of their toxic waste at a profit. 

Jay Inslee is weak on the coal train issue. His policy is to “work with” the rail roads and federal regulators. 

My position is that coal trains emit mercury and should cover their loads or not run them through Washington. Oil trains should be banned until explosive naphtha is removed from Bakken oil.

Jay Inslee is a vaccinate-everyone-for-everything man. He supported legislation in 2014 which would have made it mandatory to vaccinate children wanting to attend school. The law would have taken away the right of parents to rely on religious or philosophical objections and not to vaccinate their children.

Read my legal analysis of this out of control industrialization of vaccinations.

This law would have taken away our right of informed consent when it comes to drugs injected into our bodies. The right of informed consent includes the right not to consent.

While some vaccines are safe and effective, others are mostly ineffective and cause many serious adverse reactions.

Some vaccines “leak”, meaning that although they suppress symptoms, the person vaccinated becomes contagious and spreads the disease to others. This is true of the measles and pertussis vaccines. This is why there is no validity to the so-called herd effect. Vaccinating 95% of kids for measles and pertussis does not prevent outbreaks. Vaccines can cause the outbreaks.

All the commercial vaccines are made with adjuvants and additives. Some contain genetically modified ingredients. All commercial vaccines must be grown in a medium, including monkey kidney and eggs, which themselves may be contaminated with other viruses. Commercial vaccines may contain gelatin made from rendered cattle, sheep, and pig bones and so are not kosher, halal, or vegan. Some contain GMO life forms. Do people who oppose eating GMO foods want to be injecting GMOs into their bloodstream?

Vaccination technology is a worthwhile pursuit and should be continued. Although there are some good vaccines, vaccine technology remains at a primitive level. No one should be forced to inject a foreign substance against his or her will.

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