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How can you expect to get to 95% immunity for measles when the vaccines wears off and many adults lack immunity?

Bella May

August 25, 2019

Measles vaccine is not lifelong and wanes after the second dose in 8.9% of children in just 7.5 years on average, and their peers soon follow. Measles vaccine has not been widely administered to adults, therefore it can not be expected that even 100% measles vaccine uptake can meet the 95% threshold for herd immunity under the current program. Vaccinated individuals may transmit wild measles virus while having an asymptomatic/subclinical infection. There appears to be a lack of sufficient antibody titers in previously vaccinated adults and vaccinated older children due to measles vaccine waning according to the literature. For example;

“even with two documented doses of measles vaccine, our laboratory demonstrated that 8.9% of 763 healthy children immunized a mean of 7.4 years earlier lacked protective levels of circulating measles-specific neutralizing antibodies, suggesting that even two doses of the current vaccine may be insufficient at the population level." – “The re-emergence of measles in developed countries: Time to develop the next-generation measles vaccines?” http://www.edwardjennersociety.o…

“with increase in overall coverage of vaccination, there is a rise in incidence of measles in vaccinated individuals. The age profile also shifts to higher age groups.” – “Measles outbreak in adults: A changing epidemiological pattern”.….

“This measles outbreak occurred in an adult population with high 2-dose measles vaccination coverage. The primary patient had documentation of receipt of 3 doses of measles-containing vaccine, one each at ages 1, 2, and 6 years, per the vaccination schedule in Ukraine.” All 9 infected subjects were vaccinated and had modified measles symptoms. – “Measles Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated Population”.…

“Progressive decline in antibody levels and seropositivity were observed over time after vaccination in infants, adolescents, and young adults. The accumulation of potentially susceptible individuals in the population was confirmed by comparing data from 2010 and 2014 seroprevalence surveys.” – “An increasing, potentially measles-susceptible population over time after vaccination in Korea”…

“There was a significant declining trend of seropositivity with age in vaccinees. The overall seroprevalence of measles was not sufficient for herd immunity. Waning vaccine-induced immunity weakened the population immunity to measles.” – “Waning population immunity to measles in Taiwan”.…

“Our results show that MMR vaccine-induced antibodies wane significantly after the second dose. According to epidemiological data, the protection induced by MMR vaccination in Finland seems to persist at least until early adulthood.” – “Persistence of measles, mumps, and rubella antibodies in an MMR-vaccinated cohort: A 20-year follow-up.”…

“Notified cases were mainly seen in pre-vaccination age children and adults aged from 20 to 39 years.” – “Assessing the transmission dynamics of measles in Japan, 2016”.…

“Results show that the cohort model is identifiable and qualitatively captures the decline in seropositivity observed in older children.” – “Estimating vaccine coverage from serial trivariate serologic data in the presence of waning immunity.” –…

“Approximately 1½ years after the initial vaccination, 46% of the uninfected children maintained very low levels of neutralizing antibody, but did not have a measurable haemagglutination-inhibition titre. Revaccination did not elicit an IgM response in most children, but stimulated anti-measles IgG production in all of them. In 36% of the children, the IgG titres fell again within three months to levels that may permit reinfection.” – “Inadequate immunity to measles in children vaccinated at an early age: effect of revaccination”.…

“Mild or asymptomatic measles infections are probably very common among measles-immune persons exposed to measles cases and may be the most common manifestation of measles during outbreaks in highly immune populations.” – “Nonclassic measles infections in an immune population exposed to measles during a college bus trip.”…

“measles virus (MV) could circulate in seropositive fully protected populations. Among individuals fully protected against disease, those prone to asymptomatic secondary immune response are the most likely to support subclinical MV transmission.” – “Estimated susceptibility to asymptomatic secondary immune response against measles in late convalescent and vaccinated persons.”…

Paul Campano, Professor of Anatomy and Physiology (2006-present)

Vaccines do not confer the same type of immunity that natural exposure does; they confer only temporary protection. Vaccine based immunity totally ignores a cell mediated response and only focuses on antibody response (B cell response). The MMR vaccine has been shown to be particularly ineffective against mumps—a 2014 study in New York showed that 13% of those who had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine still contracted mumps. If two doses have worn off by the time one enters reaches college age, how many would be necessary to protect one throughout life? The maximum number of MMR vaccines that can be administered safely over a lifetime is currently unknown.

From Attorney Deal:

Vaccine immunity wears off.

They call it “waning immunity.”

Is MMR Vaccine a Fraud or Does It Just Wear Off Quickly?

Dr. Mercola explains why you cannot get lifetime immunity from a vaccination. Vaccines wear off. So you can never get to 95%. So quit using that as an excuse to force vaccination on little children.


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