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How To Lower Lead Levels In Flint – And Everywhere

Chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride all three leach lead from plumbing.

A sure fire way to reduce lead leaching is to eliminate as much as possible the use of these chemicals.

The first one to eliminate is fluoride. Fluorosilicic acid breaks down into silicic acid which is a potent lead solvent.

Chlorine and chloramine should not be used at the water treatment plant because when mixed with organic matter, chlorine and chloramine form trihalomethanes, which are bad for health. Ozonation should be used instead. Ozonation costs less in the long term – after equipment changes are made.

After water reaches various neighborhoods, it is re-chlorinated. Perhaps re-chlorination should be terminated. Instead, filters and UV would be installed at each home, school, or business. There would be less lead leaching, and whatever lead were leached would be filtered out.

There are technologies for lining existing pipe, which would seal lead in place. It would not be necessary to replace plumbing.

Drinkable water delivered at reasonable cost is a human right, more important even than the First Amendment.

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