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How do anti-vaxxers expect to protect their children from diseases that would normally be protected by vaccine?

Mor Sagmon, Chair, The Israel Vaccines Information Center (Non-Profit, Volunteer)

Answered 22h ago

I always find it amusing when vaccinating people “explain” those who chose not to vaccinate as per the recommended schedule (branded as “anti-vaxxers” for PR reasons).

I used to vaccinate in the past, before I knew what I know today about vaccinations. I don’t vaccinate anymore, and I’ll try to offer you my perspective on your question.

  1. There are endless pathogens out there, with the potential of challenging your health. I want my children to be strong and capable of meeting all those challenges – whether there is a vaccine developed for that (a tiny portion of all possible pathogens) or not. How are you protecting your children against all of these pathogens?
  2. In the 1980’s, the recommended schedule was nearly a THIRD of what it is today, and kids were “protected”. No killing epidemics swept our country. What is the benefit of the exploded schedule we have today? Why are your kids “healthy” today without the vaccines that will be introduced tomorrow (there are some 300 new vaccines in development currently)? how are you protecting them today against these future vaccines diseases – without vaccines available?

  3. Your assumption that vaccines protect from disease is not well founded. Vaccines may protect you from a very specific strain of a virus or bacteria, and may not. You may be vaccinated, and still get the disease. You may be vaccinated and still carry and transmit the disease to others. Some outbreaks (measles, mumps, chickenpox) started from a FULLY VACCINATED person (see New York 2011 outbreak, for example). Virus or bacteria strains not included in the vaccine are becoming stronger and more prevalent, thus allowing more and more people to become sick – regardless of the vaccine. This is well documented for Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Heamophilus Influenza, Pneumococcal, and recently also the Papilloma virus. In other words, the use of artificial vaccines over time, had encouraged other disease causing pathogens to emerge, putting us ALL at greater risk. How are you protecting your children today against these new strains of viruses/bacteria?

  4. We know for a fact that vaccines are NOT responsible for the major halt of mortality from infectious diseases. We know that as more than 90% (with Measles it’s more like 98%) of mortality declined BEFORE vaccines were introduced at all. See this 1 minute clip in which Dr. Palevski show this in a lecture. This tells us that there are OTHER FACTORS – NOT VACCINES, capable of protecting our children from dying if contracting a disease. Studies tell us exactly what these factors are, including Vitamin A (measles), vitamin D, C, Breastfeeding. Are you making sure these measures to protect children from dying are applied to your children?

  5. One also need to consider the risks of the vaccines themselves, my children are no longer exposed to. [youtube] the results of this study). So, I know my children are much less likely to have allergies, neurological disorders, Autism and other ailments – however maybe in higher risk for Pertussis. How are YOU protecting your children from all these permanent disabilities, if you vaccinate?

Bottom line: I’m making sure my children are healthy, while minimizing their risks from vaccines-induced disabilities.


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