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Why do vaccinated people care if other people choose not to get vaccinated? If they’re ‘covered’ why care about other people’s choices?

Mor Sagmon, Chair, The Israel Vaccines Information Center (Non-Profit, Volunteer)

That’s because they’ve been told a story. The fear-mongering, unfounded and repeatedly debunked story of “herd immunity”.

This story is very important to maintain, as it is the basis for frightening parents into vaccinating their children against all diseases as per the recommended schedule, and the basis for coercing vaccines on others – by force of law.

The boring facts are:

  1. Most vaccines are irrelevant for “herd immunity”, as they either not designed to prevent transmission, nor transmitted from person to person, or they have proven not to be able to prevent one from getting the disease and transmitting it to others, despite being fully vaccinated. Read more about this here.
  2. For the few diseases “herd immunity” is potentially relevant – it is proven a failure time and time again. This theory, based on REAL DISEASES (not artificial vaccinations) – was never scientifically proven with vaccines, yet fails over and over again. Read here about this.

  3. Ironically, mass vaccinations in some of the diseases now put everyone at risk, as they encouraged new, at times more dangerous viruses/bacteria to evolve, resistant to available vaccines. These include Pertussis (Whooping Cough), Hemophilus Influenza, Pnemoccocal, Papilloma Virus. Read here about this.

Measles is the most relevant disease for herd immunity (and this theory was first postulated based on real Measles epidemics observations made by Hedrich some 100 years ago). Still, even with Measles, Herd Immunity does not work. In this article, Dr. Gregory Poland, an unquestioned authority on vaccines, admits this fact with these words:

“People’s failure to get vaccinated is deplorable, Dr. Poland often stresses. But the more fundamental problem stems from the vaccine being less effective in real life than predicted, with a too-high failure rate — between 2% and 10% don’t develop expected antibodies after receiving the recommended two shots. Because different people have different genetic makeups, the vaccine is simply a dud in many, failing to provide the protection they think they’ve acquired.

To make matters worse, even when the vaccine takes, the protection quickly wanes, making it unrealistic to achieve the 95%-plus level of immunity in the general population thought necessary to protect public health. For example, 9% of children having two doses of the vaccine, as public health authorities now recommend, will have lost their immunity after just seven and a half years. As more time passes, more lose their immunity. “This leads to a paradoxical situation whereby measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized,” Dr. Poland stated.”

Bottom line, had vaccines worked as predicted, we should not have been worried at all about these diseases anymore- they would have vanished (initial Herd Immunity threshold was 68% vaccination rate – as per Hedrich observations with Measles – and we have more than 95% vaccination rates for many years). Had vaccines worked as expected, those who are vaccinated would have been protected regardless of others – but they’re not always protected. Had vaccines worked, and these diseases would have gone, the vaccines industry would no longer be needed. Maybe that’s why vaccines don’t work, maybe that’s why people will still fall for this fallacy of “Herd immunity”. Maybe that’s why we will see more and more stringent laws forcing vaccines around the world. There is highly profitable industry to maintain…


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